Famous Lithuanian actor Donatas diesBanionis

Thu, Sep 04, 2014

Today, at the age of 90, the famous Lithuanian died
актер Донатас Banionis. In recent years, the actor was sick. In 2008
he buried his spouse, whom he loved very much. Then began
health problems, the actor stitched into an artificial heart
stimulator, followed by a fairly long period

Донатас Banionis — лауреат множества премий. In the movie they played
about 100 roles, many images (even if they were episodic)
the audience remembered for a long time. The most famous films with the participation of
Banionisа — «Мертвый сезон», «Солярис», «Клуб самоубийц, или
Adventures of Prince Florizel “,” Bag of the collector “.

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