Dry lacquer – what to do: basic waysdilution means. What to do if the paint has dried on the clothes: waysstain removal

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Aki are special solutions of synthetic resin
or of natural origin, volatile solvents and
polished oils, forming a protective top film,
giving strength, gloss, water resistance and other qualities
surface to be treated.

Types of varnishes depend on the scope of their application:

• industrial;

• construction;

• cosmetic;

• artistic.

Any varnish can dry out over time. To solve the problem
dried lacquer – what to do, you need to know its appearance.

Dried paint – what to do: nail polish

Many women after several months of use.
notice that their favorite nail polish is withered.

The life of a cosmetic product can be extended with the help of improvised
components available in every home.

Nail polish remover and acetone

This is a proven method known for many years. But for today
application of the method is undesirable.

It is proven that acetone and nail polish remover have
negative impact on the state of the nail plates.

Hot water temperature

For the “treatment” of dried varnish, you can omit the closed bubble with
means in ware with hot water.

The procedure will help to improve the structure of the varnish for a certain period.
for nails.

The method is recommended to be used immediately before
nail polish.

Special remedy

You can dilute nail polish with a special
thinner suitable for gel polish and acrylic lacquer. Means
available in cosmetics stores.

The liquid does not contain acetone, allows you to quickly and safely
dilute the varnish without changing its shade.

The duration of the diluent is limited and is usually not
more than 1 month. After this period nail polish comes in

Preventing Drying

It is recommended to prevent varnish drying.
follow these simple rules:

1. Store the varnish at a cool temperature, out of reach
for sunshine location.

2. The bottle neck with varnish should not have dried

3. The bottle with varnish should be tightly closed.

4. Before closing the varnish can blow into the vial to displace
oxygen from the tank, destroying enamel lacquer.

Remember! When buying nail polish
Prefer means with special, built-in
bubble balls that are effectively removed when shaking
lacquer clots formed.

Dried varnish – what to do: varnish for wooden products

Varnish for wooden products can be diluted with water, solvent
or acetone, depending on the type of varnish.

Polyurethane varnish

At the heart of the means – a modern polymer.

For a thinner consistency polyurethane varnish
can be used:

• xylene;

• toluene;

• eluents of the type P-4, P-5;

• acetone.

Water, alcohols and eluents of the species will not give a positive result.

Alkyd mixtures

The main element of the funds can be glyptal resin with
cottonseed oil, pentaphthalic resin or a mixture of alkyd and
melamine formaldehyde resins.

It is possible to dilute the dried alkyd mixtures by
white spirit.

Bituminous varnish

The composition includes various resins, special bitumen
brands and oils.

Bitumen solution is recommended to be diluted with white spirit.

To prevent drying during storage must be observed
following rules:

• the lacquer tank must be airtight;

• place of detention – cool, without hitting the sun;

• humidity and temperature of air – moderate.

Yacht varnishes

Yacht varnish is based on xylene or toluene.

It is possible to dilute the means for painting wooden products
white spirit, in an amount of not more than 5% of the total volume

Dried varnish – what to do: varnish on clothes

If the varnish got on the clothes, do not write off to send the thing to the dump
or to the country. You can get rid of stains at home. Important
do it as quickly as possible, preferably before drying and washing in
washing machine.

Consider effective methods of getting rid of varnish on clothes.

Жидкость для снятия лака

Before using the method, check the susceptibility of the tissue to
Acetone in a small area, for example, the seam.

After that, perform the following steps:

1. Apply liquid to a cotton swab and blot a stain on it.

2. Soak the item in warm, soapy water.

3. Rinse your clothes.

4. Постирайте в washing machine.

Important! Means должно содержать
minimum amount of acetone. Do not use liquid.
for removing varnish for clothes containing fiber acetate, which
may react with the liquid.


Petrol можно применять также как и жидкость для снятия лака.
After removing the stain, it is not recommended to wash the item with a machine.
other clothes.

After completion of washing, remove the item to fresh air.
to remove unpleasant odors. For weathering can
take up to several days.

After it is desirable to wash the clothes in the machine with an additional
adding your favorite air conditioner.

Modern means

Solve the problem, dried varnish – what to do, help the newest
means of removing stains from varnish:

1. Spray SA8 prewash spray spot treatment. Luck follows a little
scrape off with a blunt knife, apply a spray on the stain, after a few
minutes to wash the thing in the machine. Not suitable for wool and
silk products.

2. ECO-23 in the form of a stain remover pencil. With fabric you need
remove excess varnish, wet the surface with water and hold
pencil a few times, rub until foam, leave on
15 minutes and rinse off under water.

3. Dr. Beckmann Fleckenteufel. Enough to drop on the spot
a few drops of the remedy and leave it on the fabric for 15 minutes.
Then you should blot the material with a napkin and wash the clothes in
washing machine.

Other useful recipes

What to do if the varnish dried on white things? Can apply
following methods:

• bleach applied to the stain for 30 minutes;

• a napkin soaked in hydrogen peroxide;

• wetted with a white spirit wipe applied to the stain on 15

If the varnish contains emulsions, a bag of contaminated clothing.
It is recommended to place in the freezer for 30 minutes. Varnish after
The procedure should easily move away from the fabric. With no effect
solvent must be used.

Recipe careful stain remover:

1. Mix turpentine, ammonia and olive oil in equal
ratio – 15 ml.

2. Нанесите средство на пятно на 5 minutes

3. Remove any residue with a cloth.

4. Постирайте одежду в washing machine.

If the composition of the funds from which the stain was formed, includes
oil, (typical of wood lacquers) will help white spirit,
acetone, technical gasoline or solvent №646. In this case, not
dispense with denatured alcohol.

Important! With quick drying of varnish, you can
heat the lacquer with a hairdryer and only then use the product to
stain removal.

If during the removal of varnish stains the picture is blurred or
change the color of the product, take the item to dry clean to prevent
tissue damage.

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