Diet protein-carbohydrate alternation – BUCH forslimming

  • one Nutrition rules for alternating protein and carbohydrate days
    • Sample menu
    • one.2 Advantages and disadvantages
    • one.3 Effectiveness and results

Белково-углеводная диета, или БУЧ — это система питания,
at which reception of proteinaceous and carbohydrate products on

The bottom line is that, eating only protein foods, glycogen
begins to be actively consumed and fat quickly burns. But, through
a few days the metabolism slows down and fat burning
it stops. Чтобы заново активировать процесс slimming, в
ration includes carbohydrate high-calorie foods that
contribute to the acceleration of metabolism.

Подобная система slimming, когда организм получает сначала
low-calorie food, then high-calorie food – is more
effective than the traditional low-carb diet and its menu on
a week


Nutrition rules for alternating protein and carbohydrate days

При диете БУЧ чередуются 3 этапа с разными
menu types:

one. С высоким содержанием белковой пищи;

2. С высоким содержанием углеводной пищи;

3. Смешанное меню, содержащее как белковые, так
and carbohydrate foods.

The order of alternation of days: 2-4 protein; one carbohydrate; one

Diet rules:

  • дневной рацион должен составлять one200 ккал, для спортсменов —
    one600 ккал;
  • на белковом этапе на one кг веса должно приходиться 3 гр. squirrel and
    0,5-one гр. carbohydrates;
  • на углеводном этапе на one кг веса приходится 4 гр. carbohydrate and
    0,5-one гр. proteins;
  • на смешанном этапе на one кг веса приходится one,5-2 гр. squirrel and
    2-3 gr. carbohydrates;
  • before bedtime it is recommended to drink a glass of kefir, and during classes
    sports – protein shake;
  • на углеводных днях может вернуться one-2 кг, но только за счет
    water retention that will quickly go away;
  • carbohydrates should consume more complex than simple;
  • It is not recommended to sit on this diet for more than a month. None
    in less than a couple of weeks you can resume weight loss in the system
  • The dietary volume for girls should be 2-2.5 times less than
    in men.

Sample menu

When dieting protein-carbohydrate alternation of BUC diet
should be fractional, 5-6 meals a day. At the same time, do not forget
drink plenty of pure water, up to 2 liters per day.

The approximate menu of the protein-carbohydrate diet BUCH on
7 days:

one день — белковый

  • Завтрак: творог с низким процентом жирности,
    mixed with sour cream, green tea without sugar;
  • Перекус: омлет с зеленым луком;
  • Обед: палтус на пару, 2 огурца;
  • Полдник: йогурт со злаками;
  • Ужин: отварная куриная грудка, тушеные
    zucchini, a glass of kefir.

2 day – protein

  • 2 boiled eggs, coffee without sugar and milk;
  • protein shake;
  • boiled beef, a salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and onions,
    seasoned with olive oil;
  • grapefruit, unsweetened green tea;
  • steam fish patties, 2 tomatoes, a glass of ryazhenka.

3 day – protein

  • mushrooms stewed in sour cream with sliced ​​white fillet, decoction
    rose hips;
  • seafood salad (shrimps, calamari) with the addition of
    one boiled egg;
  • boiled turkey fillet, cabbage and green onion salad,
    заправленный oneст.л. olive oil and lemon juice;
  • sandwich with butter and red caviar;
  • boiled beef liver, an omelet from 2 eggs, a glass of kefir.

4 day – carbohydrate

  • rice porridge on skimmed milk, banana;
  • Garnet;
  • buckwheat porridge, fish stew, Bulgarian pepper;
  • grated boiled beets with olive oil;
  • boiled white beans, a loaf, a glass of kefir.

5 day – mixed

  • oatmeal, omelet of 2 eggs, unsweetened coffee without milk;
  • cheese toast;
  • boiled liver, brown rice;
  • salad of grated carrots and green salad leaves;
  • salad of shrimp and cheese with greens, a glass of ryazhenka.

6 day – protein

  • salad of chopped chicken breast and 2 boiled eggs, decoction of
    rose hips;
  • natural yogurt with cinnamon or vanilla;
  • boiled beef, salad of Bulgarian pepper, onion,
    sheep cheese;
  • cottage cheese with sour cream;
  • tuna salad, tomatoes and fresh herbs, a glass of kefir.

7 day – protein

  • тост с красной икрой, one вареное яйцо, чай без сахара;
  • protein shake;
  • boiled squids, stewed zucchini and eggplants;
  • broccoli with lemon juice;
  • rice with shrimps, a glass of kefir.

Advantages and disadvantages

A diet with alternating protein and carbohydrate days BUCH can be
very effective if properly calculate the diet. But worth
учесть преимущества и недостатки белково-углеводной диеты.

Benefits of the protein-carbohydrate diet

  • rapid activation of the metabolism;
  • it does not take long to adapt the body to
  • energy level does not decrease, due to which you can effectively
    to exercise;
  • thanks to carbohydrate days, the body gets more energy,
    what allows to burn fat, but not muscles;
  • the diet stress is minimized as the diet is rich
    necessary for the body with ingredients, vitamins, minerals.
    The man himself makes the menu depending on the days;
  • The main advantage of the diet is that it is effective. The result is qualitative and
    lasts a long time.

Protein-carbohydrate diet does not imply strict compliance.
menu. You yourself can pick up the permitted products and
experiment with dishes. Diet depends on gender, age and
personal preference.

Disadvantages of the protein-carbohydrate diet

  • Weight loss is not as fast as with classic
    diets, but the result lasts longer;
  • there is a risk of developing diseases such as: gastritis, ulcers,
    gastrointestinal upset;
  • with BUCH it is hard enough to calculate correctly
    calorie content;
  • in protein days nausea can periodically occur, since
    not easy to eat so much protein for
    one day;
  • This diet is not easy for people who are not familiar with
    concept of a healthy lifestyle and not accustomed to deny yourself
    sweet, flour, fast food, etc .;
  • alternate protein and carbohydrate days for more than 30 days
    recommended, therefore, for severe obesity, weight loss will not be

BUCH is contraindicated for people with kidney, liver, heart,
pregnant and lactating women. Be sure to
consult with your doctor and during the course consult with
fitness trainer.

Efficiency and results

The combination of the protein-carbohydrate diet BUCH with sports allows
achieve the most effective results in 2-3 months. Organism
produces enough energy for training and at the same time fat
gradually, but qualitatively burned. Slimming happens even without
exercise but a little longer.

Данный вид питания способствует сжиганию подкожного жира,
but maintaining and increasing muscle mass. Therefore, it is difficult to say
how many kilograms will you lose. Weight can not much
change, while the quality of the body will improve significantly.

Compare the results of people before and after the protein-carbohydrate diet

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