Favorite heroes of modern children

Wed, 09 Apr 2014

Not so long ago, it became clear that beauty Barbie managed to mess things up.
a lot of trouble. Girls, a couple of decades ago, received as a gift
the coveted simpotiazhku, grew, most safely forgotten
about a long-legged slender doll. But some not only remembered her.
forever, but also realized the naive childhood dreams of becoming
This blonde princess, beauty Barbie. But
miraculous transformations of a girl are not obliged at all to a magic wand, but
scalpel plastic surgeon and the most severe diets. After all, to reach
dimensions and features of a plastic doll using the same nature
is impossible. Our children are surrounded by new heroes. Is everything so innocent and
harmless in children’s cartoons?

Now and before

The flow of a wide variety of cartoons and TV shows collapsed on
Russia at the very beginning of the 90s. Vivid characters, exciting, and
the main thing is that unusual plots interested not only the most
little viewers, but also teenagers. Animation firmly entered into
modern life, their heroes believed their unreal lives
continued to live and after turning off the blue screen. Was it
something similar in the days of the Union?

Beloved heroes of our childhood

On the one hand, there were no less favorite characters –
independent Uncle Fedor from Prostokvashino, peace-loving Leopold and
a mean mouse, a hooligan wolf and a very correct hare. WITH
the other is that their participation in our lives was not so intrusive.
Time spent watching television was strictly limited to parents and
school mode. And the very source of children’s joy was, like
usually one for the whole family, so the broadcast is strict and fair
distributed among all its members. Get an overdose
animated, starting to replace the lives of heroes so real and
interesting reality with school and yard comrades, well, no way
did not work. Favorite characters quickly retreated to a cozy
childhood, they were replaced by heroes of books and youth films.

How is it now?

Nowadays, the time allotted for cartoons has changed. And this
is expressed not only in the carelessness of parents, allowing
spend more minutes in front of the screen. WITHовременность сделала это
entertainment is affordable – we take cartoons with cartoons with us to
the road, we show them to the kids in the boring queues, we call our loved ones
heroes to the rescue, when we go with the child to a friend, talk to
adult themes or when our friends come to us.

Favorite heroes of our day

The heroes themselves have changed. Censorship came to her senses very soon, and yes
to prohibit these days is not so simple. That control
over what they say, think and make fictional characters,
still needed, long forgotten.

Winx, Ninja Turtles, Spiderman, Cars – dangerous or
harmless? Of course, to anathematize all animated
characters of modernity is not necessary. But before introducing
baby with new characters, not bad to spend some time on
exploring their rich inner world. Otherwise there is a risk
to hear from the child what we did not teach him at all.

A blow from the marketers

Some parents act categorically by vetoing
view any modern cartoons, leaving only the good
characters from their own childhood. But not everything is so simple. Take and
turn off the whole industry from life is unlikely to succeed. Heroes
cartoons go beyond the screens, perching on the shelves in
toy stores, decorating the covers of exciting children’s
journals, migrating to school notebooks and pens. Besides,
The forbidden fruit is much sweeter than that available.

WITHкрытая опасность

Learning to follow the character and temper of the heroes, eliminating the evil,
cruel or stupid characters, parents wonder why
the child does change, becoming irritable and nervous. But
after all, it’s not just the character of the actors that matters – it’s also important
The principle of building a storyline is fundamentally different from
Soviet cartoons. WITHерьезной проблемой современной
the animation was that she did not spare her childhood without making a discount
on age. WITHюжетная линия современных мультфильмов держит
a small viewer in suspense, forcing him for a long time
linger in front of the screen and even make trouble with parents – after all
Mom and try to interrupt the action at the most interesting place.
Therefore, it is necessary to follow the time, not forgetting to offer
child more exciting activities.

Ban or allow?

Do not forget that you can eliminate the fear of monsters
only for the time being. Much more efficient to develop aesthetic
taste your own child helping him choose the most
close characters. For this you can not just put the baby in front
monitor – the first views must be joint, with
heated discussions and exchange of views – about the plot, the nature and
the actions of the heroes. However, there are those “heroes”, to acquaint with which
the child really is not needed. Maternal flair is unlikely
deceives, forcing to wrinkle from noisy shooters, explosions and
turn away from scary skeletons and monsters.

Text: Vera Guler

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