Do gooseberry leaves and berries fall off? Causes andmethods of dealing with the problem of gooseberry

Ср, 03 авг 2016 Автор: Юлия Кривенко

Many people know such a picture, when under the gooseberry bushes you can
detect fallen berries, and the bush looks healthy.

If their number is very small, then it is not worth
worry, but the presence of a dozen two fruits should already
to alert. Every shrub needs care, otherwise problems with
growing can not be avoided.

Understand for what reason the plant drops berries can be, well
having examined it. What to look for in the first place? About it
will be discussed further.

Gooseberry berries fall off: reasons not related to

Very often, the berries fall from a healthy bush. If by all
признакам растение не повреждено diseases: листья зеленые,
fruits without damage, then the reasons lie in poor care. Yes,
oddly enough, but it is.

1. Fruits of the gooseberry fall due to irregular
watering or excess moisture in the soil.

If the weather is rainy and there are few sunny days, then
Falling berries can not be avoided. In arid regions, on the contrary, you need
conduct regular watering shrubs. Especially gooseberry needs
in it during the formation and ripening of berries.

2. Lack of nutrients is another reason for
which the plant drops the fruit.

Only timely application of fertilizers will help solve the problem.
Feed the bushes need from early spring. For this use
infusion of mullein, bird droppings or urea. At the beginning of the growing season
The plant needs nitrogenous nutrition. First feeding
should be held as soon as the leaves are dismissed.

During flowering and berry formation, the gooseberry needs
potash fertilizers. During this period, apply infusions of ash, sulfate

Tip! To prepare an infusion of ash, you can: 100
gr. Dissolve ash in 10 liters of water, after a day the solution is ready.
You can simply sprinkle the earth around the bush with ashes. Such feedings are not
only nourish the plant, but also protect against pests.

3. Lack of light, bush thickening.

Gooseberries can not be planted in shady places, as a result he
will often hurt and dump berries. Well inspect the bush,
perhaps he needs thinning. Too thick landing
cause various diseases. Thinning shrubs spend
in early spring and autumn, after harvest. Cut out all
damaged branches, and those that grow inside the bush.

The defeat of gooseberry pests: leaves and berries fall

Eliminating all of the above factors, you need to inspect the plant.
for the presence of pests. Often a plant sheds leaves, and then
fruits, due to the defeat of the yellow sawfly. how
recognize the pest?

• The plant abruptly begins to lose leaves, they turn yellow and fall off
ahead of time. The bush becomes naked, only visible on it
unripe fruit.

• Gooseberry berries shrink as the caterpillars pick up
nutrients in the shrub.

Parasitic pest throughout the season. However, the most
the second generation of the pest does great harm to the plant. More often
All this comes at the time of ripening berries. Sawfly Caterpillars
eat almost all the leaves from the shrub, photosynthesis processes
violated, resulting in a plant resets the fruit.

how избавиться от желтого пилильщика на крыжовнике

It is possible to prevent the pest from attacking the plantings of the gooseberry,
only carrying out comprehensive plant protection measures.

1. The destruction of wintering pests.

Adult sawflies overwinter in the soil, and fighting with them is necessary
start in the fall. After harvesting, land around shrubs
carefully dig, resulting in the sawfly pupae
will be on the surface of the soil. Back they will not crawl, and with
the onset of frost will die.

2. To cope with the yellow sawfly will help regular
inspection of shrubs.

All identified parasites need to be collected manually. For this under
the plant spreads the film and just shakes off pests on it.
All the caterpillars are destroyed.

3. The larvae of the yellow sawfly do not tolerate odors.
garlic, wormwood, marigolds.

To combat the pest insects used infusions, which
sprayed plants during budding.

Important! The most effective tool in
The fight against sawfly is considered marigold infusion. 8 liters
кипятка добавляют 15 стаканов измельченных соцветий, 50 gr.
rubbed soap. Infuse the solution day,
spraying is carried out twice a week.

4. In order to prevent the use of powdered plants
You need to repeat the procedure after the rain.

Gooseberry fruits fall: powdery mildew

The biggest troubles bring gooseberry disease to the gardener.
One of them is powdery mildew, which progresses rapidly
and may affect other cultures.

Мучнистая роса — это грибковое заболевание,
which is manifested by white bloom on the underside of the leaf or
individual spots. Gradually, the infection moves to the top
shoots, leaves and fruits. By this time, the raid already looks like felt.
With a strong defeat berries develop poorly and fall off,
yield is decreasing. External view of the bush is spoiled: shoots
shorten, bend, the leaves turn yellow, become

how бороться с заболеванием

The pathogen overwinters on the affected shrub,
plant residue, buds and shoots. In the fall, after harvesting,
you need to cut out all damaged branches, moss-covered shoots,
crooked and growing inside the bush, collect fallen leaves. Whole
garbage is taken out of the site and burned.

In early spring, the treatment is carried out planting boiling water. For this
water is heated to a temperature of about 70 degrees and well washed
plant, trying not to damage the kidneys.

At the initial stages of infection can be sprayed
gooseberry extract mullein or manure. For this 1/3 ведра навоза
Pour 3 liters of water, insist for 3 days. In ready
solution add 7 more liters of water, filter and spray

Chemicals are used for strong lesions. Right away
after flowering, prophylactic treatment with Topaz.
Re-processing can be done after harvesting.

Important! From sick plants can not be taken
planting material, infection occurs quickly enough.
Planted on the site you need proven cuttings and varieties that
powdery mildew resistant.


Observing all the rules of plant care, you can grow
healthy bushes and a good harvest. From the very beginning,
gooseberry favorable conditions for development, the plant will develop
strong immunity will be less prone to disease and

1. The grower must follow the agrotechnology of cultivation.

2. Timely water and feed the plant.

3. To carry out sanitary cleaning and trimming bushes.

4. Regularly inspect the plant for pests and

5. At the first sign of injury, conduct the necessary

With this approach, the gooseberry will not drop the fruits and leaves.
If idle and let the development of diseases take their course,
The plant will die in 2-3 seasons. All this time the fruits will be
unsuitable for food, and yields will decrease.

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