Eggs and cholesterol

What came first – the chicken or the egg? This is not our edition
knows But we found out for you some interesting facts about
ordinary chicken eggs that can be found on the shelf in
any supermarket.

Eggs and cholesterol

Many believe that eggs are a source of harmful cholesterol,
littering vessels. This is not true. Eggs, though contain many
cholesterol (about 270 mg in one egg), do not cause a rise in the level
this substance in the blood. In addition, egg cholesterol is less harmful.
of all – it is “quenched” by lecithin contained in eggs, which, by the way,
supports the work of nerve cells.

The fact that eggs are harmful to the liver is also not true. It turns out
besides a set of vitamins, eggs contain choline and methionine –
essential amino acids for our liver. But the eggs with mayonnaise and
другими подобными соусами  лучше не есть: высокое содержание
Fat at work of the liver is not reflected in the best way.

Everyone knows that raw eggs are dangerous: there is a risk
get sick with salmonella. It turns out не меньшую угрозу
constitute the fried eggs and soft-boiled eggs. Main shelter
bacteria – liquid protein. Therefore it is better not to risk – carefully
fry and boil eggs.

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