Do you need vitamins for children’s immunity? howand what vitamins for immunity need to take children

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Immunity is a special system of the body, the main
the task of which is the timely detection and protection of a person
from pathogens and viruses. Many parents often
wondering whether vitamins are necessary for immunity or not
children or all the nutrients a child can receive from
power supply. Consider this topic from a medical point of view.

Vitamins for immunity in children: signs of avitaminosis

For the immune system to work smoothly and fully, it’s just
All nutrients and vitamins are needed as well. With
poor diet the child may not receive half of the necessary
microparticles that naturally appear poorly on its state
immunity and health in general.

Before you consider what vitamins should be given to children,
It is important to note that it is not possible to identify the deficiency of useful substances.
only by donating blood for analysis, but also with characteristic
signs of a lack of vitamin in a child. These are:

1. Anemia, depressed mood and severe weakness – this is obvious
A sign of lack of vitamin B.

2. Ulcers on the tongue, cracks in the lips and strong sensitivity
eye to light indicates a lack of vitamin B2.

3. Brittleness of nails and hair, as well as dry skin
indicates an acute shortage of vitamin F and A.

4. Lack of appetite, bleeding gums and pallor can
talk about a lack of vitamin C. Also in this condition in a child
slow healing of wounds and tendency to

how можно понять из вышеописанного, при нехватке витамин
the child’s body suffers. In this state, the baby is more prone
various diseases and it is harder to deal with them.

It is proved that even the common cold with vitamin deficiency proceeds
much harder and longer. Moreover, due to the impossibility
resist illness in a baby can develop dangerous

Vitamins for immunity in children: what to take

Not everyone knows which vitamins for immunity children need.
take. Allocate the following list of vitamins that will provide
good health and protective forces for the child:

1. Vitamin A. It will protect the child from most
infectious diseases and a positive effect on visual function.
Most of the vitamin A is found in carrots and juice from it, pumpkin and
the liver.

2. Vitamin B2 helps the body to oxygenate
cellular level and reduces the likelihood of toxic effects.
It is found in proteins, cereals and meat products.

3. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that inhibits
destruction of immunity cells. He is in nuts, cereals and
sunflower seeds.

4. Vitamin C like no one else needs for immunity. is he
effectively strengthens the body’s defenses and quickly increases
immune system. This substance is contained in citrus fruits,
greens and berries (currants).

5. Iron increases hemoglobin levels and saturates
cells are oxygenated. Most of the iron in red meat, beets,
apples and legumes.

6. Magnesium is directly involved in many functions of the body.
is he содержится в зеленых овощах и орехах.

7. Calcium is a substance that improves bone structure.
tissue. is heо содержится в твороге, йогурте, молоке и кефире.

It should be noted that not only a balanced diet can
affect the state of immunity of the child, but also lifestyle. TO
example, frequent stress, lack of exercise and poor
sleep can also cause a dramatic deterioration of the immune system. More
Moreover, with long-term antibiotic treatment, the body’s defenses
can quickly become exhausted, making the baby even more vulnerable.

According to studies, most often a lack of vitamin
observed in children aged eight to fifteen years. To
Enrich the body of the child with all the necessary nutrients
most pediatricians are advised to give the young body a full-fledged
vitamin complexes containing the whole “set”
necessary substances.

For children should use only children’s vitamins. WITH
they can be used to completely replenish the daily rate of beneficial
веществ, которые ребенок не получает из power supply.

For children up to two years you need to use liquid vitamins.

For children from two years in pharmacies offered a wider
assortment of vitamin in the form of chewy candy, marmalade and funny
jelly beasts.

Children from five years old are allowed to give vitamins in the form of tablets and

WITHами по себе витаминные препараты могут быть разными и включать
several components. Традиционный состав – это витамин А, WITH и Е.
Additionally, the drug may also include magnesium, calcium and
other components.

More того, современные витамины часто содержат минералы,
which contribute to better absorption of the drug. Also some
manufacturers add macronutrients and extracts to their products
medicinal plants. All this must be considered when selecting
specific vitamin complex for baby

Allocate such vitamins to children to improve immunity (in the form of
complex preparations):

1. Pikovit. This drug has several varieties,
которые подбираются исходя из возраста baby Thanks
several forms, such a tool can be used to
strengthening immunity in children of different age categories.

In its composition Pikovit contains nine vitamin and mineral, with
through which you can quickly strengthen the immune system.

Indications for use Pikovita are loss of appetite,
overwork of the child, unbalanced nutrition, vitamin deficiency and
postponed diseases.

Banned Pikovit with individual intolerance to substances
drug and diabetes.

2. TOиндер Биовиталь – это препарат, богат витаминами и
macronutrients. is he используется для повышения иммунитета при
poor diet and suppression of body defenses due to

3. Витрум TOидс содержит двенадцать витамин. is he способствует
improve immunity, memory and vision. Enriches the body with all
essential nutrients.

how принимать детям витамины для иммунитета: советы врача

To правильно и эффективно повысить иммунитет у ребенка
vitamins, it is important to follow the following doctor’s recommendations:

1. It is best to give vitamins to the child in spring and autumn, when
the diet is not so full of fresh fruits and vegetables, but on the street
there are outbreaks of colds. With своевременно
initiated vitamin therapy parents can protect the child from
prolonged respiratory diseases.

2. Giving vitamins is recommended for children who have recently
received antibiotic therapy, had strong emotional or
physical overload. Also in additional support helpful
substances need those children who live in unfavorable
ecological environment.

3. Due to the fact that the child’s body can be different
react to the taken vitamins, all your parents actions
must necessarily coordinate with the observing pediatrician.
Engage in self-treatment, as well as the unauthorized appointment
vitamin complexes can be dangerous to the health of the child
(especially if the baby suffers from allergies and is prone to
allergic reactions, has asthma or other chronic

4. Vitamin complexes are better to give the child after eating.
in the morning or afternoon. So they are better absorbed. Also be aware of
that some vitamins are exclusively fat soluble, therefore
they must be taken along with the oils.

5. Hypervitaminosis is as dangerous as vitamin deficiency. Due to
This should be given to the child the exact dosage of the drug, not exceeding
her. Otherwise, the baby may develop a strong
allergic reaction.

6. WITHберегать витамины нужно в сухом и темном месте, вдали от
access of children, because kids may like the taste of these pills
and they themselves, unnoticed by the parents, will consume their large dose.

7. For very small children it is better to use vitamins in the form of
sweet syrup or drops. For older children fit
gelatin capsules and tablets.

8. If, after taking vitamins in a child, the chair is broken,
a rash, vomiting, or other dangerous signs occur, then the reception of this
funds need to cancel.

9. The dosage and method of taking vitamin preparations should
be selected for each child individually.

10. Before you give your baby a particular drug with
with vitamins, you need to carefully read his instructions and check
shelf life.

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