Diet on sauerkraut

  • 1 Is it possible on a diet to have sauerkraut?
    • 1.1 The benefits of sauerkraut for weight loss
  • 2 Diet on sauerkraut
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Slimness, health, beauty – the most important goals of any person.
Rushing to them, often have to get rid of excessive
weight. There are many diverse diets for weight loss. Important to find
affordable, highly efficient, healthy nutrition system.
This is a diet based on sauerkraut.


Is it possible to have sauerkraut on a diet?

In the vast majority of situations, there is pickled cabbage with
diet can be useful and necessary.

Her undoubted richest useful

  • huge content of vitamins K, PP, E, A, B;
  • Vitamin C contained in particularly large
  • vital minerals zinc, potassium, magnesium, iron;
  • improvement of digestion due to fiber, lactobacilli;
  • lower cholesterol values;
  • release of the body from toxins;
  • thanks to lactic acid, we increase immunity;
  • lack of constipation;
  • antiallergic effect;
  • beneficial effects on the heart, blood vessels.

This low-calorie product improves health, but has
серьезные противопоказания. These include:

  • hypertension;
  • increased acidity;
  • intestinal, stomach and kidney problems.

It should not be eaten at night.

The benefits of sauerkraut for weight loss

Diet on sauerkraut использует ее главные преимущества.
Калорийность кислого продукта отрицательная.
The body will spend more calories than it received, digesting it.
The caloric content of the product is small twenty kcal in a hundred grams. WITH
the addition of vegetable oil calorie will already be
fifty kcal.

Этот кислый продукт, обогащенный клетчаткой, быстро
насыщает организм
, надолго избавляет от ощущения голода,
gives excellent results for weight loss.

Его польза также в нормализации жирового
, пищеварения. But high salt content
retains water, which is unfavorable for losing weight. Therefore worth
rinse it with cold water. And the most effective option
похудеть — заквашенный продукт без соли.

How to achieve results on a diet with fermented

Diet on sauerkraut отзывы получила положительные. But
A nutritionist recalls that any low calorie diets
reduce the metabolic rate of the body. When exiting the diet
metabolic processes are not accelerated immediately. Therefore, there is a set

Главный способ удержать результаты – физическая
activity, the gradual increase in calories in the transition to
normal food avoid overeating.

Diet on sauerkraut

Diet based on sauerkraut, there are options,
designed for three, four days, a week. More than a week not diet
worth doing. For three days you can lose weight by one and a half, two
kilograms, for four – for three, a week – for three, five. Is required
drink with a diet of at least two liters of water.

Menu for the week

Diet on sauerkraut для похудения минус 10 кг за неделю не
will give, but three, five kilograms of weight loss fermented product
will provide.

Menu for the week для диеты на квашеной

The first day.

  1. Breakfast: fish 0.15 kg steam, carrot salad, fermented
    vegetable, green peas, coffee unsweetened.
  2. Snack: boiled turkey one hundred fifty grams, one hundred grams of cottage cheese
    without fat, a couple of apples.
  3. Lunch: fermented vegetable 0.1 kg, borsch, apple juice;
  4. Dinner: boiled fish 0.1 kg, a couple of boiled potatoes, tea

Second day.

  1. Breakfast: onion salad, fermented vegetable, green peas,
    кофе savory
  2. Snack: low-fat yogurt
  3. Lunch: two hundred gr. boiled beef with pickled vegetable juice
  4. Dinner: 0.1 kg steam fish, a couple of boiled potatoes,

Third day.

  1. Breakfast: яйцо вареное с хлебом, кофе savory
  2. Snack: two hundred grams of buckwheat porridge with sliced
  3. Lunch: steamed chicken breast, orange, apples;
  4. Dinner: sauerkraut, apple juice.

Day four.

  1. Breakfast: low-fat yogurt with crackers.
  2. Snack: boiled beef hundred gr., Onion salad, fermented
    vegetable, green peas.
  3. Dinner: shredded carrots 0.1 kg with sour cream, vegetable soup on
    chicken broth;
  4. Dinner: steamed vegetables.

Fifth day.

  1. Breakfast: творог без жира сто гр, кофе savory
  2. Snack: a couple of oranges, juice.
  3. Обед: овощи тушеные двести гр, чай savory
  4. Dinner: fish 0.15 kg baked, a couple of apples.

The sixth day.

  1. Breakfast: buckwheat porridge gr. with a spoon of art. honey
  2. Snack: fruit salad.
  3. Lunch: fish stew hundred grams with vegetable salad 0.15 kg.
  4. Dinner: boiled turkey one hundred grams, an apple, a couple of potatoes.

Seventh day.

  1. Breakfast: one hundred grams of cottage cheese without fat.
  2. Snack: boiled meat hundred grams with fermented vegetables 0.1
  3. Lunch: vegetable soup with bread.
  4. Dinner: beef stew with fermented product one hundred grams,

Вариант меню диеты от Хайди Клум будет помогать
lose weight in 3 days for two, three kilograms.

The first day.

  1. Breakfast: a glass of pickle, low-fat yogurt, 0.2 l, oatmeal
    lean porridge, two apples.
  2. Lunch: fermented vegetable pancakes, eggs, ham, carrots,
  3. Dinner: soup with mashed beans and fermented product.

Second day.

  1. Breakfast: hundred gr. beef boiled bread
  2. Lunch: a salad of fermented vegetables, apples, carrots.
  3. Dinner: fish stew with vegetables.

Third day.

  1. Breakfast: a glass of pickle, low-fat yogurt, 0.2 l, oatmeal
    lean porridge, two apples.
  2. Lunch: fermented vegetable pancakes, eggs, ham, carrots,
  3. Dinner: soup with mashed beans and fermented product.


При диете квашеная капуста должна промываться холодной
водой для удаления избытка соли
. Optimum benefits from
fermentation without salt.

Recipe for sauerkraut:

  1. take a couple of cabbage forks, cumin pinch, a couple of carrots,
    four garlic cloves;
  2. chop one fork and carrots;
  3. add chopped garlic, cumin;
  4. pour cold boiled water;
  5. close, set for five days in heat;
  6. we select brine, we delete cabbage;
  7. chop the second forks, carrots, mix;
  8. we fill with brine, we put oppression;
  9. keep a couple of days warm;
  10. removing the oppression, a spoon make a hole in the product to the bottom, releasing
    carbon dioxide gas to avoid bitterness;
  11. keep a couple of days warm.

Sauerkraut slimming recipes:

Recipe with boiled beans:

  1. stew three hundred grams of pickled cabbage;
  2. add 200 grams of boiled beans, stewed onion;
  3. mix;
  4. simmer on very low heat for another 1/6 hour.

Buckwheat Chicken Recipe:

Продукты: 50 грамм фарша грудки куриной,
half a cup of boiled buckwheat, 2 chicken proteins, 200 grams of cabbage
pickled finely chopped;

  1. mix products;
  2. we make cutlets;
  3. fry in a small amount of sunflower oil.

Recipe for dietary soup with ground ones


  1. boil, grind 0.25 kg of beans;
  2. wash 500 gr. fermented vegetable;
  3. add to it a chopped onion, bay leaf, pepper,
    coriander, boil for forty minutes;
  4. add ground beans;
  5. cook a 1/6 hour soup.

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