Favorite Diet (7 days) – a detailed description anduseful tips. Reviews about your favorite diet and sample recipes.

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Diet Favorite 7 days – description and general principles

Recently, the diet “Favorite” 7 days is becoming
more popular. This is primarily due to its effectiveness, because
it allows for a week to lose up to 10 kg. However, deciding
try it on yourself, immediately prepare yourself for what is easy for you
will not, and for your body, it will become a serious test.
Those who have various chronic diseases, it is better not to tempt
fate and choose for yourself a less strict diet so that along with
overweight does not lose health.

First of all, abandon this method of dealing with unnecessary
pounds followed by people with gastritis, colitis, diseases
kidney, liver and heart disorders, eating disorders, and
have a tendency to emotional overeating. Ideally, before
how to try this diet, you should consult with your doctor,
to avoid unpleasant consequences.

As the name implies diet, it is designed for 7 days. For that
time can not only “drive out” those extra pounds, but also clean
your body from toxins. However, with a tendency to constipation before
entry into the diet should cleanse the intestines. For this not
be sure to put an enema, enough for the night to take
laxative, then on the first day (drinking) everything in it
will remain, washed. This will help prevent poisoning.
the body of toxins from the intestine (respectively – eliminate
headaches and feeling sick), and will provide the most complete
assimilation of nutrients and vitamins.

If you need to lose more than 10 kg, then with the help of this diet you
reduce the volume of the stomach and be able to more easily go to the right
nutrition to lose weight further. Diet “Favorite” 7 days can
repeat after 3 months. You can not repeat the diet without a break. If a
you have the need to extend it, then you can in a couple of days
additionally comply with the diet of the 7th day.

The principle of the diet “Beloved” 7 days is very simple. First, third and
The sixth day of weight loss – drinking, during these days you can
consume foods in liquid form. The second day – vegetable (you can
eat any amount of vegetables and salads). Fourth day –
fruit (you can eat any amount of fruit). Fifth day
– protein (allowed to eat eggs, boiled chicken, not
Yogurts are prohibited. And finally, the seventh day – out of the diet.
Replace the products presented in the food menu, or change
sometimes days are prohibited. But restrictions on the size of portions and
The number of meals in this diet is not.

Diet “Favorite” 7 days – what foods you can eat

On drinking days of the “Beloved” diet for 7 days, the diet may consist of
water, broth, kefir, drinking yoghurt, cleansing cocktails from
vegetables and fruits, jelly, compotes, milk and home dairy
cocktails. If a вы твердо нацелены на максимальный результат, то в
this day should be preferred kefir and milk, having
a small percentage of fat.

On vegetable days, you can eat any vegetables, but the most desirable
cabbage should be a guest on your table, thanks to her
fat burning properties. In salads, you can add a small
amount of vegetable oil. Vegetables are best consumed raw,
boiled or baked. Water is not prohibited on vegetable days.
tea without sugar.

On fruit days, you can eat any fruit, except

The diet of protein days should consist of egg white, boiled
chicken (better to take fillets), low-fat cottage cheese, cheese, fish, soy,
peas, beans, nuts.

Diet “Favorite” 7 days – which products can not be consumed

On drinking days, sweet water and juices should be excluded. When you
make salads on the vegetable day, you can’t refuel them with mayonnaise or
sour cream, it is better to limit the vegetable oil. During the diet
it is also necessary to exclude salt, sugar, alcohol.

Diet “Favorite” 7 days – menu examples

The first day of the diet:

Breakfast – 200 gr. kefir and a cup of unsweetened tea; lunch – 200 gr.
chicken broth without salt; Snack – 150 gr. yogurt; dinner – 200
gr. milk In between, you can also drink unsweetened tea.

The second day of the diet:

Breakfast – 2 tomatoes; lunch – salad from fresh cabbage, greens and
cucumbers, seasoned with a small amount of vegetable oil;
afternoon tea – 2 cucumbers; dinner – salad of sweet pepper, greens and

The third day of the diet:

Breakfast – 200 gr. a milkshake and a cup of savory tea;
lunch – 200 gr. milk; lunch – 150 gr. chicken broth
without salt; afternoon tea – 200 gr. kefir; dinner – 200 gr. milk AT
At intervals you can also drink unsweetened tea.

