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Sun, 10 Jan 2016

A modern resident of the metropolis spends most of his life
inside the room. Harmful substances accompany us everywhere, even in
own house We have to go to work, sit by
computer, breathe stale office air. Returning home
I want to feel safety and comfort. Unfortunately we are not always
We think about how safe the house we live in is.

What is upholstered by the walls of your apartment? If ordinary paper wallpaper,
you made a better choice. If you upholstered the walls with plastic
panels, you have harmed health. It is not immediately noticeable. Substances
plastic evaporate unnoticed for years, falling into
our body. Recently, it has become fashionable to put plastic
windows, without thinking about what is artificial material.
Wooden windows are more expensive, but they do not damage health due to
its naturalness. Cabinets made of chipboard, linoleum, synthetic carpets and
sofas – all emit dangerous substances into the atmosphere.

Calculate how much chemical we use in
Everyday life. Washing powder, dishwashing liquid,
floor and toilet fluids, air fresheners. Household chemicals are not
disappears without a trace, it evaporates. We inhale chemicals, not
задумываясь при этом, как они влияют на our body. amount
household chemicals can be successfully reduced.

Cookware is replaced with baking soda and mustard powder,
air freshener – aromatic oils. By the way, natural
oils can kill germs and viruses, as well as raise
mood. You can add fragrant decoctions to the water for cleaning floors.
herbs such as lemon peel, mint, wormwood. The latter also
able to kill some germs and repel insects.

We see that the indoor air is highly polluted, therefore
it is necessary to open the vents more often. With stale air, with high
humidity and comfortable temperature successfully reproduce harmful
bacteria and mold. They can cause various diseases and
affect the general well-being of humans and animals. If the window on
for some reason it is impossible to open, get fresh air
air filters will help. It is better to take those that possess
air ionization function.

To improve the environment in the room should not forget about
wet cleaning. Wiping the dust, remember the remote corners,
many, for example, forget to wash the floor behind the couch, under the cupboard,
wipe the dust on the mezzanine.

If you have pets, cleaning will have to be carried out.
somewhat more often, so that the wool does not fly around the apartment and does not fall into
lungs. Bringing the dog home from the walk, wash her paws, otherwise
along with dirt can bring infection. Gas stoves also spoil
air in the apartment. You can replace them with electric or
install hoods Hood will help you in the event that someone
from family members smokes.

Houseplants clean and freshen the air well. Not only
put them too much in the bedroom, especially smelling strongly.
amount растений должно быть соразмерно помещению, чтобы не
exceed comfortable humidity, which is 50 -60%.

We all know that the human body is more than 80%
of water. But how does the use of water from the tap on
human health? How safe is it after boiling or

Tap water is dangerous! This is due to the fact that our cranes
it gets from lakes, reservoirs, rivers. And there is not excluded the release
slags from neighboring factories, or living there various bacteria
and microorganisms. Water that has passed all stages of industrial cleaning,
is a mixture of all kinds of unsafe and harmful

The most popular method of water treatment is chlorination. Main
methods of using chlorinated water: upholding it during
certain time and boiling. But even if we resort to
both methods, we will not be able to get rid of the chlorine salts in

There is an option to use distilled water. This water is not
contains no impurities, as well as does not contain any
salts. But if water does not contain such elements as potassium,
calcium, sodium, what benefits can it bring
human body? No! After all, these elements
contained in ordinary water, having a beneficial effect on
human health and livelihoods.

There is another alternative – water filtration.
self using special household or industrial
filters. Before choosing a filter, you need to decide on the volumes.
filtered water. In one case, a filter jug ​​may be useful, and
in the other is a whole water treatment system.

Many now began to prefer the bottled water system.
One of the most convenient alternatives to tap water. One of
advantages – easy and fast delivery to the office or home. Very large
Bottled water has gained popularity from office workers. So
as they spend most of the day in the office, they should be
Constantly provided with clean water. And every smart boss should
understand this. Therefore, in offices now actively began to install
whole systems for water – coolers. They pump water and pump
equipped with the functions of heating and cooling water while occupying
very little space.

Coolers are very convenient to use and in some cases
are not the last factors that determine not only the interior
office, but also concern for the company’s team, as well as visitors.

Having talked about the purity of water, it is impossible not to touch on the topic of purity.
of air. The condition of the air in the street and in the room is very
great impact on human health and well-being. If constantly
breathe polluted air, then the risk of getting sick for asthma, lung cancer
or bronchitis increases.

Of great importance is the purity of air in enclosed spaces: in
office, apartment, that is, those places where you have to spend
most part of time. It is much easier to control the state
air than in open areas, filtration can help.

To select a filter, you must first determine the type
загрязнения of air. In general, pollution occurs aerosol and
gaseous. For example, the smell of tobacco smoke refers to
aerosol contamination, and ashtray with cigarette butts – to

Variety of air filters: • dust filters
(aimed at removing mechanical particles such as: wool
animals, dust); • electrostatic filters (implemented by
air purification from aerosols and dust); • carbon filters (
the elimination of unpleasant odors); • photocatalytic filters (
used molecular air purification).

In the intricacies of using filters in your room will help you
specialists. But remember – creating comfort and cleanliness in the room, not
should strive for sterility. Presence of a minimum
The number of bacteria and viruses stimulates the immune system to combat
them. Know in all measure and understand that natural substances and
products from natural ingredients are much more useful for your

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