Diet with hips for 10 days for fastslimming

  • 1 What are dog rose diets?
    • 1.1 Classic
    • 1.2 How to drink on the Dukan diet?
  • 2 Recipes
  • 3 Benefits and harms of the drink
  • 4 Эффективность и результаты slimming

A dogrose diet is not only beneficial, but also enjoyable.
For 10 days, a decoction of these fruits – the main ingredient
ration. It is better to cook every day a fresh drink of 1.5 liters without
sugar and honey. Drinking it is allowed instead of water. But do not forget
rinse your mouth after ingestion, as the acid contained destroys
tooth enamel.

These berries are rich in vitamins C, A, minerals, organic
with acids. Помимо slimming, улучшится иммунитет, нормализуется
metabolism and digestion. Broth can be used as adults
so are the children.


What are dogrose diets?

There are many hips based diets, but
the main and very effective only one – ten days, or as her
еще называют — белковая.

The essence of the ten-day diet is that every day
you can eat only one product at a time, but in
неограниченных количествах
. Food predominantly protein,
which means that the diet is considered strict, therefore it’s morally
get ready.

The main ingredient of the diet – decoction of wild rose, of course. Drink
should be 1.5 liters per day, while, allowed green tea, coffee without
sugar and clean drinking water. Berries can be bought either fresh or
already dried. Fill the evening with 15-20 pieces of boiled water and
leave in a thermos insist.

Во время курса slimming лучше находиться в помещении, так как
decoction has a strong diuretic property.

It is advisable to consult with your doctor in advance, as they may
be contraindicated.


Classic диета с отваром из шиповника на 10 дней очень
effective. If you do not break, it is possible to lose up to 10 kg per
one course. Repeat a diet no more than 4 times a year.

Menu diet with decoction of wild rose:

1 день Целый день нужно есть только отварные
eggs without spices.

2 день Отварная курица без жира.

3 день Обезжиренный творог, можно домашний.

4 день Отварная рыба с маленьким количеством

5 день Овощные салаты, тушеные овощи(кроме
potatoes), seasoned with olive oil with a small amount

6 день Нежирный сыр.

7 день Фруктовый day. Use any
fruits, except bananas and grapes.

8 день Нежирная отварная говядина или

9 день Следует пить нежирный кефир.

10 день Употребляем только отвар из шиповника,
nothing else.

Есть некоторые правила, которые следует
follow this diet:

  • products can be interchanged, but not the last 2 days, since
    during this period the weight is actively reduced;
  • should not overeat. Eat to feel full, not
  • limit active sports. It is better to do yoga
    swimming, stretching or going on light evening runs;
  • drink no more than 2 liters of infusion. If you want to drink, brew
    green tea without sugar, mineral water without gases can be drunk without
  • To save the result, you need to get out of the diet.
    Add familiar foods gradually, but start with

How to drink on the Dukan diet?

Dyukan’s diet with dogrose broth is a four-level technique
slimming. The names of the stages: Attack, Alternation, Binding,

A decoction of wild rose with Dyukane allowed from the stage “alternation.”
Norm reception- decoction of 2 tbsp. berries The berries themselves can not be eaten.

In addition to the drink, Pure-protein and
Protein-vegetable days, introduced 28 permitted vegetables. It is impossible
eat potatoes, cereals and pasta, peas, corn,
beans, olives, avocados, beans, lentils.


Напитки на основе шиповника для slimming очень легко
cook at home. Store decoctions in dark vessels,
as vitamin C decomposes when exposed to sunlight.

Recipes напитков из шиповника для slimming — 5
simple ways:

1. Lemon-honey drink

Cooking method:

  • grind 2 tbsp. dried berries;
  • pour the berries in a thermos and pour 1 liter of boiling water for 5-6
  • when the infusion is ready, add half a lemon and 2 tbsp.

2. Wholesome Ginger

Cooking method:

  • 5 tbsp. dried crushed berries pour boiling water into
    saucepan Leave for 50 minutes under the lid;
  • filter the infusion through a strainer;
  • again put the berries in the pot, pour boiling water on 40
  • filter again;
  • in clean and warm infusion add chopped ginger, give
    to brew.

3. Autumn Waltz

Cooking method:

  • brew from the evening of wild rose berries in a thermos;
  • in the morning we mix the infusion with natural blackcurrant juice and
    cranberry juice;
  • bring the mixture to a boil;
  • add sugar to taste.

4. Syrup and milk

Cooking method:

  • bring the milk to a boil;
  • add 2 tbsp of wild rose syrup and 1 tbsp of syrup to milk
  • let cool drink.

5. Carrots with nuts

Cooking method:

  • grate carrots on a coarse grater;
  • chop peeled nuts;
  • Add carrots and nuts in a pre-cooked broth.

Benefit and harm of the drink

The undoubted advantage of rosehip is contained in ascorbic
acid (vitamin C) and carotene. Also, the fruit contains calcium,
potassium, copper, iron, chromium, magnesium, sodium, vitamins P and K and
etc ..

Teas from these fruits quickly relieve inflammation and swelling, help
with sclerotic diseases, normalize exchange and
human excretory systems, cardiovascular activity
system, the liver and the gastrointestinal tract, has a good effect on
nervous system and in general on the state of health.

Use of fruits during allergic reactions is contraindicated.
on vitamin C, with diabetes mellitus and gallstone disease, with
ulcers of the digestive tract and gastritis.

Эффективность и результаты slimming

Ten-day diet with wild rose allows you to lose 1 kg per
day. For the entire course, you can get rid of 10 extra pounds. Wherein,
you can do fasting days on the drink from the hips once in
1.5-2 weeks, not adhering to a strict diet. And then
extra pounds will also gradually melt.

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