Dutch diet for weight loss

  • 1 Dutch diet for weight loss
    • 1.1 Principle of the Dutch diet
    • 1.2 What products are available?
    • 1.3 Menu for the week

The Dutch diet will not only lose weight, but also improve
an organism. Now this way of weight loss is adapted and for products.
traditional for us.

Therefore, the process of losing excess weight will be easy and simple

Dutch diet for weight loss

The Dutch diet does not belong to the list of strict methods
losing weight It is based on the principle of “small dishes”. Per day
голландской диете приемов пищи должно быть минимум шесть.

The so-called fractional nutrition in recent years is gaining wide
popularity. The benefits of this method of losing weight is obvious: no
shock therapy and severe restrictions, and the body as a result
gets all the necessary nutrients.  By
in small portions, all nutrients are digested and
has time to digest.

For the sake of rapid weight loss for the week on the Dutch diet you
have to forget about salted, smoked, fat and high-calorie
food. After all, as it is known salt retains water in the body, therefore
the first few days weight loss will occur exclusively
due to loss of fluid in the body.

Principle of the Dutch diet

The Dutch diet is based on simple rules. By
Most reviews by sticking to this program lose weight easily and

So daily for an hour after waking up is necessary
make the first meal, and the last – 3 hours before bedtime. Water
not only possible but necessary to drink in large volumes not only for
losing weight, but also for removing salts from the body.
 Preference should be given to mineral water without gas or
cool natural green tea without sugar. Each piece
Food should be chewed and eaten slowly. All six
meals should be scheduled by the hour and this mode
Dutch diet must be strictly adhered to.

What products can I have?

In drawing up the menu for the Dutch diet emphasis is still
на продукты с низким содержанием калорий:

  • milk, kefir, cottage cheese and natural yoghurt with a low percentage
    fat content
  • lean meat and fish (chicken, rabbit, turkey, beef,
    potas, pollock, hake, seabass, pike, tuna, crab, shrimp,
  • fresh vegetables and greens (tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, carrots,
    broccoli, pepper, spinach, parsley),
  • fruits and berries (apricots, plum, orange, apple grapefruit,
    Strawberry Raspberry),
  • green and herbal tea
  • chicken or quail eggs,
  • vegetable soups based on chicken broth,
  • porridges (oatmeal, buckwheat, rice, bulgur),
  • fresh juices (preferably vegetable).

In terms of cooking methods, the Dutch diet does not
different from the rest: it is desirable to cook dishes or cook on
a couple. In extreme cases, you can stew, and the process of cooking will have to
to exclude.

There are a number of compromises, for example, with tea you can eat
a small cupcake or piece of cake. Dutch cheese of the same name
can be consumed, but every few days and small
in portions.

Важно помнить о соблюдении меры во всем —  если и позволять
yourself a sweet biscuit, then a little bit and the tea should be sugar free.
During any meal while dieting, despite the variety
ration, portions should be small. From the table follows
go out with an unobtrusive feeling of hunger, and if after an hour feeling
malnutrition does not leave, you can eat celery stalk or carrots,
which will give a feeling of satiety.

Adhering to the list of products listed above can be obtained
good result in weight loss with the help of the Dutch diet.

Menu for the week

A sample sample menu of the Dutch diet for the week is very
simple, and most importantly, you can easily adapt it for yourself and
your personal preferences according to the list of allowed products
(any products are interchangeable). Do not forget about the big
volumes of fluid that should be consumed besides drinks during

Menu for the week для диеты голландской:

First day

  • завтрак: тосты из бездрожжевого отрубного
    bread, 1 boiled egg, chamomile tea;
  • второй завтрак: яблоко;
  • обед: куриная грудка с тушеными овощами
    (broccoli, zucchini, carrots); mineral water;
  • полдник: творожная запеканка с яблочным
    sugarless compote;
  • ужин: салат из томатов и шпината, вареная
  • перед сном: кефир.

Second day:

  • oatmeal, coffee with milk;
  • vegetable smoothies of celery and cucumber stalks;
  • rice with vegetables, steamed chicken cutlets, tomato juice;
  • cottage cheese with berries and herbal tea;
  • grilled beef with asparagus and broccoli, orange juice;
  • still mineral water.

The third day of the Dutch diet:

  • protein omelet with mushrooms, onions and tomatoes, mors;
  • orange;
  • soup kharcho, rye bread, warm apple compote;
  • water, fresh pear;
  • steamed rabbit with vegetables (zucchini, carrots, onions, colored
  • natural yoghurt.

Fourth day:

  • buckwheat, orange juice;
  • tomato juice;
  • vegetable soup (carrots, broccoli, onions, beets) with chicken
    steamed patties;
  • natural yogurt;
  • cottage cheese with an apple;
  • smoothies from celery stalk, tomato, cucumber.

Fifth day:

  • rice, squash caviar, mineral water with lemon juice;
  • fruit salad (apple, orange, kiwi);
  • солянка, ржаной хлеб, tomato juice;
  • cottage cheese casserole, chamomile tea;
  • pollock under lemon juice, salad of raw vegetables (broccoli,
    sweet before, tomatoes, parsley), green tea with mint;
  • fresh grapefruit.

Sixth day:

  • toasts with cheese and tomatoes, coffee;
  • salad of white cabbage, carrots and beets;
  • boiled turkey with tomatoes, cucumbers;
  • grapefruit;
  • steamed asparagus and chicken breast, mors;
  • green tea.

Seventh day:

  • scrambled eggs with ham, fruit tea;
  • kefir;
  • beef with vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce), mineral
    water without gas;
  • savory compote of dried fruit with cottage cheese casserole;
  • fillet of salmon stew with vegetables (zucchini, red onion, tomatoes,
    sweet pepper), chamomile infusion;
  • a glass of milk.

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