Estonian schoolchildren portray in dancegay mosquitoes and outhouse sex

Sun, Nov 27, 2016

According to DELFI, in Estonia dancers participating in youth
a dance competition called Slide 2012, was entrusted
put a number of very unusual compositions. One of these
jobs was the image of “gay mosquitoes.” In this competition, which
was held on November 27 of this year, young people took part
age from 12 to 20 years. All participants were from Tallinn.
They had to demonstrate all their dancing skills and
skills to music of various styles. During one of the last
rounds they will dance a certain storyline described
in the text issued to them.

The portal has given us some snippets of these texts.

“Mosquitoes are gay”: Two mosquitoes with unconventional sex
orientation fell in love with each other. One of them, sitting on his knees
asked for a leg from his partner. The second mosquito was so glad
that he began to dance the dance of happiness. Next morning they two
went straight to Las Vegas. Upon arrival in the city of lovers
mosquitoes went to the casino, where they spent most of the time,
playing mafia. Very tired, they skipped off
institution. Not having to go far, in one of the dark alleys they
attacked by a sinister gangster bee. Adversary pulled out
his acute sting and began to be rude and insult lovers …

“Mouse and hedgehog”: Very sexy mouse and very strange hedgehog
unexpectedly collided on the dance floor of a nightclub, after which
rodents invites the hedgehog to dance with her. While dancing mouse
swaying sexually, showing off her wonderful external
data while her partner strides hard
national dance. At the end of the disco gray naughty
grabs his cavalier by the paw and with a quick step pulls him into the toilet.
Despite the words of the mouse that she craves sex, prickly
the gentleman refuses, justifying all this fear of using
a condom …

The competition is dedicated to the prevention of the fight against AIDS and HIV infection.
Obviously, therefore, it was decided to base the thematic
tasks from the life of brothels and alkopritonov. But maybe someone from
compilers of tasks has mental problems and therefore considers
it is appropriate to give children similar tasks. If Estonians in
generally calmly look at such initiatives, it remains to them
only sympathize.

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