Do good and do good: whatThe dangers are intense sports and protein.diets

People who set themselves the goal to lose weight, usually more
worry about the time for which you can lose weight than
потенциальный вред от diets для здоровья.

The most impatient are interested in “how to lose weight in a week”,
the usual optimists ask the search engine “how to lose weight in a month.”
And only advanced users do not trust express diets,
preferring more reliable options.

But even they usually cannot foresee everything.

Среди популярных диет сегодня — diets с высоким содержанием
protein that do not give up their positions over the last

The “Kremlin”, Atkinson and Dukan have unconditional advantages.
First achievements are visible quickly enough, which helps
сохранять мотивацию, позитивный настрой и не срываться с diets.

In addition, losing weight do not experience a painful hunger,
forcing you to constantly think about food: protein foods,
are the basis of their diet, long digested and give a feeling
saturation for a long period of time.

This fact will be confirmed by those who prefer sports
nutrition, for example, is added to regular meals
all sorts of protein shakes for muscle growth.

However, few people think about the fact that while we get rid
from kilograms poisoning our life, protein metabolism products
(toxins) can poison our bodies. And do it in such a way that
suspecting something wrong can be far from immediately.

There is a method that allows online in just 40 seconds.
find out whether you yourself, unwillingly, harm your health in
slimming time. We tell why this rapid test
Be sure to pass to everyone who sits on a protein diet and / or
very active in sports (no, there is no error here,
lovers of training at the limit of opportunities and sports nutrition
also at risk).

Ammonia – the enemy

New clothes of smaller size, beach photos in which we imagine
we like the admiring glances of those who are looking after – this is what
It seems to most of us with the word “weight loss” or
�”Regular intensive training in the gym.”

I’d like to add to the list of well-being
and increased performance, but, alas, often it is a question of
completely different side effects, familiar to everyone who once
took part in the race for harmony, using a protein diet
or excessive anaerobic exercise: irritability, increased
fatigue, decreased concentration.

What is the reason for this condition? Course a certain role
playing calorie restriction and training regime, however, it
Not everyone.

With increased protein loads in the blood begins to accumulate
toxic ammonia is a product of processing the body of protein, which in
norm is neutralized by the liver.

The level of ammonia increases with high physical exertion (in
this time the protein begins to break up in the muscles). In a certain
the moment the liver simply stops coping with the clearance
toxins, and the level of ammonia begins to go off scale.

What does this lead to? First, ammonia acts as a depressant.
brain. The state of health worsens, concentration decreases
attention and reaction rate, irritability increases, may
disturb sleep, feel persistent fatigue.

Secondly, ammonia is toxic to the muscles: when it accumulates in the blood
proven to reduce the rate of recovery of the body (for example,
between workouts), their effectiveness also decreases.

Third, ammonia is toxic to the liver, leading to
violation of blood circulation in it, other functions are also violated,
for example, cleansing. Alas, this is not all: failures can begin and
in the process of detoxification, which will lead to deterioration

It is possible to suspect an increase in ammonia in the blood by passing
rapid test of the connection of numbers, which exists both in paper and
in electronic form, for example on the website www.testpecheni.rf

The test is widely used by experts for preliminary
diagnostics. Its essence is to catch in 40 seconds
sequentially connect the scattered figures from 1 to 25.

If even after several attempts to keep within 40 seconds
fails, you may suspect a concentration disorder due to
increase in the body of ammonia. What is the reason for this intoxication: with
disruption of the liver or protein overload – can figure it out
specialist who should be addressed for integrated

Help the body in a clever way!

In order not to turn off the chosen path, losing weight is recommended.
regularly weighed, make measurements of volumes, self – all this for
to observe gradually occurring changes that
difficult to fix with the naked eye; communicate in groups of people
according to interests, to receive psychological assistance.

Do not forget about prevention or the fight against consequences
строгой diets. Weight loss is always stressful for the body, and
liver health is one of the most important aspects for maintain
good health and normal metabolism.

You become easier, your own
the liver.

AT период diets целесообразно поддерживать работу печени и
remove excess toxic load from it. How to do it? For
improve liver function there are lots of drugs sold in
pharmacy without a prescription, this group is called

Hepatoprotectors are diverse in their mechanism of action and
эффектам, оказываемым на работу the liver. However, not all of them
equally useful: only very few drugs are capable of not only
support the liver, but also cleanse the body of toxins.

A special place among them is Gepa-Mertz – this is German
original hepatoprotector detoxicant with a complex action. AT
its composition – natural amino acids for the body – ornithine and
aspartate, which are involved in many of the most important metabolic
processes in the body (including in the liver).

Hepa-Mertz cleans from toxic ammonia, normalizes work
liver, metabolism and general condition: reduced feeling
fatigue, attention concentration improves,

It is worth noting and important for losing weight and involved in fitness
moment: amino acids from Hepa-Mertz activate the synthesis
own protein in the body, contribute to an increase in muscle
body mass and reduce the recovery period between

It is curious that the level of cortisol (stress hormone) while
also declining. A distinctive feature of Hepa-Mertz is
quick action – already in 15-25 minutes after administration.


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