Features of raising a baby melancholic:recommendations for parents. If your baby is melancholic, thisgreat!

Пт, 11 май 2018 Автор: психолог Владимир

Every baby is unique from the moment
of birth, he immediately has the inherent properties of the nervous
systems that collectively determine temperament. One of
types of temperament – melancholic, its peculiarity in weakness
nervous system, but it is not always bad.

Behavior characteristic of the baby melancholic

A child with this type of temperament looks unhappy, as if
tuned to suffering. It takes him a long time to learn.
sleep well, wake up from hunger, take
food until full.

He is irritable, cannot relax, he even falls asleep with difficulty
after dinner, slumber, and then whimper again or even scream.
Maybe he just slowly or barely sucks his chest, so not
time to get enough.

The melancholic infant may not react when with it
are talking but violently protesting when trying to lay him in
stroller or bed. At night, he will probably wake up several times.
A child with such a temperament is gaining weight more slowly, later learning
play with their own hands and rarely smiles around. Often he even
looks like a miserable, quite unlike their joyful

Recommendations for the upbringing of a baby melancholic

No need to consider yourself bad parents, reproach for the fact that
the baby looks miserable, often crying. Don’t give up,
if his sufferings continue and he seems not to notice love and
care from adults.

The kid is unhappy not because he is indifferent to his parents or
Dissatisfied with their care and concern. He hardly gets used to living
in a spacious world outside the maternal body. Need to try
share the child’s feelings, continue to show him how he is loved
and roads, not counting initially on the response from his side.

To soothe a child with a melancholic temper,
you must use the following techniques:

1. Ensure that the baby drinks milk as much as
capable, and only when he wants, in no case
to force

2. The child feels comfortable in the warmth, so you need
take care of optimal clothing and indoor temperature.

3. You can try to swaddle your baby before bedtime, however
should see if it helps him calm down.

4. It should often take the child in his arms and pull him to her.
Knowing that parents are always there, the baby will feel

5. New events – trips in transport, walks in noisy
places can be allowed only when the child gets used to the new environment and
will become more active. The same applies to unfamiliar food.

But the melancholic infant is very sensitive, responsive to caress,
loves gentle music, deeply sympathizes and empathizes even in
early age.

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