Features of the development of twins at an early ageand common mistakes that parents make when theynurture

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In modern families, twins are increasingly born.
Difficulties begin during pregnancy: more difficult
gestation, more thorough medical control, early childbirth,
in multiple pregnancies, babies are usually born with less

A child with less weight during pregnancy received
insufficient nutrients than his brother or
sister, therefore, in the future usually develops a little slower.
Differences in physical development are gradually reduced to zero, however
psychologically one of them will constantly be in the lead
position – this should be considered in the process of education.

Features of the development of twins at an early age

Happy parents of twins should be understood that their children
originally born with less weight and compared to their
peers in infancy will develop more slowly:
a little later, they will hold their heads, sit, crawl and try themselves
as speakers. With minor deviations parents do not
it is worth raising a panic – after 1-2 years the differences will not be noticeable.
For the full physical and psychological development of twins
parents must recognize that each child is individual despite
on the external similarity.

Children initially grow up in close interaction with each other,
which leaves an indelible imprint on their development, therefore
A competent approach to education is very important. The child sees every minute
in front of him his physical copy with the same problems as that
him All the important events in his life pass along with this copy:
first bathing, feeding, first walk and other equally important
moments of development of the baby. Usually twins are equally dressed, given
They are similar toys, often called consonant names, and then they
confused. To simplify communication with twins, parents even allow
call them children or in any other way, but without
names. Thus, relatives wipe thin
face differences between babies.

Often the twins build their own world and do not need to communicate with
other children. They form a special language, the understanding of which
available only to them. This provokes a lag in speech development, and in
further, there may be difficulties in general mental development.
Children often copy each other’s speech errors because
limited to communicating with each other. To avoid such
problems, experts recommend to promote the expansion of the circle
intercourse twins.

Common mistakes that parents make when
nurture близнецов

Даже при nurture разнополых близнецов родители допускают ряд
errors, the main ones include the following:

• do not encourage the uniqueness of the personality of each child;

• do not have enough time for individual communication with
each child, which contributes to the restriction of interests;

• emphasize the similarities of twins, often give common

• deprive independence when performing feasible for one
child tasks, arguing that children should do everything

• do not take into account the interests of one of the children – often send them to
one section.

As your child develops, he separates his personality from his parents,
it is formed internally by the “I”, but the twins also have to
learn to perceive yourself apart from your copy.

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