Diet without fat

To the question “how to lose weight,” any professional nutritionist
instantly say – “eat less fat.” But what if under
This category includes many dishes familiar to our menu, and
drastically change eating habits oh how you do not want? Making this
there were as many as five problems – all of which are discussed in detail in
new material of our edition.

Diet without fat

Reception the first: we replace fatty foods with more satisfying.
 For example, rich in carbohydrates. Eat more bread and pasta
from coarse flour, as well as croup. They quickly evoke the feeling
saturation, and the desire to “add” fat decreases sharply.
Replace meat with fish and milk. Stewed and boiled dishes – the best
replacement of fried: in the diet becomes less oil. The volume
food may not decrease – but the diet will lose fat
substantially. It is also psychologically beneficial: losing weight is not
limit in food, just the structure of the food becomes somewhat

Reception two: we are looking for a replacement for the fattest products inside
product group. For example, take the familiar to everyone
dumplings. The product using bacon carries in every serving
about 45 grams of fat. If the filling of poultry dumplings is the quantity
Fat drops to 10 grams. The difference in calories is easy to calculate
by ourselves. It is more difficult with sour cream or cheese, but here too
can find a way out. For example, mix low-fat cottage cheese with ryazhenka –
the taste is exactly like that of sour cream, and the fat is 10 times less. In case of
cheese is not so bad. According to the state standard, on
the package indicates the amount of fat in the dry residue. In cheeses
there is always fluid, and therefore the fat content is actually
actually less. 45% fat-rich cheese actually contains about
25%, and cheeses with lower fat content (cheese) do not go beyond
10 percent.

Reception the third, economic and culinary. With it you can
reduce the amount of fat in the dish during cooking. For example,
cut off excess fat from chicken legs or remove skin. In case of
meat soups are still simpler: put them in the refrigerator overnight, and in the morning
we remove the fat which hardened on a surface. And this, by the way, 15
grams of such an unloved substance per serving! You can fry too, but
using non-stick cookware to
dispense with oil. A similar effect can be achieved by baking.
meat in foil or on the grill grate. For example – one skewer
kebabs when roasting over coals lose 20-25 grams of excess

Reception Four: choose low-fat sweets.  For example,
eclair or biscuit cake with an insane amount of butter cream
can wipe out all your weekly “degreasing” efforts
ration. Hence the rule – there are similar goodies only after
how saturation occurred. And eat less, and the opportunity
�”Taste” the delicacy will get. But what about lovers
marshmallow or marmalade, then they are lucky – a hundred gram portion of them
любимого лакомства не содержит ни капли fat

Reception five: suppress appetite with pre
snack. This method applies not only to fatty foods, but also
reduces the total caloric intake of food. Fifteen minutes before
lunch or dinner you can drink a glass of tea with milk or eat
A small portion of low-fat cottage cheese with fruit. Research
show – if without a meal you would have lunch
600 kcal, then after it a person eats only 350-400. Wherein
snacking value – 50 kcal. Saving 150-200 kcal is obvious.

Building the principles of your diet is not the most effective
use any one trick. Combine them in several
options – this will help to achieve results as soon as possible. Experience
experts shows – if you keep the amount consumed
fat within 40 grams a day and not eat a lot of sweet, then
calorie daily ration will not exceed 2000-2100 kcal. So
Thus, any possibility of gaining excess weight is excluded. And this
just what you need.

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