Fasting days for weight loss

The rhythm of our life is so intense that often during
day, we rarely have the opportunity to eat right.
A quick breakfast, a spontaneous lunch and a full evening dinner are negative.
affect our health and weight. Besides the food we
daily use, not at all helpful, but contains a lot
harmful substances. As a result, we have a feeling of discomfort and
heaviness in the abdomen, as well as those extra pounds.

Fasting days for weight loss


  • Diets on fasting days
  • Fasting days without diets

To remedy this situation, you need to arrange
разгрузочные дни для похудения и здоровья. About,
как проводить разгрузочные дни и будет посвящена данная
article. If you think about your health and about getting rid of
extra pounds, I advise you to start with fasting days. When correct
lined up fasting days, per day you can lose from 500 grams
weights that agree pretty well, since you are just
limit yourself to eating without exhausting physical

Fasting days are good for the digestive system, since you
give her the opportunity to digest harmful, “heavy” foods and
rest from such a constant load. It would seem simple
procedure, but it is very effective, and even more useful. If you
decided to lose weight, then start with fasting days, the result is not
take long to wait.

Неправильное питание

The lack of a proper and full meal – the most negative
factor. In this situation, we replace it with a fast food meal.
(hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries, shaurma), or permanent
small “snacks” of chips, crackers, pies, and in addition squeezed
this is cola. Naturally, eating every day harmful and calorie
food our body fails and it affects the figure and

Давайте постараемся составить самый эффективный
разгрузочный день
для вас.

Start with the fact that:

1. The unloading day should not be a burden. 2. Required
give up physical and reduce mental stress these days.
3. Fasting days are contraindicated for pregnant and lactating mothers. four.
It is forbidden to spend fasting days during illness and
chronic diseases. 5. During the fasting days it is necessary
refuse junk food and develop the right diet. 6. In
fasting days you can both limit yourself to food and
использовать разгрузочную диету.


Diets on fasting days

Здоровая пищаВ основном девушки в разгрузочные дни
use diets that involve the use of a single product
throughout the entire discharge period, it is the most efficient
way to.

You can also arrange a fasting day without a diet with
exclusion of junk food from the diet and limit its quantity. On
different sources you can find many recommendations about
what options diets are on fasting days, their
really a lot.

Onиболее популярные диеты в разгрузочные дни:

• fasting day on kefir; • fasting day on buckwheat; •
fasting day on the water; • fasting day on apples; •
fasting day on the cottage cheese; • fasting day on oatmeal; •
fasting day on rice; • unloading day on juice. Жидкость в разгрузочные дни

On fasting days, reducing food intake is necessary
increase fluid intake, it contributes to the removal of harmful
substances from the body.

It is necessary to drink water at least every 2 hours, but the more often it is
do the better. As for the liquid itself, for this
suitable mineral water (preferably not carbonated).

Never drink sugary drinks, especially with
dyes, help them to replace the juices from natural fruits without
preservatives, the perfect option would be freshly squeezed juice from

During this period, you can drink kefir and yogurt, but at the same time pay
attention to the percentage of fat.

In the summer, you can drink boiled from fresh fruit

Как вариант можно провести разгрузочный день на чае, он
also very useful for health and body shape. Many girls
prefer to do a fasting day using green tea
special diet. Consider that tea and coffee consumption in
large amounts may dull the reaction.

Fasting days without diets

Салат из овощейAs for the diet on fasting days,
The main food should be vegetables and fruits. They are considered the most
light and healthy food because they contain a large amount
vitamin. Fruits and vegetables must be fresh because
freezing and conservation, they lose their useful qualities.

Vegetables and fruits have the best cleaning effect for
organism. The best are vegetables and fruits “from the garden” that is
grown in the garden by farmers, and not brought from

The first half of the day at the bottom is recommended to spend
on porridges, cereals, juices, fruits and vegetables, in one word to give
preference foods containing carbohydrates. As an option for breakfast you can
Prepare a salad of vegetables, adding there a lot of greens.
Любительницам сладкого могу посоветовать салат из fruits.

Фрукты в разгрузочные дни

To lose weight on fasting days will help protein foods to
which include dairy, cottage cheese, kefir, meat and fish
the dishes. This product group helps to quench the feeling of hunger and
keep your weight stable. Consume such dishes
recommended in the afternoon.

Seafood is preferably consumed as often as possible for
weeks, since in themselves they carry a large amount of useful for
организма vitamin.

Butter and sunflower oil must be replaced with olive oil, but
if fasting days to a greater extent you spend for weight loss,
then the daily rate of olive oil should not exceed two tablespoons
spoons a day. By the way, scientists have found that with regular
eating olive oil stimulates rejuvenation

Chocolate loved by many girls is recommended to be replaced
strawberries or bananas that will not adversely affect
your weight.

Help to satisfy hunger and relieve fatigue will help walnuts or

Очищение в разгрузочные дни

The right fasting day should not only include
cleansing the body inside, but also outside. For this, it would be nice to
time of unloading days to go to the bath or swim in the pool.
If this is not possible, then you can take a hot
bath at home.

If you считаете что разгрузочные дни это что-то сложное, то это
not this way. The basis of fasting days is the usual limit to
food, in order to cleanse the body and reduce weight. During this period you
just form a special diet based on your tastes,
который будет полезен для organism.

The optimal period for fasting days for health is
a week. If you decide to dedicate to unloading one day a week,
то лучший разгрузочный день это среда. For
use fasting days to lose weight, you need to
continue them for a month. Постразгрузочный период

If at a certain stage you do not want to continue unloading
days: tired, really want to eat or feel unwell
you need to torture yourself – abandon them, because there is nothing in it
terrible and bad.

Чтобы была польза от разгрузочных дней не нужно
immediately after they finish eating and there is everything that is
limited themselves during this period, since in that case they will
are useless.

Return to the previous diet gradually
for several days, trying to further reduce the reception
junk food and start eating right.

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