Doctors have named the reasons for which pregnantcan not eat fried foods

Mon, Oct 13, 2014

Scientists at Harvard University obranuzhili that daily
eating fried foods dramatically increases the likelihood of
in pregnant women of diabetes, which entails the risk
premature birth, the appearance of obesity in the unborn child and even

In the experiment, which lasted more than ten years, took part
more than 15 thousand future moms. Doctors studied in detail their diet
nutrition, habits, lifestyle.

It turned out that the daily consumption of fried (chicken with
crust, omelet, etc.) by 88% increased the risk of sugar
diabetes pregnant. For comparison, those women who ate fried
food, on average, 5 times a week, risked their health by 16%
more supporter of healthy eating
�”Indulge” fried food only once a week.

Doctors warn: fried foods block the possibility
organism to independently control the level of sugar. Weakens
insulin action and trans fats present in fried foods.

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