Fasting day on apples

Do you want to lose weight, but do not like diets? Try unloading
days Thanks to them, you can lose a few extra pounds.
almost effortlessly. Continuing to tell you about the kinds
fasting days, this time we will tell about fasting days on


The content of the article:

Features of fasting days

Fasting day on apples ещё один популярный вид разгрузки,
as well as fasting days on kefir and fasting days on buckwheat. If a
If you are new to the fasting days, then the first discharge is better
all on buckwheat, as this is the most gentle type of fasting days, and
for the body unaccustomed to the fasting days, it will be the most
the best option.

In the future, you can use other types of unloading
days to find the one that will bring the maximum
effect of its use. The secret of almost all unloading
days is not only losing weight, but primarily in their
beneficial properties for the body, in particular for our
digestive system.

Pay attention to all the products on which to base
fasting days, they all clean the intestines and remove toxins from
organism, it is based on this so-called “philosophy
unloading. “

Thus, it can be concluded that fasting days are carried in
2 effects: the discharge products themselves clean the intestines and
detoxifying, which play a huge role in weight gain, and
eating a small amount of food, in fact – fasting,
helps to get rid of excess weight.

It should be understood that fasting days do not contribute to the full
weight loss, let’s say, a way to lose a few extra pounds,
which appeared out of nowhere, and as a way to unload your
digestive system if you began to feel discomfort and heaviness
in the abdomen area. In order to get significant results in
losing weight – you must use a diet.

Зелёные яблоки

The benefits of fasting day on apples

Apple fasting day for slimming has a big
number of benefits. The main advantage of apples is their
beneficial features. As you know, apples do not contain fat, so
they are a great product for a fasting day. Besides
In addition, apples are rich in vitamins and therefore good for health.

If a вы хотите провести разгрузочный день на яблоках, то
try to use only fresh apples grown in the garden,
since the apples just harvested are rich in vitamins A, B
and C.

The more apples are stored, after being picked from a tree,
the less vitamin is stored in them. That is, if you want
spend a fasting day on apples, then it makes no sense
use apples imported from warm overseas countries that
besides various chemical components for active growth and
fruit colors do not contain anything useful.

Apples must be eaten with the peel, as it is the most
The top layer of apples are very helpful.

You can also spend a fasting day on baked apples, they
have even better properties of excretion of toxins from the body.
On this basis, you can use the apple unloading day
As apples in fresh form, so and in baked.

Nutritionists recommend spending fasting day on apples
only one day a week, because otherwise it may
lead to indigestion.

In case you want to spend a fasting day on apples,
a greater degree for cleansing the body, it is recommended the day before
fasting day take a laxative, to clean the intestines.

The next day, after the fasting day, take an infusion of
choleretic herbs in order to remove stagnant bile from
the liver.

On the day of unloading on apples it is highly recommended to take hot
bath, and even better to go to the bath, as these two procedures
in a wonderful way to help cleanse the body of toxins that
will go out with sweat.

Красивые яблоки

Before the fasting day you need to adjust your diet,
so that it includes light food.

We recommend to adhere to the following before unloading.

  • Завтрак: Бутерброд и чашечка зелёного чая;
  • Второй завтрак: Фруктовый салат;
  • Обед: Куриный суп, салат из овощей, фреш;
  • Полдник: Обезжиренный йогурт;
  • Ужин: Приготовленные на пару овощи.

This diet will help you move smoothly to the unloading day.
For some reason, many girls, before the fasting day, try as
you can eat more knowing that tomorrow they will have a difficult time
�“Hungry day,” they gorge themselves like the last time. In this case
there won’t be any sense from the unloading day, since
a loaded body will move away from overeating, and not
unload on this day.

Do not forget that the fasting day on apples has
contraindications. This type of discharge is prohibited to people who
suffer from a stomach ulcer. We also recommend to refuse
fasting day on apples, if you feel unwell or
stomach problems.

The results of the fasting day on apples

How much can you throw in the fasting day on apples? what
concerns the results of the fasting day on apples, here
a specific number can not be named.

The results of losing weight will depend on many factors: what
you weight at the moment and what is your norm, how did you eat before
fasting day, how much before they drank liquids, etc.

Based on this, it will depend on how much you lose weight.
Maximum average weight loss result in apple discharge
bottom – 2 kilograms.

Корзина с яблоками

Apple-based fasting day

This fasting day is based on apples and water. For
fasting day you will need 1.5-2 kilograms of apples and 2 liters
mineral still water. The number of apples available
divide by 5-6 equal portions.

During the day, eat apples in any form that you
most like: in the usual way, pereterev on a grater or
baked form. Also during the day, drink water, in an amount
which requires the body, but without fanaticism, as some
girls hunger try to cut off a heavy drink that
again, the effect of the unloading day will not give any.

Fasting day on apples и твороге

Very often, doctors and nutritionists offer a fasting day on
cottage cheese and apples, in view of the fact that apples contribute to the selection
gastric juice, then the curd will help more easily move this day
unloading. Read more about this download in the article:
�”Fasting days on cottage cheese.”

In the cottage cheese and apple day is recommended to use
cottage cheese not more than 5% fat (not more than 500 grams per day), which
concerns the number of apples, it should be the same as when
standard discharge floor.

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