The fourth day of the diet:

Breakfast – 2 oranges; second breakfast – grapefruit; lunch –
fruit assortment of kiwi, apples and oranges; afternoon snack – pear and
an Apple; dinner – grapefruit.

Fifth day диеты:

Breakfast – 2 eggs; lunch – 200 gr. boiled fish; lunch –
150 gr. вареного куриного мяса и 100 gr. boiled peas; afternoon tea –
100 gr. cottage cheese; ужин – 100 gr. cheese

Sixth day diet:

Breakfast – 200 gr. kefir and a cup of unsweetened tea; lunch
– 200 gr. grapefruit juice; lunch – 200 gr. chicken broth без
salts; afternoon tea – 200 gr. milkshake; dinner – 200 gr. milk
In between, you can also drink unsweetened tea.

The seventh day (day out of the diet):

Breakfast – 2 eggs and a cup of green tea; lunch – фрукт по
your look; lunch – легкий суп с рисом или гречкой; afternoon tea –
фрукт по your look; dinner – vegetable salad, seasoned
salt and seasoned with vegetable oil.

Diet Favorite 7 days (for 7 days 10 kg) – useful tips and

Judging by the reviews of people who have tried this diet on themselves,
it is quite effective and in most cases really
helps to get rid of excess weight. As with any other diet,
The most difficult in it is the first day. Therefore, for him not
provided for large restrictions on caloric intake. ATпрочем,
some will still find it difficult to withstand refusal from solid food.
Therefore, in the reviews about the diet “Beloved” 7 days you can often meet
advice to limit physical activity and abandon
workouts, if any, in your daily routine,
as for the first one, dizziness, nausea,
fatigue, etc. Also recommended on drinking days
use broth, so as not to break and not to break the diet. Still
one tip for drinking days – discard artificial juices and
sugary drinks.

Nutrition в фруктовый день должно быть частым, каждые 2-3 часа,
so that the painful feeling of hunger does not arise.

AT белковые дни лучше составлять рацион из куриного мяса, рыбы,
shrimp, egg whites, because eating cottage cheese or yogurt
may reduce the effectiveness of the diet (this is due to
lactose’s ability to retain fluid). AT течение всей диеты
It is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of pure water per day.

And finally, it is very important to get out of the diet correctly. After
the end of the diet “Beloved” 7 days in any case
pounce on food. Breakfast the first day after the diet can
consist of a pair of boiled eggs, lunch should be light soup on
vegetable or chicken broth, and dinner – light salad. AT
during the day you can snack on fruit.

AT результате диеты “Любимой” 7 дней общая потеря жировой ткани
up to 2%, but in order to consolidate the result
and develop it, should be over the next month a little
limit the calorie content of your usual diet.


Hope 12/28/2016 I’ve been sitting on this diet 4 times already Very pleased with her
Well suited to those who study or work I take off 3-4 kg and
then if it comes back, then only 1 kg) (very little, considering
that when I eat it all for a week) So the “favorite” diet
became my favorite Irina 85-15 12/13/2016 I already know 10 years
СОATЕРШЕННО ДРУГУЮ диету “любимую” на 7 дней.И она действительно
works! Neela 12/09/2016 -2,5 kg (drank yogurt, ryazhenku, coffee.
kefir), in vegetable – I added sour cream in broccoli, it was very hard
on a fruit day, in the evening, gnawed on a fruit salad. The result
pleased. but in 4 days I gained 1 kg – I used to eat sweets)) Now
2 lap went. Star 02.12.2016 I really want to lose weight !!! Reviews
just inspire, I hope, too, lose weight by 7 kg in 7 days! I start
from tomorrow (12/03/13)! Who is with me? Let’s support
each other and lose weight together! I will unsubscribe the results every day.
ATсем удачи!!! Greta 12/02/2016 Today is the sixth day, as I sit on
this diet. A little disappointed … stuck to a diet very
strictly. But as a result, she dropped only one and a half kg. I am glad that at least
threw something. If only in the future not to gain even more.

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