Ex-spouse Press Secretary Vladimir Putinfirst told about the divorce

Tue, Aug 19, 2014

Ex-wife of Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of the Russian
President, Catherine for the first time decided to comment on her
a divorce by giving a rather frank interview to Tatler magazine.

As Catherine said, the first problems in the family appeared
three years ago. Their reason was that Dmitry all his
He devoted time to work, relegating the family to the background. Spouses started
live almost parallel lives. And soon appeared
Confirmed information about the infidelity of Dmitry. As a result
Catherine put the question squarely, saying that she wants a divorce.
Sands was frightened (after all, this is far from good for a career), he asked
think again. However, it did not help.

Spouses still managed to maintain excellent relations. And in
thanks largely to the three children, in whose upbringing Peskov plays
one of the key roles. And, of course, helps the former family

Catherine, lives in two countries – Russia and France, where she
is actively involved in charity. In the life of a woman a lot
hobbies and joys.

Apparently, Dmitry and Catherine still love each other.
Moreover, recently Peskov proposed his ex-wife again
get married


Lie 08/19/2016 I do not believe this woman. She is simply sophisticated
revenge. Several times she read her angry attacks on the new woman
Peskova. If she is so sure that he loves her, then why was it so
shame? Even the son’s account for this has used. And now, when
an opponent is about to give birth, writing things like that is just below
self-esteem. I think Peskov would not let her
close up, especially as she claims they are in good
relationship. Just this woman can not lose, that’s all.

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