“Early start”: hyperactive and very passivechildren How to give your baby happiness and health with the “Earlystart “

"Early start": hyperactive and very passivechildren How to give your baby happiness and health with the "Earlystart "

Low motor activity is a huge problem.
modern children growing up in megacities and ordinary

Pediatricians and educators are sounding the alarm: children spend most of
days without exercise, preferring a computer active
street games.

All parents dream of their baby growing strong,
happy and healthy.

Более того, именно в раннем спортивном развитии — ключ к
ребенка в школе.

Scientists have long noted the relationship between the physical and
intellectual development of young children. Physical limitation
activity adversely affects not only health
child, but also reflected in his neuro-psychological development.

Thanks to children’s sports complexes can be from a young age.
develop not only strength, but also dexterity, ingenuity,

Down stoop, lethargy and whims!

Colorful functional children’s exercise equipment will give the child the sea
joy and pleasure, distract from harmful sitting at a computer
or game console, will form the correct posture.

Отличная новость: теперь погода на улице не
matter. Climb, hang, pull up, overcome
obstacles and have fun in full can be any day!
Snow, wind, rain, cold will not interfere with the baby fun and with the use of
health spend time without distracting parents from their adults
serious cases.

The benefits of early sports loads

A healthy baby is happiness for parents. From an early age to a child
need to provide physical activity. Make it in terms
urban environment is not so simple. �“Early Start” knows how
provide optimal load for all muscle groups of restless.

Young children are overwhelmed with energy, and this is a wonderful
adaptive property of the human body. Muscle development
frame ensures the normal functioning of all internal organs, their
proper development.

The state-of-the-art sports wonder complex is the solution.
sets of tasks related to the health of the child.

Exercises at the simulator strengthen not only muscles, but also joints,
heart, bone system, vestibular apparatus, respiratory organs,
immunity, improve metabolic processes.

In addition, if movement is life for an adult, then
for a baby, movement is the most important element of a normal
mental development.

Motor activity is necessary for normal brain function.
Thanks to the exercises on the home simulator, it is activated
mental activity, improves perception, strengthens
nervous system.

The child becomes sturdier, calmer, more confident. it
Is it not what parents dream?

Why do I need an “early start”

Not all parents have the opportunity for several hours
to devote to outdoor games with the child. Great way out in this situation.
– sports complex “Early Start”.

it именно то, чего хочет ребенок: тут и развлечение, и игра, и
opportunity to show your best.

For parents, this is a unique opportunity to send an overflowing
baby energy back on track.

Taking the child into an interesting affair, the parents decide immediately
several tasks:

• get valuable time to do their own thing;

• will be able to easily plan a working day;

• develop in small interest in physical culture and sport;

• provide the child with healthy development.

�”Early start” will remove from the parent shoulders the burden of responsibility
for the physical development of the baby.

Who of the constantly busy adults have not felt guilty for
something that can not provide the child with sufficient motor
mobility? This problem has now been resolved. And classes on
simulator even without the presence of an adult in the room will be committed
are safe.

Time homemade simulators in the past. By parents
no longer have to wrestle with where to get the right one
bar for the bar and where it is better to attach.

Moreover, do not have to be afraid that homemade sports
the shell suddenly breaks down and hurts the baby.

It is much easier to buy a ready-to-play sports complex “Early
start “, made in accordance with all requirements

You can install it without problems in a city apartment, in the country,
in the cottage.

The design is compact, includes several simulators and
Be sure to become any entertainment for the child.

With the scandal, it is no longer necessary to tear off the child from the computer
or television screen. The child himself will gladly go to
play area.

“Early Start” – the best gift for preschoolers

The sports complex looks very aesthetic. Baby for sure
like a new toy, and very soon he will not be able to manage
without constant physical exertion. The game will turn into a need
seriously go in for sports.

Who knows, maybe because of the “Early Start”
in the country will grow a new Olympic champion!

Parents who decide on a useful gift will make the most
the right move. Caring for the physical health of the child in the final
eventually lead to the correct placement priorities,
self-esteem. Every day, achieving new results, baby
believe in their own strength, and without this faith there can be no success
modern school nor in adulthood.

Modern students are overloaded with knowledge. Abundance of information
which you need to remember and process, often leads to unwillingness
to move, to live fully, to achieve success not in school, but in
something else.

If after each homework the child can
for a few minutes back to the world of carelessness, it will have
invaluable benefit to his psyche. In the sports and gaming area, he will
to depend not on an extraneous assessment, but only on oneself: on one’s own
dexterity, strength, skills.

С «Ранним start ” ваши малыши станут более, ловкими,
strong, mobile and sports!

And will help them in this set of Young Athlete.

A whole month to all buyers of sports and games
complex “Early Start” in the complete set, we give a trapeze,
rope and net – the main attributes of sports activities on the “Early
start “.

Hurry to buy a sports and gaming complex with a set. And then
your young athletes will be in constant motion!

P.S. The composition of the set of young

– Trapeze, 1 meter rope and mesh-socket – for
sports complexes “Early Start Standard” and “Early Start
luxury “

– Trapeze, 1 meter rope and rectangular grid Olympus – for
sports complex “Early start olimp”

Gifts will go to everyone!

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