Everything you need to know about childhood obesity

Fri, Apr 18, 2014

Unlike adults, whose extra pounds are clearly not
I decorate, plump cheeks, folds and bandages on the child’s body all
still touches grandmothers. Thin child makes them indignant and
desire to start fattening it immediately. What to say if
the amount of food eaten kilograms are lifted into the cult and
most moms? Meanwhile, the real obesity in some cases –
come from childhood.

Overweight babies

Natural breastfeeding is convenient, useful and
safe. But artificial mixtures require careful
monitor the weight of the baby. Large children, rapidly gaining weight,
harder to move, learn to sit, crawl and walk. By the year when
the child becomes as mobile as possible and even loses weight, large
overfed children, on the contrary, move completely inactive.
It turns out a kind of vicious circle – food and extra calories
prevent from moving vigorously, and the lack of activity does not
the abyss of infant plumpness. Of course, put the baby on a diet –
the idea is not just wild, but also cruel. But follow the monthly
increase and consult a pediatrician about nutrition –
sound thought.

Overweight in children from a year to 3 years

A healthy child “must” extra pounds only … kindness and
care of their parents and loved ones! But this age is very important
for the formation of proper eating behavior. Habit seize
grief from injury or falling sweetie, encouraging candy – only
one side of the coin The second is the rule that comes from our grandmothers.
empty plates. Parents quickly forget the main thing – healthy, not
habits of a child’s body are amazing
feature to control the feeling of hunger and satiety, not allowing
overeat. If the child announces his readiness to finish his meal,
it means – so be it, he is no longer hungry.

Line weight in children from 5 years

5 years is the age when the problem starts to become
noticeable. Parents of 5-6 year old children stop being moved by fullness and
start to sound the alarm. What are the numbers on the scales are serious
reason to think about? The normal weight of a five year old child is
20 kg. Small fluctuations are possible in combination with growth – someone in
this age is far ahead of their peers, and due to
physique. However, extra pounds formed due to
athletic body can be distinguished from the first signs
obesity and the naked eye. Excess weight gained by
body fat is noticeable and requires intervention.

Parents can only identify a problem, but determine
is overweight obese, and if so, to what extent
determines only the doctor by a special formula and additional

The reasons

As with adults, children have a set of extra pounds.
provided by a mismatch between consumed
kilocalories or energy expended. But this gap is formed
due to various factors.

  • Habits and lifestyle. Calm baby not suffering
    lack of appetite, runs the risk of being fat. And often
    he suffers, again, because of his parents. Habit to demand
    a fully eaten lunch and dinner can lead to sad
    results. Be more attentive to yourself – when a child asks
    yogurt, do not offer him to eat it only after a meal –
    perhaps he is ready to be content with an easy and useful product
    вместо жирного обеда.
  • Wrong mode. Joint family lunches and dinners help
    avoid snacking Eat a stack of chips, nuts or cookies
    the child can quickly and imperceptibly, especially if nibbles on snacks
    in front of a computer or tv. Extra pounds eat and those
    children who go to bed late – 2-3 hours of evening wakefulness
    forced to absorb excess kilocalories.
  • Genetics. At risk are the children of obese parents –
    their likelihood of obesity is due to both heredity and
    lack of nutritional culture of parents.


At the smallest excess weight inhibits physical development and
undermines immunity. Large body mass contributes to more
injuries during falls. Fat babies are often affected by
sleep disorders. And lack of sleep entails increased fatigue,
moods and bad mood. In older age, overweight can
turn into constant stress and even depression, especially
teenagers. In puberty, obesity can lead to more
serious consequences that are usually considered a threat to adults
– problems with the cardiovascular system.

What can parents do?

  • The child’s excess of more than 20-25 percent of the norm –
    a serious reason for an immediate appeal to a specialist.
  • Your child’s bad eating habits can be overcome.
    only together. Most likely, boring and tedious for obese
    child gymnastics, you will not enthrall him. So parents should
    think over a kind of activity that will please, interest and entice,
    distracting from sweets, harm and endless snacks.
  • Gradually, and most importantly, not noticeable from the child, translate all
    family for low-calorie, but delicious food. Harsh ban on chips,
    sweet soda and chocolate bars will not only cause protest
    and scandal, but also lead to their secret and uncontrollable
  • HLS and sports are actually very pleasant. Parents themselves must
    remember that skiing, ice skating, playing badminton and
    weekend volleyball is much better than watching movies and
    talk show on tv.

The main program and recommendations will be developed
a specialist. But the success of their implementation will not even depend on
the child himself, but on the readiness and involvement of the parents.

Text: Vera Guler

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