Dorado – an acquaintance with an antique delicacy. A fishdorado: the benefits and harm of eating, wayspreparations

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In the Mediterranean countries from ancient times
known sea fish called dorado. More in ancient Rome this
fish began to breed in special ponds with salt water, and even
portrayed in frescoes and vases.

Dorado has a pleasant, delicate taste, it also grows quickly and is high
valued by lovers of healthy food for their low calorie.

Dorado Fish in Brief

Dorado (dorada, aurata, golden spar or sea
— от испанского слова dorado (золотистый).
Golden – because the fish on the forehead, between the eyes there
characteristic strip of golden color. Very common fish
in the waters of the Mediterranean, in the eastern Atlantic Ocean,
small flocks are found off the coast of the Crimea, in the Black Sea.

It grows up to 70 cm and weighing up to 17 kg. Body oval, oblate
laterally, head with a steep profile and lower mouth. Mouth and eyes
relatively small.

Juveniles keep shoals, up to 30 m deep, more
large, adults, as a rule, keep the depths of not more than 50 m.

The color is silver gray.

Is hermaphroditic, sex change may be due
social and hormonal factors. Up to two years develop
males, with the onset of the third year of life, sex can
take turns on female.

Dorada artificial breeding is widespread in Italy,
Greece, France, Spain, Turkey. Grow it in the lagoons and
pools on special farms. In food is valued fish weighing about
500 g, on sale meets within 300-600 g. Approximately for
year and a half, it grows to the required size. Also
there is a “royal” variety, different pinkish
a touch of meat and more refined taste.

Highly appreciated in Mediterranean and European cuisine
chefs. Greek goddess Aphrodite also believed dorado

Dorado Harm

First of all, it should be noted that direct harm to meat
This fish does not carry. Properly cooked, fresh fish does not have
any contraindications except for allergies or
individual intolerance in a particular person to
to any component.

It should be understood that the use of rotten or stale fish
can lead to poisoning, and frozen meat is simply not
will bring the desired beneficial effect. Also, иногда, мясо могут
process with preservatives to increase shelf life. Be
Careful and choose only fresh fish.

Tip! In fish there are small
bones, therefore, before giving it to young children for food, everything
bones should be removed.

How to choose dorado

Choosing a fish is pretty simple.

First, you need to make sure that it is the dorado that is before you. Have
her characteristic golden strip between the eyes and a dark spot over

Second, check the gills – they are dark red in fresh fish

Third, if you put the dorado on the palm, then the body of the fish: the head
or the tail should not sag – the meat of the fresh dorado is elastic.

Also, если надавить пальцем на филе, то вмятинка должна быстро
to crack down. The listed symptoms are common when choosing
any fish.

Give preference to larger individuals (weighing more than
kilograms), more likely that such a fish was caught in
the sea, where she had a wider diet. But despite
This small farmer dorado is also a tasty fish and
slightly different from wild relatives.

You can store fish in the freezer, after gutting and
washing it. But it is better to eat fresh.

Useful properties of dorado fish

A fish всегда является важным источником питательных веществ, она
provides numerous benefits to our health and
helps to maintain a balanced and healthy diet.

So, the main feature of the dorado is its diet.
Due to its extremely low calorie due to the small
carbohydrate and fat content. An average of 100 g dorado contains
up to 70-100 kcal. It is a very good source.
proteins with high biological value because they contain
certain amino acids necessary for life (methionine, lysine,
tryptophan), as well as vitamins and minerals. Rich in polyunsaturated
fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6. They are closely related to
prevention and treatment of a large number of cardiovascular
diseases and their risk factors (cholesterol and triglycerides).
Contains water-soluble vitamins (such as B1, B2, B3 and B12) and
liposoluble (vitamins A and D).

The fact is irrefutable: the dorado is able to occupy one of the main
positions in the power list.

Finally, fresh dorado is an important source of minerals,
especially sodium, iron, zinc, manganese, potassium and magnesium, and if
chew and swallow the bones then you can get extra
a portion of calcium is good; the skeleton of the dorado is rather soft.

• Калий необходим человеку для нормализации
blood pressure and heart muscle work. It is useful for
brain, normalizes nerve cells, stimulates mental

• Марганец помогает нервной системе человека,
adjusting the digestive tract and the assimilation of trace elements in the body.

• Железо стимулирует образование эритроцитов —
blood cells that carry oxygen through the human
to the body.

• Цинк полезен для иммунной системы человека,
formation, growth and development. For this reason, the dorado is so helpful.
for kids.

Another merit of dorado is high iodine content. It is iodine
necessary for the formation of thyroid hormones, very necessary
for normal activity and regulation of human functions

It is important to know! The benefits of dorado, like
from any other fish, will be noticeable only when systematically
eating (at least twice a week).

How best to cook dorado

Dorado can be prepared in absolutely different ways. It’s all here
depends on your imagination and skills. This fish is fried, stewed, grilled,
baked in sleeves or foil, boiled and even eaten raw.

There is a huge amount of all sorts of recipes. Combines
with any products, vegetables (potatoes, carrots, asparagus, tomatoes
etc.) and side dishes (eg, pasta), sauces.

Thanks to its taste, you can cook fish with
a minimum set of spices, the use of which during the diet
sharply limited.

However, the addition of Provencal herbs, rosemary, thyme will add
piquancy of fish and some Mediterranean charm. The only thing,
What should not be done with the dorado – overcook it. In this case
most useful properties and qualities will be lost.

A famous dish is dorado, baked in salt. Carcass
literally wrapped in sea salt and baked. Sometimes, during
serves in restaurants, dish set on fire for showiness.

It is noteworthy that the pinkish, raw meat becomes white when
cooking, has a rich sweet aroma, solid and at the same time
delicate texture.

Obviously, dorado is a welcome fish to eat.
by man. The only thing that, perhaps, can limit it
use is the price. This is especially true of remote from
sea ​​coast areas. For the rest, dorado is recommended for
use, easily digestible product.

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