Everything we need to know about abortion

Wed, Apr 23, 2014

Abortion is a dangerous procedure that can only be performed in
inpatient conditions by a qualified specialist. At the first stage
it is necessary to pass a survey confirming the presence and duration
pregnancy, as well as tests to ensure that there is no
inflammatory and infectious diseases. After abortion required
specialist control and the appointment of rehabilitative therapy. Only
strict adherence to these conditions helps minimize the risks
however, the threat to women’s health and negative consequences for
reproductive system cannot be ruled out.

In Russia, there are three types of abortion – surgical, vacuum
aspiration and drug. Determines which type of abortion is suitable.
for a patient, only a specialist – the chosen method will depend
from the gestational age, but some additional facts may
affect the choice.

Surgical (classical or instrumental)

For medical reasons held for long periods – up to 16
weeks of pregnancy. At the request of the patient, the allowable period is lower –
legal threshold for termination of pregnancy
up to 12 weeks. Late terms and formed fetus, as well as its
strong fixation in the uterus, make this procedure itself
traumatic. The operation is performed under general anesthesia.
stay in the hospital to observe a few more hours. Fetus
is removed from the uterus by scraping with a special curette.
Since such an operation is performed blindly, the possibility
injury to the walls and cervix is ​​high. There is a risk
infection because the uterus after surgery is
wound surface.

Вакуум-аспирация (другое название мини-abortion)

Мини-abortion выполняется на ранних сроках беременности, с момента,
when the fertilized egg is fixed in the uterus (4-5 week) to 7 weeks
of pregnancy. Before carrying out it is necessary to hand over the blood test on
hCG level and transvaginal ultrasound, allowing to establish
точный срок of pregnancy. During the operation is used
special apparatus by which the fertilized egg is sucked
from the uterus. A short period is a prerequisite for
вакуумного abortionа, обусловлено это тем, что яйцо должно быть слабо
enshrined in the uterus. Although this type of interrupt
pregnancy is less traumatic, vacuum aspiration is fraught with
complete removal of the ovum and its membranes. After control
Ultrasound, in case of detection of incomplete release of the ovum,
additional surgical cleaning is prescribed – essentially the same
инструментальный abortion.

Медикаментозный abortion (беременности малого срока прерывается
using drugs)

Not common in all countries. In Russia, such an interruption
допустимо до 6- недельной of pregnancy. Такой abortion может
be conducted in a polyclinic, but under mandatory medical
control. The procedure takes place in several stages:

1. Ultrasonography confirming pregnancy and correct
fixing the ovum in the uterus.

2. Taking the first pill (mifepristone or mifegin). Acting
the substance of the drug should reduce the effect of the hormone, which is important for
preservation of pregnancy – progesterone. After taking the first
pills woman remains in the clinic for some time – specialist
must make sure that she doesn’t start feeling worse or
vomiting, which will make the drug ineffective. Thereafter
a woman goes home.

3. Acceptance of the maintenance drug, Misoprostol or MIROLUT (as
usually happens at home). Usually one tablet is used,
but you may need an additional reception of the second. A drug
support provides contraction of the uterus, allowing you to reject
gestational egg.

4. Control and appointment of rehabilitation therapy. Rejection
gestational eggs may take 1-3 days. In 24-72 hours a doctor
prescribes a control ultrasound to make sure that the egg is completely
left the uterus, not leaving its shells in its cavity. Thereafter
The patient is put on an IV drip that prevents inflammation.
process and prescriptions support therapy.

Несмотря на то, что при медикаментозном abortionе наркоз не
required, and surgical instruments that can injure the uterus,
not used, it also has serious drawbacks:

• Incomplete hatching.

• Painful sensations.

• Psychological trauma that may require working with
a psychologist. Поскольку такой abortion растянут во времени, а пациентка
is an active participant in the process, some
women are under great stress.


Любой abortion чреват резким нарушением гормонального фона и риском
inflammatory processes. Therefore, it is prescribed as therapy.
a course of antibiotics and hormonal drugs. Period of sexual
abstinence takes at least 40 days after the procedure.

Text: Vera Guler

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