Drinking diet for 7 days

Drinking diet for 7 days

  • 1 Purifying drinking diet for 7 days
    • 1.1 Drinking diet rules
    • 1.2 Menu
    • 1.3 Recipes
    • 1.4 Correct way out

Of the various diets, the most stringent is drinking,
because it is built on the use of food only in liquid form.
Of course, this method of weight loss cleanses the body, but it’s hard
is transferred.

In the following material we consider in detail what are the main
nutritional principles of drinking a diet and how its menu will affect
an organism. Also, without fail, we will acquaint you with how
should be powered when leaving it.


Purifying drinking diet for 7 days

According to the results, with proper observance of a drinking diet for
seven days, in addition to cleansing the body of harmful substances, occurs
effective weight loss, in the form of discharge from 4 to 7 extra kg.

Before proceeding with the above limitations in
nutrition, ensure the absence of the following diseases:

  • disruption of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • heart and kidney failure;
  • swelling;
  • hypertension and hypotension.

Also drinking diet is prohibited during pregnancy and lactation.

Drinking diet rules

Diet drinking for 7 days to cleanse the body easier
переносится при чередовании разных видов

  • The first is milk drinks;
  • The second – vegetable or meat broths;
  • The third – fruit juices;
  • The fourth is leaf tea;
  • Fifth – berry and fruit jelly;
  • Sixth – compotes of berries, fruits and dried fruits;
  • The seventh is kissel made from oats.

Основным правилом при соблюдении
питьевой диеты для очищения организма
is daily consumption of up to two liters of purified
still water. Also in the daily diet compulsory
order must be present at least one cream soup.

Исключены из меню алкогольные напитки,
soda, fatty dairy products and vegetable oil. And in
permissible drinks in no case can not add sugar or

Рассмотрим наиболее полезные варианты жидкого питания
for drinking diet for 7 days:

  • бульоны из говядины, телятины, курятины и
    low-fat fish;
  • молочные продукты, максимальной жирности в 2%
    – milk, ryazhenka, kefir, yogurt and drinking yoghurt;
  • свежевыжатые фруктовые соки, предпочтительнее
    – from citrus;
  • black, green, white, red, fruit and lemon
  • компоты и кисели из свежих фруктов и
  • очищенная питьевая вода.

Во избежание авитаминоза, при соблюдении диеты
drinking should take a complex of medicinal vitamins.
Повторить процедуру очищения
by the above method is recommended not earlier than
one year after the completion of the current one.

After reviewing the basic rules of nutrition drinking diet for
cleansing the body, we proceed directly to the preparation
approximate menu for 7 days.


Based on the above acceptable products, the menu you can
make up yourself. The most recommended option is use
different types of fluids in each of the seven days of the diet.

Представляем вам свой вариант меню питьевой диеты на


  • Breakfast: milkshake – 200 ml;
  • Lunch: nonfat drinking yoghurt – 150 ml;
  • Dinner: 300 ml of low-fat kefir.


  • carrot soup with broccoli and cabbage – 300 ml;
  • low-fat chicken broth – 200 ml;
  • cucumber and green smoothies – 150 ml.


  • juice from strawberries and pineapples – 250 ml;
  • Fresh citrus fruit – 250 ml;
  • fresh apple juice – 200 ml.


  • black tea with lemon – 350 ml;
  • a cup of red warm tea without sugar;
  • freshly brewed green tea – 200 ml.


  • blueberry and currant jelly – 150 ml;
  • Kiwi and citrus jelly – 250 ml;
  • cherry and apple jelly – 200 ml.


  • dried fruit compote – 200 ml;
  • apple compote – 150 ml;
  • raspberry compote – 350 ml.


  • liquid oats – 250 ml;
  • oat drink – 100 ml;
  • useful drink from oats – 150 ml.


So that you do not have difficulty with the choice of food for this or
a different day drinking diet, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with
нижеследующими полезными рецептами вкусных жидких

Fruit puree with milk

Fruit puree with milk

Ингредиенты: груша, зеленое яблоко, 50 мл воды, 25 мл
skim milk, 150 g dried apricots.

  • wash and clean the fruit;
  • bring water to a boil and steam it with dried fruit;
  • then chop the dried apricots and the apple into small pieces and cook in
    for 5-7 minutes;
  • finely chop the pear and add to the pot to the rest
  • then pour the milk in there;
  • whisk thoroughly with a blender.

Lentil Cream Soup

Lentil Cream Soup

Ингредиенты: 300 г чечевицы, одна морковка, две столовые ложки
tomato paste, tomato, onion, 4 cloves of garlic, a liter of water.

  • chop the onion;
  • grate a carrot;
  • cut the tomato into large pieces;
  • wash lentils thoroughly;
  • fry the onions and carrots in the pan until
    ingredients will not get golden color;
  • then add tomato paste and tomato;
  • stew for 10-15 minutes;
  • pour the lentils in water and bring to a boil;
  • then remove the resulting foam and continue cooking on
    length 15 minutes;
  • then squeeze the garlic into the resulting soup;
  • все тщательно перемешать и оставить на 20 minutes;
  • then grind the ingredients with a blender.

Vitamin dish, the most suitable for this diet:

Carrot and apple puree

Carrot and apple puree

Ингредиенты: по полкило морковки и яблок.

  • wash the carrot and peel;
  • then put to boil until soft;
  • Mince the resulting mass through a meat grinder;
  • in the same way to make mashed apples;
  • then mix both and let stand for 20 minutes.

Correct exit

Getting out of the drinking diet for 7 days means sticking to
certain nutrition for two weeks. In order not to injure
желудок, отвыкший от твердой пищи, постепенно, в
течение каждых двух дней вводите в меню следующие

  • fruits: apples, pears, plums, peaches, pineapple, strawberries, kiwi,
  • vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplants, carrots, cabbage,
  • cereals: buckwheat, millet, oatmeal, barley;
  • белковые Products: нежирное куриное мясо, вареные яйца, творог,
    cheese, cheese, kefir, tuna.

Sugar products are allowed to use only
complete withdrawal from the diet and, of course, in a moderate

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