Express Diet Taisiya Povaliy

Having broken into a Russian stage, this singer impressed the public not
only his voice, but also the perfect figure. Taisiya Povaliy
owes its great form to a diet that can be attributed to
categories of “express.” According to the singer herself, such a diet
allows her to get rid of 7 kilograms in 9 days.

Express Diet Taisiya Povaliy

By the recognition of the star itself, its refrigerator is always full, and to eat
she loves. �“Alas, I diet and eat what I want. Of course it’s me
I understand that this is very bad, but I can’t do anything with myself. I
I resort to such nutrition, when I feel – those extra pounds have settled
on the figure, ”says Taisia. – “In general, I rarely perform
recommendations all nine days. I have enough and six. And the results
speak for themselves! “

Like many prominent figures on our stage, Taisia ​​uses
Express diet, that is, its goal – to achieve results for the most
short term. Abuse such a diet should not be – he
can lead to disruption of metabolic processes in the body due to
monotonous diet. Therefore, before you sit down on such
diet, you need to consult a doctor.

The main product of the star diet is rice. For the first three
of the day you can eat only its black wild variety.
Fortunately, find it on the shelves of more or less large stores
quite possible. Cooking such rice also has its secrets:
it needs to be cooked in four waters and for quite a long time. Salt like
oil can not add. But there are no questions in terms of portions – there is
from the fourth to the sixth days in the menu you can
introduce boiled chicken or beef. The only condition is
you need to cook without spices!

From the seventh to the ninth day you can eat only vegetables. True in
any kind – stewed or fresh, they should form the basis
food during these two days. You can eat them in any
quantities, excluding salt and any seasoning.

For all time diets forget about salt, sugar, flour and
confectionery. Alcohol is strictly prohibited. You can drink
only green tea or mineral water, and as much as possible –
it helps to degrade debris from the body as much as possible

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