Elena Malysheva is very jealous of herspouse

Thu, 08 May 2014

Elena Malysheva, who for many years successfully gives medical
Tips from our TV screens, never ceases to amaze not only
with their high professional skills, but also a wonderful external
kind of. 53-year-old TV presenter always looks great, pleasing us
its unique style. Looking at her, it is impossible to think that
Helen may be some problems. She is, as reported by the media,
many years happy married. Her husband Igor, as well as herself
Malysheva, doctor, doctor of science, far from the media party. This is very
calm, reserved person, with understanding relating to
the features of his wife’s career, implying long hours
work, and late returns home.

But Elena herself is not so democratic. Malysheva argues that
very jealous of her husband. He complains that he is so calm
to her long absences. However, the TV host has developed for
yourself a recipe for dealing with excess emotions. She recalls that when 27
years ago, met Igor, read him poems by Mayakovsky
near the monument to the poet. However, the future spouse decided to interrupt
Helen’s declaration of a kiss, after which she forgot about everything on

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