Experienced gardeners choose the best varieties of potatoes.Advantages of the best varieties of potatoes: white and red

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When choosing the best potato variety, the summer resident primarily draws
attention not only to its price, but also to:

1) high yield;

2) disease resistance;

3) fast growing;

4) taste;

5) trade dress.

A lot of good varieties, so this article will help
Understand the choice of a particular variety.

1. About early ripe best potato varieties

Any gardener knows that the early ripening season
this crop, from seedling to harvesting, lasts
about two and a half months.

Proper care of such a garden culture requires a lot
works, but the result will justify all the money spent.

Of the most popular best early potato varieties
ripening experienced gardeners emit:

Ред Скарлет. The harvest of this Dutch variety
depends on the climatic zone where this potato grows. Usually
it is grown in the south of the country, but sometimes comes across in other
regions. It has straight tubers with purple flowers. Weight of one
fruit about 110 g. Also, the vegetable has a smooth peel.

Among the advantages of this variety are:

1) heat resistance;

2) has an excellent presentation;

3) quietly transfers transportation.

There are few disadvantages of this variety, and only low
tolerance of various diseases.

– Gala. This German variety has large leaves.
and light flowers. The shape of the tubers is straight. One root vegetable weighs 100 g.
It differs from other varieties by a large amount of starch.
Grow Gala in the Central and North-West region

As advantages of a grade allocate:

1) greater endurance to diseases;

2) convenience for transportation;

3) grows in any climatic conditions.

Of the minuses there is a low tolerance of late blight.

Импала. This potato is recognized as very early,
the growing season of which lasts 50 days after planting. Most
it is more often grown in the southern regions of the country, but it can also
grow even in the most adverse areas, thanks to its
endurance in different climates. This variety has
light flowers, yellowish tuber peel and oval-rounded shape.
The flesh of the vegetable is yellowish with a low amount of starch. Fruit weight
about 120 g. For example, gardeners who grow this variety on
the south of the country, the crop is harvested 2 times a year.

The advantages of this variety are:

1) high yield;

2) the rapid formation of tubers;

3) good yield;

4) resistance to scab and other viral diseases.

The disadvantages are the same as for the variety Gala.

Also to the early ripening varieties, you can add such as: Rosara,
Bellarosa, Zhukovsky and Luck.

2. About mid-early best varieties of potatoes

In the group of the best varieties of potatoes with an average ripening
about three months include varieties such as Adretta, Nevsky and
Condor. There are other varieties that can be found in detail.
in the Internet. Grow such a garden culture in the Central region
страны, но встречается она и в других regions.

Adretta This variety has average sizes with
light flowers. Oval shape with yellowish skin and small
eyes. Tubers contain a lot of starch. Average fetus weight

The advantages of this variety are:

1) disease resistance;

2) good presentation;

3) rapid tuber formation;

4) almost unpretentious variety, except for large
use of moisture.

Among the disadvantages of poor resistance to rhizoctoniosis.

Nevsky. It has a large number of leaves and
white flowers, which gives the plant pomp. Yellowish skin
colors with the presence of purple eyes, oval shape, light flesh.
Weight of one корнеплода около 120 г. Из-за низких температур может
germinate. During cooking, the potatoes are not boiled soft. Among
advantages can be identified:

1) high presentation;

2) drought resistance;

3) tolerates late blight, black leg and rhizoctoniosis.

Of the minuses: the average tolerance of other diseases of potatoes,
does not tolerate frosts and quickly germinates.

Condor. Such a Dutch variety ripens in
for 90 days. The characteristic consists of:

a) straight tall bushes;

b) purple flowers;

c) oval-shaped vegetable;

d) reddish skin with medium sized eyes;

e) yellowish flesh;

e) weight about 140 g.

Also, the fruit has a low starch content, and it fits like
for cooking and for sale.

The benefits of the variety include:

– resistance to late blight, scab, cancer;

– excellent presentation;

– does not require frequent watering;

– does not boil soft during cooking.

To avoid disease, the land where these potatoes grow,
constantly have to loosen.

3. About the latest best potato varieties

Unlike early and mid-season potato varieties, late
bring more harvest.

These varieties contain a large amount of protein, starch and
dry matter.

However, late varieties are more demanding on land and moisture.
Grow late varieties in the Central region, in the Moscow region and on
Far East. Belarusian varieties Zhuravinka and Zarnitsa use
great success.

Пикассо. The ripening of this variety takes place in
120 days.

As characteristics you can include the following:

1) High yield;

2) Tubers of a pinkish-yellow shade;

3) Oval shape;

4) Yellow skin;

5) Weight of one плода в среднем 120 г;

6) Yellow pulp;

7) Well kept;

8) tolerates heat and cold;

9) Prone to late blight.

Often people do not peel such potatoes, but simply wash and
boil. All thanks to its thin peel. He has an excellent
taste, but when cooking, it boils down. As a minus you can
highlight the poor tolerance of cold, causing the tubers to turn black and

– Asterix. This Dutch potato is bigger
grown in the Central or Far Eastern region. Bushes
grow up to 80 cm, sprawling. Red-purple inflorescences, shape
vegetable oval. Most of all, this potato is suitable for frying and
cooking french fries and chips. Of the benefits here you can
include resistance to various diseases, including
Fitoftorozu and excellent presentation.

— Журавинка. Such Belarusian potatoes are widely
caught on in the central part of Russia. Ripens within 110 days.
The flowers are red-purple, the tubers are round, the skin is red. With
good care yield of this variety will be high.

The advantages include:

1) good weather resistance;

2) has protection against cancer, scab and blackleg;

3) widely used for sale.

Of the minuses: this potato does not tolerate late blight.

Зарница. This Belarusian variety is excellent
прижился в центре и на юге country. The growing season is about 140
days, so you should first think whether this variety is suitable for
another region. Low bush, flowers of red-violet color,
the skin is reddish.

Fruit weight в среднем 120 г.

Of the advantages emit: unpretentiousness to the soil and high
drought tolerance. In cons consisted against late blight
and various fungal diseases.

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