Emotional stress and overeating: artself control

emotsionalnii-stress-pereedanieWatching your friends
I noticed one interesting feature that only one friend of mine
loses appetite when under pressure of life
circumstances, the rest (including, probably, me) are trying
achieve mental equilibrium with food – and very often – even
with the slightest sign of stress.

A recent study found that women may be exposed
the particular risk of weight gain from over-eating
time of emotional stress.

Of course, if you ever ate some cakes at the end
especially difficult working day, you probably do not need scientific
evidence of this fact.

Another study found that a high body mass index (BMI)
was characteristic of people who prefer to overeat in response to
stress, especially women. A higher BMI can probably be
associated with the choice of products that are used in the acute period

Researchers have found that stress eaters often overlap
assortment of fast foods, pizza and chocolate. In addition, in parallel
alcohol consumption increases, which can explain a large
the amount of extra empty calories.

Interestingly, this study analyzed
main causes of stress and desire
�“Seize up” problems – for men it’s job loss or divorce, for
women the main reason was the lack of psychological

Emotional stress and the role of the hormone cortisol

hormon-kortizolThere is a natural associated with
stress hormone – cortisol, which can contribute to the recruitment
overweight, especially abdominal fat.

A large amount of cortisol is released into the blood when you
находитесь в состоянии эмоционального stress. Cortisol receptors
located in the stomach and cause fat accumulation there.

In 2000, researchers found that women with high
the ratio of waist to hip (both overweight and
in lean ones, more cortisol is released during stress and is noted more
a serious level of stressful situations in their daily life than
in women with a low ratio.

In addition, excess cortisol can actually cause your
metabolism slow down. This may mean that even if you don’t
consume more calories than your daily intake, you can
gain weight.

But, since emotional stress actively stimulates the appetite,
it is likely that you still overeat more calories than
usually, that in conditions of overvoltage it only aggravates the problem. AT
As a result, during stress you get a “double blow” – in the form
slow metabolism and nervous increase in daily calories.

It is not yet known how exactly cortisol can affect your
food “behavior” or an increase in appetite directly, but
research continues … Regardless of their results, now
there are trends that women who eat food with high
increased fat levels, increased cortisol levels, and they give away
greater preference for sweet foods.

How to keep yourself in hand and avoid overeating?

1. Так как отсутствие эмоциональной поддержки
directly related in women with a tendency to overeating, it is important
so that you focus on solving this particular “problem”.

This means that you can apply for support and motivation to
to your friends or family when you start eating
on emotional stress.

Use email, phone or go to visit
those who have not seen for a long time. Feel free to ask for help –
it is crucial to obtain psychological
support that you need.

2. ATместо того, чтобы «закусывать» свое нервное
stress food and “pour” with alcohol, go outside for
brisk 30 minute walk or walk up / down
stairs a few times.

ATсплеск двигательной активности может помочь вам снизить
appetite. Simple movements will make it possible to relieve stress,
let’s say if you are sitting at your desk for a long time or talking
on the phone, just stand up and move around a little. 3
Get regular exercise. Experts agree on
opinion that regular activity is one of the most
effective ways to deal with emotional stress.

It helps regulate cortisol levels, which in turn
will allow you to ease the state of depression, as well as improve the night
sleep (just don’t play sports just before going to

4. Обратите внимание на такие расслабляющие упражнения,
able to alleviate your anxiety without eating, like visualization,
complex breathing exercises and meditation.

Try destinations that combine relaxation with
physical activity, such as yoga or pilates courses.

5. Увеличьте продолжительность сна. If you are not sleeping
good enough when you’re emotionally overwhelmed, it can
influence your weight loss efforts as well (research
have shown that there may be a link between sleep deficiency and
weight gain).

6. Один из лучших способов manage and analyze
the amount of “emotional food” is the use of food
diary. Simple accounting of food and drinks eaten with
marking your feelings before and after meals is a great way

View diary every few days to get
an actual picture of what feelings are pushing you to
overeating, and think about their alternative replacement.

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