Features of medicinal ginseng: benefits.Types of medicines from unique ginseng, home harmtreatment

Чт, 02 мар 2017 Автор: Юлия Еркова

Ginseng plant has long been famous for its numerous
useful qualities, especially the opportunity to prolong youth and
increase the body’s defenses.

The plant was recognized not only popular, but also
official medicine, so it can often be found in the list
ingredients of many drugs.


What is the ginseng plant: the use of components

A variety of beneficial properties of ginseng is caused by the presence
many complex chemical compounds that are part of
plants. One of the main substances contained in ginseng root,
are glycosides. They are also contained in the stem, and in the leaves, and
in the fruits of the grass, but at the root of their concentration is the highest.

The constituents of the rhizomes of ginseng are also

• alkaloids;

• starch;

• polyacetylene;

• tannins;

• pentines;

• resin in significant quantities;

• vitamins C and E;

• enzymes;

• various macro-and microelements necessary for the body,
for example, phosphorus, sulfur.

Medicinal properties of the plant add included
essential oils, polysaccharides and peptides. Acting in a complex and
enhancing each other’s effects, substances have beneficial effects.
impact on the health of the body, strengthen its immunity and
stimulate a speedy recovery in the case of various

The main healing properties of ginseng and benefits to the body

For medicinal purposes, it is common to use ginseng in the form of tinctures,
decoctions, tea and other ready-made products. Most common
option – tincture. It gives a stunning effect with pharmacological
action. Thanks to this infusion, you can effectively treat sugar
diabetes, as well as various effects of this disease. To such
Complications include necrosis, fatigue, nervous and
mental disorders, hypotrophy.

Alcohol extracts of the plant root can be used to normalize
low blood pressure, and decoctions created in the water bath
eliminate hypertension.

Ginseng is quite effective in combating
overweight. This powerful tool is capable of
short time to bring a figure into shape. Part of
medicinal preparations ginseng extract acts on the body
as a rejuvenating agent. Aging processes after regular
consumption of ginseng slows down significantly. Included
leaves and roots polysaccharides are essential for the treatment and
профилактике раковых diseases.

Among the beneficial effects on the body of ginseng can

• immunostimulating ability;

• restorative effect;

• tonic effect;

• analgesic effect.

Finished products based on ginseng beneficial
affect the functioning of the central nervous system, the overall level of performance
body, mental and physical activity. Regular
the use of tincture of the root of the plant improves appetite, and
normalizes sexual function. Broth root perfectly normalizes
state with depression and mental imbalance.

Ginseng is famous for its good qualities for men
organism. He is able to increase male sexual activity,
enhance sexual function and increase sperm motility
seminal fluid. After 2 months of systematic use
Herbal tinctures can save a man’s body from all sorts of
problems that are sexual in nature.

Also, ginseng has such beneficial effects.

• improved bile secretion;

• regulation of hormonal background in the body;

• increased sharpness of view;

• maintain immunity and increase the protective reaction

• positive effect on metabolic processes, fat splitting
going faster;

• improving performance;

• improvement of pulmonary gas exchange;

• normalization of the functioning of the endocrine system;

• lowering blood sugar levels;

• providing a calming effect on the body in case of disorders,
neurosis and stress.

The main methods of using ginseng: harm and benefits

There are such cooking options.

1. • Tincture of ginseng is an indispensable medicine for neurosis,
stress, physical and emotional stress. Renders on
organism is a metabolic, biostimulating, adaptogenic drug,
general tonic and antiemetic effects. Prepare tincture
can from dry and fresh raw materials:

• dry root must be crushed into powder, pour in vodka
a ratio of 30 g per liter. accordingly, insist for 1
month in a dark place, sometimes shaking. Final product need
strain and take 20 drops before meals for half an hour 2 times a
день в целях профилактики organism. The course can last up to 1.5
month, if necessary, it can be repeated after 30 days. For
therapeutic purposes need to increase the dose to 30-40 drops;

• fresh root must be well washed, chopped, take 100
g and pour vodka 1 l. Infused and filtered similar
in a way. Before eating, for preventive purposes, you need to eat 15-20
drops 3 times a day during the month. Break between courses
enough to do for 10 days. •

2. • Ginseng decoction is prepared from 2-3 tbsp. l dry
chopped root and 1-2 glasses of cold water. Mix need
bring to a boil and hold on low heat for 3-5 minutes. Before
use need to strain and cool to 36-40 degrees.

3. • Ginseng tea – you need to take powder for cooking
dry корня и залить его кипятком в соотношении 1 к 10, дать
drink brew and strain. Take need for 1 tbsp. l before
meal in 20 minutes 3 times a day drink. •

Side effects from eating ginseng, harm the plant to
of the body

Such a potent plant as ginseng, can not
have contraindications. Highlights:

1. • Do not use and use ginseng in any form when
the presence of infectious processes and bleeding.

2. • The herb is contraindicated for women during pregnancy.

3. • Do not use drugs of ginseng,
if irritability exists.

4. • It is highly undesirable to take ginseng in the second
half a day

Should not exclude the presence of individual intolerance
components of ginseng or possible allergic reaction to
plant. You can define them by

• dizziness and headaches;

• nausea;

• vomiting;

• pressure increase.

When they appear, it is urgent to stop using
means and try to maintain the first time the water balance in
the body.

Much in the reception of ginseng depends on its dosage. If a
a small amount of plant can calm the nerves, then
exceeding the permissible amount can cause aggression and
nervous excitement. Also, if you exceed the dosage appear
symptoms in the form of decreased appetite, increased heart rate,
dizziness, lower abdominal pain in women and chest pain.

To reduce the harm of ginseng, it is enough only portions
use the plant without exceeding the permitted limits.

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