Edema during pregnancy

Edema during pregnancy
Mon, Oct 31, 2016

Edema – excessive fluid accumulation in a certain part
organism and retention of its excess. This phenomenon is familiar
almost every pregnant woman, most often the problem
arises in late terms. Hazard to the health of the expectant mother
and baby depends on the intensity of edema, the problem should be solved with
with the help of a doctor, because, first of all, it is necessary to understand the cause of edema.
and only then proceed to their treatment.


Edema during pregnancy – причины

As a rule, edema during pregnancy occurs since the fourth
month, if the process started earlier, you should report this
to the attending physician. This phenomenon may indicate a hidden
pathology, it is possible that it will be revealed at a later date and
will endanger the life of the baby and the health of the pregnant woman.

Most of the fair sex in the period
childbearing suffers from edema, but you can not look for the cause
This phenomenon in pregnancy, as a rule, we are talking about
improper functioning of the kidneys, cardiovascular system,
excess water in the body, excessive physical exertion. Often
swelling caused by ever increasing uterus pinching
vessels, the blood during movement feels significant obstacles.

In the future mother in late pregnancy, legs swell and
hands, however there are times when swelling spreads throughout
body and the woman begins to quickly gain weight, this phenomenon is called
�”Dropsy”. When “dropsy” is difficult to clench your fist or bend
the leg. If left untreated, “dropsy” can turn into the most
dangerous form of edema – preeclampsia.

Gestosis – late toxicosis, in which there are strong
edema, high blood pressure, high protein in
urine, all these factors significantly increase the risk of miscarriage or
preterm delivery. Gestosis is treatable, but it can be done.
should be in the hospital under the supervision of a specialist.

Hand swelling during pregnancy

In the later stages of pregnancy, the expectant mother may have
swelling of the hands, most often it is noticeable by the way the fingers are bent,
Difficulties arise when wearing a ring.

It cannot be said that with such a phenomenon as swelling of the hands, one should
panic rush for help to the doctor in the third trimester, they
occur quite often. However, if the swelling is combined with
high blood pressure, fast weight gain or create
significant discomfort, must necessarily
consult on this with a specialist. Under normal
during pregnancy, the likely cause of hand edema is
abuse of salty or fatty foods and the pressure of the uterus on the vessels
and ureters.

Swelling of the legs during pregnancy

Swelling of the legs in pregnant women – a very common phenomenon
the problem is that the body of the expectant mother accumulates sodium, which
promotes fluid retention in the body as a result
swelling appear.

Many women complain that puffiness appears in
day and evening, this is easily explained: long
being in a horizontal position (during a night rest)
allows fluid to be distributed throughout the body, so after sleep
puffiness is almost invisible. After walking or a long stay
on the feet moisture rushes to the lower limbs, as a result of
areas of ankles, shins and on the back of the feet appear
noticeable swelling. In some cases, leg swelling may be accompanied by
high blood pressure then it makes sense to turn to
doctor, so as not to provoke a severe form of preeclampsia.

Treatment and prevention of edema during pregnancy

There is an opinion that you can get rid of edema by
reduce the amount of fluid consumed, however in the case of
pregnancy this method is unlikely to be justified. Giving up
fluid will cause the body to begin to accumulate water and
swelling can get stronger. For the first and second trimesters
pregnancy is recommended to drink no more than one and a half liters
fluid per day, not counting vegetables, soups, tea, etc. In third
trimester dosage should be reduced by 2 times – up to 750 milliliters per

If you want to get rid of edema, you should not eat salty and
fatty foods the same recommendations exist regarding
Smoked meats, spicy dishes, carbonated drinks and coffee. Perfectly,
if once a week a pregnant woman will carry out unloading
a day on juice and apples, in case this process turns out to be
too complex, you can add to the diet of other fruits.

Expectant mother is recommended to rest at least 10 hours a day.
(at night), excluding day rest (1.5-2 hours). Bedtime need
put a cushion under your feet, fine if they rise
above the body.

With strong tired legs you can do warm baths, massage
foot Do not forget about systematic walks in the fresh
the air. Sometimes, doctors recommend herbal teas that have diuretic
effect, and vitamins that strengthen the walls of blood vessels to improve
blood circulation. From folk remedies, swelling removes the infusion of
dried apricots (pour boiling water overnight, drink in the morning half an hour before food).

Whatever remedy is chosen as a cure for
edema, its use should always be discussed with the treating
because the pregnancy is too crucial a period to
it was possible to risk health.


Valya 03/27/2016 My sister recently gave birth to me … She had cystitis,
swelling just awful, nor what kind of weed did not help, prescribed
pills. Yes, it was summer, the heat was strong, and drink
it is impossible … Namuzhilas in general … Catherine 03/27/2016 And they say,
that swelling can occur from too fast weight gain …. My
so familiar, at least, the doctor said that it was because
This .. I prescribed some grass for her, it helped her. And charging said
she did, the weight fell off and swelling too .. Nelli 03/27/2016 The girls by
they put magnesia on the edema chamber … And I sat on the apples
Often, and no swelling was not. Not salted on salty
Fat at all could not. But toxemia, however, still tormented. WITH
I suffered so much for him … Darina 03/27/2016 Yes … serious edema
problem. I have by the last months swelled everything that can
swell, prescribed some kind of herbal paste, so she helped,
only on her and saved. Yes, I also have kidney problems, more
more everything was aggravated … Alena 03/27/2016 I had more than just
swelling in the legs, and even the legs were not actually visible))))
impossible as a duck))) All of salty food, and give it up
just could not! So I suffered … Walks … It was just that

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