Effective diet on seeds

  • 1 What are useful seeds for weight loss?
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    • 1.2 Трехдневное похудение на семечках и кефире
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Paradoxically, but you can lose weight by eating sunflower seeds. it
An unusual way of losing weight is quite effective. Diet on seeds
sunflower gets every day the most popular among
the fair sex.

Sunflower seeds love everything, but few people know about their ability to fight.
with extra pounds. How to achieve the desired result in
the process of losing weight, using some sunflower seeds? – For this
need to know how to use them properly and which ones to comply with

What is useful seeds for weight loss?

Diet is a dietary limit of up to one.
component. Диета рассчитана на 3 дня, не
. Since it can harm the body.

The mechanism of weight loss is as follows
вместе с процессом расщепления в организме жиров
the thickness of the fat layer on the thighs, abdomen, buttocks and
on other problem areas of the body. This is what wants to achieve
slimming woman.

Sunflower seeds: sunflower, pumpkin, fried or dried, have
many useful properties.

The product contains protein,
обогащенный аминокислотами, и следующие

  • vitamin E rejuvenates;
  • Vitamins A and D improve vision, skin and bone
  • vitamin b is able to raise a good mood.

This product:

  • perfectly satisfy hunger
  • improve immunity
  • serve as prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Плюс предложенной схемы — доступность. Not necessary
seek out overseas delicacies, follow complex patterns. Sachets
sold at any grocery store at a modest price of 30-50
rubles. Price depends on volume.

How to lose weight with a diet on seeds? Should
observe simple conditions:

  1. Для похудения нужно пить достаточное количество
    , не меньше 2 литров в день. Water will do
    purified: mineral or well. Soda, juices, sweet
    drinks, alcohol are prohibited. Жидкость пьется за 30 минут до
    food or after meals.
  2. Sunflower does not contain carbohydrates, so you need your
    питание организовать лаконично: на завтрак употреблять
    именно углеводы
    . Without them, full functioning
    human life is impossible. They are contained in a larger
    quantity in fruits, cereals and dairy products, for example,
  3. С диеты нужно сходить плавно. Abrupt transition
    completely ruin all efforts to lose weight. In the first week after
    hard restrictions on food should be added to one vegetable
    daily. From the 6th day you can enter berries in the diet. Only on day 10
    allowed to eat meat or fish. Preferred products
    boil, simmer, but do not fry. Dietary compliance
    guarantees success in the process of losing weight.

Sample diet menu

There are several types of diets for sunflower seeds.

Roasted Seed Diet

Per day is allowed to eat 150 – 200 grams of product
подсолнечника, обязательно обильное питье. Day
рацион предлагается разделить на 3 приема пищи: завтрак,
lunch, dinner

Diet on seeds подсолнечника — меню:

First day:

  1. breakfast – 50-66 g of seeds
  2. lunch – 40-50 g
  3. dinner – 30-20 g

The proposed hard food restriction is complex for
fulfillment, but beauty requires sacrifice.

Diet on seeds и воде

Supposed to eat carbohydrates for breakfast – a combination
pumpkin seeds and sunflower in the diet.

Срок диеты – три дня. Be sure to use
carbohydrate in the morning. The ration consists of breakfast, lunch
and dinner.

First day:

  1. oatmeal.
  2. 100 gr. sunflower seeds.
  3. 100 gr. pumpkin seeds.

Second day:

  1.  kefir, apple.
  2.  100 gr. sunflower seeds.
  3. 100 gr. pumpkin seeds.

The third day:

  1.  millet porridge, yogurt.
  2.  100 gr. sunflower seeds.
  3. 100 gr. pumpkin seeds.

In between meals allowed to drink

Трехдневное похудение на семечках и кефире

К такой диете в рацион добавляется кефир. Deadline strict
food restrictions – three days. Day рацион также разделен на 3
food intake.

First day:

  1. 150 gr. seed kefir.
  2. 150 gr. ingredient, kefir.
  3. 150 gr. ingredient, kefir.

Second day:

  1. 150 gr. main ingredient, kefir.
  2. 150 gr. главного ingredient, kefir.
  3. 150 gr. ingredient, kefir.

The third day:

  1. 150 gr. component kefir.
  2. 150 gr. ingredient, kefir.
  3. 150 gr. ingredient, kefir.

All presented weight loss regimens have proven themselves
the best way. For three days of strict adherence to the rules you can
lose up to 3-4 kg. Such a “strict” but effective weight loss
will achieve maximum results.

Pumpkin Seed Diet

Slimming на тыквенных семечках предполагает употребление
pumpkin seeds 2 times a day. Slimming
three days

First day:

  1. oatmeal.
  2. 150 gr. pumpkin seeds.
  3. 150 gr. component.

Second day:

  1. millet porridge.
  2. 150 gr. pumpkin seeds.
  3. 150 gr. main ingredient.

The third day:

  1. rice porrige.
  2. 150 gr. pumpkin seeds.
  3. 150 gr. main ingredient.

Все предложенные схемы похудения способны избавить от
extra pounds in the shortest time – three суток
Patience and perseverance will help to easily put on a beautiful dress.
To be slim and beautiful is easy! Be in great shape!

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