Dry cough in a child – we consider everythingpossible causes and methods of treatment

Thu, Jun 25, 2015

Dry tearing cough, not bringing relief to the kid,
makes parents want to relieve suffering immediately

Unfortunately, this cannot be done with lightning speed, but by defining
the cause of coughing and taking the necessary steps can be significantly
speed up the healing process.

What is a cough

Cough is a defensive reflex with which the body
trying to get rid of unnecessary content – a foreign body,
dust particles, microorganisms, mucus. The cough process begins
with respiratory irritation. It consists of a deep breath and
intense jerky exhalation, the speed of which is several
times the usual. If sputum or mucus is not
happens, doctors call it dry. Cough may appear
child at any age, and painful attacks sometimes exhausting
him to the limit.

Coughing can be rare and frequent, painful or not,
permanent or episodic, vary in sound and time
occurrence (night or day). This unpleasant itself
the process cannot accurately signal a specific disease,
because it is inherent in many of them. To correctly determine the cause
the occurrence of cough, it is necessary to consider other related
symptoms, history of its occurrence, the presence of patients with similar
signs surrounded by the baby.

Types of dry cough in a child

By the time interval cough is divided into:

– acute – lasts no more than three weeks;

– protracted – its duration can reach three months
and there is a real risk of a disease going into chronic

– chronic – persistent and intrusive, impossible from him
get rid of more than three months. Attacks may not be so
strong, however, they annoy a cough-tired baby and can
to testify to quite serious diseases – bronchial
asthma, tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis and even lung tumors.

According to other signs, dry cough is divided into barking and
long, superficial or deep, pulmonary. Most
dangerous, requiring immediate intervention, is the first,
therefore it is worthwhile to dwell on this type of cough in more detail.

Barking cough in a child – causes and how to help

This type of cough can cause many diseases:

1. whooping cough – thanks to vaccinations

2. pharyngitis or laryngitis – inflammatory process in the mucous
shell larynx and pharynx;

3. flu and various respiratory viral infections in children,
have a tendency to allergies;

4. false croup – dangerous because it can lead to edema
larynx and vocal cords when ingested with an infection or

5. true croup – diphtheria, is also quite rare when
availability of prophylactic vaccinations.

Most often, a barking cough appears in babies from four months
up to five years. False croup may be the first sign of disease
SARS or influenza, but more often appears several days after
infection. Anatomical features of the structure of the larynx of children up to five
years give the possibility of laryngeal edema under pressure
viruses. The airflow clearance narrows significantly, and
the little sufferer begins to choke. Without qualified
help of doctors in this case is not enough, so mom
urgently need to call the “First Aid”. Dangerous symptoms:

– high temperature;

– agonizing barking cough;

– hoarse voice or its complete loss;

– pallor of the baby;

– shortness of breath;

– wheezing;

– night attack with signs of suffocation.

The doctor will definitely carry out all the necessary methods of diagnosis and
prescribe treatment. If you need to place a young patient in
hospital – you should not risk his life and refuse,
Trust experienced professionals.

Attention! Before the arrival of the doctor and establishing
diagnosis can not self-medicate, it can cause more
more powerful allergic reaction. However, relieve the condition
you can take a small patient in your arms, calm it down, free it from
chest clothes, make any kind of warm drink, make
warm footbath. Indoor air must be
comfortable-warm and humid – can be hung on batteries wet
towels and put the containers with water.

Long dry cough in a child

Deep pulmonary cough can be clearly seen with the naked eye –
chest literally goes shaking, and the baby is bent in half.
The attack lasts a long time – from a minute or more, and takes all
strength Most often this type of cough indicates the presence of bronchitis.
or pneumonia, but confirm the diagnosis and prescribe a course of antibiotics
can only doctor

Sometimes, in the absence of wheezing in the lungs, it is necessary to do for
clarifying the diagnosis of x-ray – the cause of dry pulmonary cough may
cover in the presence of chlamydial or mycoplasma infection in the lungs.
Do not be afraid of a friend in the name of advertising – these chlamydia
not at all those that gynecologists are fighting. They are contained in
normal air and are treated with the same drugs that and pneumonia.
However, the cough caused by chlamydia can still be quite painful.
a long time – three weeks, and even more.

Quite often, chlamydial pneumonia is diagnosed
newborn. Her signs are a popping and ringing cough without
temperature and fever, but with a significant increase in respiration.
Dry cough in infants can also be caused by “gagging”.

Superficial cough is not so painful, it suffers more
mother, pitying her baby. With this type of cough in a child often
the voice disappears, which indicates the inflammatory process in
larynx area. But the attacks do not last as long as with pulmonary
form, and the sound of cough tremors is much quieter. Main
Surface Dry Cough Specialist – Otolaryngologist.
He will make the correct diagnosis, prescribe medication and local
treatment. In this case, rinsing and

Dry cough in a child without fever — how dangerous he is

Many young moms hear a dry, annoying cough of their
baby, rush to measure the temperature. And this, of course, is correct.
The error lies elsewhere – making sure it is missing, many
calm down, and therein lies a certain danger. Often
bouts of dry cough in a little restless are associated with getting into
foreign body larynx – peas, details from the designer,
a piece of biscuit or candy. A sharp start of coughing with some
signs of suffocation indicate precisely this development

Here a lot depends on composure and speed of reaction.
parents. It should immediately, but without too much panic, put
baby on your knee so that the head and top of the calf
hung down. Opening the mouth of the toddler, you need to gently knock.
sliding movements from top to bottom between spatulas. Usually
the stuck item falls out, the cough disappears safely, but
Seem the doctor still stands. Respiratory tract may be
damaged and subsequently presented unpleasant surprises.

Night cough in a child

Another reason to seek medical help is the night
cough. At this time of the day, the cause of dry cough may not be
only viral infections and colds, but also more serious

– Asthma, the attacks of which are aggravated at night.
Distinctive feature – whistling on the exhale;

– maxillary sinusitis, sinusitis, frontal sinusitis, adenoids and just a runny nose – in
supine position mucus can irritate the larynx and cause

– whooping cough, a sign of which are stress and redness
coughing Often the seizure ends with vomiting;

– return the cast of the contents of the child’s stomach, accompanied by

As you can see, the cause of night cough can be the most
various diseases, so first you need to find out
its cause, and only then take contractual measures.

Treatment of dry cough in a child

It is worth noting that the use of drugs for
coughing in babies less than two years old is not recommended
due to possible overdose. Only when absolutely necessary
The doctor may prescribe a small child older than 2 months droplets or
syrup, but only in strictly adjusted doses. Children of any age
should be given more warm drink – fruit drinks, kissels, tea with
lemon and honey, if not allergic – decoction of herbs. Can do
inhalation, gargle with saline, children after 4 years
suck cough drops To avoid the appearance of allergies
action is desirable to coordinate with your doctor.

You can also use recipes to relieve dry cough.
our grandmothers:

1. Hold a spoonful of granulated sugar over the fire until the grains are
will turn brown. Pour it into a small amount of milk and
got lollipop sucking cough.

2. Pour a banana with a sweet little vodichka, use in warm
the form.

3. Mix honey and olive oil. Drink 1 spoon 3 times a day.

4. Развести молоко с морковным соком, пить 3 раза в day.

Do not ignore wet cleaning, regular airing and
air moistening.

What does Dr. Komarovsky say about dry cough in a child?

Advice from Dr. Komarovsky – with ARVI with upper lesions
in any case, mucolytics should not be used
it only provokes the formation of abundant sputum and will cause
более сильный cough.

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