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Sat, 03 Sep 2016

Diet of Larisa Dolina – description and general principles

Thanks to her diet, popular singer Larisa Dolina dropped
25 pounds overweight. For a long time, the basis of its power was
kefir diet that is observed every other day, that is, one day –
diet, one day – the usual diet. Only need less
consume carbohydrates and calories. Valley advises everyone who also
wants to experience the magic effect of her diet on her, to increase her
stay in the fresh air.

Diet of Larisa Dolina – what foods can you eat

The basis of this diet is fat free kefir. Still

– meat (preferably chicken breast); – dairy products (low-fat
sour cream and cottage cheese); – vegetables (carrots and potatoes); – non-carbonated
carbonated water; – any fresh fruit (completely eliminate bananas
and grapes); – dried fruits (prunes, raisins, dried apricots).

You can also drink a cup of green tea or coffee in one day. Water –
up to 2 liters.

Diet Larisa Dolina – what foods can not be consumed

Sugar, salt, and food
supplements. You can not eat those foods that are not included in the diet.

Larisa Dolina’s Diet – menu examples

Diet Larisa Dolina (first)

Monday: 0.5 liters of kefir, three potatoes, boiled in
uniform. Tuesday: 0.5 liters of kefir, a glass of sour cream. Environment: 0.5 liters,
small cup of cottage cheese. Foursome: 0.5 liters of kefir, chicken fillet
(boiled and without skin). Friday: 0.5 liters of kefir, carrot or
fresh apples. Saturday: one liter of kefir; Sunday: two liters of water

During each day, you need to drink about 2 liters of water.
After 18.00 do not eat.

In a week, up to six pounds is dumped.

Diet of Larisa Dolina (second)

It is designed for two weeks, the menu for each of them is repeated.
When the first seven days have passed, be sure to make a week
a break with the usual diet, limiting yourself in fatty, sweet,
spicy and flour During this time, the results that
were achieved in the first seven days of the diet.

A couple of kilograms can come back, but it’s not scary, since the second
a week of diet all the results will be fixed for a long time. In case of insufficient
loss of kilograms, you can alternate a week of diet with a week
normal diet until you reach the right

Before starting a diet, you need to arrange one day of discharge, and
then, throughout the course, daily put a cleansing enema.
Before you eat, you need to drink herbal infusion every time (50
ml), for the preparation of which should be a tablespoon of the mixture,
consisting of chamomile, calendula and hypericum pour boiling water and
insist to cool.

1 day: 0.5 liters of kefir (1%), 0.4 kg of potatoes (baked) .2 day:
0.4 kg of cottage cheese (non-fat), 0.5 liters of yogurt.3 day: 0.4 kg
all kinds of fruit and 0.5 liters of kefir. 4 day: 0.4 kg of chicken fillet
(boiled) and 0.5 l of kefir. 5 day: 0.4 kg of all kinds of fruits,
0.5 l of kefir. 6 day: one and a half liters of non-carbonated mineral water. 7 day:
0.4 kg of various fruits, 0.5 liters of kefir.

This diet allows for strict compliance with the first seven
days to throw from 3 to 5 kilograms, and over the next seven days –
even up to 4 kilograms.

Eating should be strictly in the allotted time:

– breakfast – 8.00; – 2nd breakfast – 10.00; – 3rd breakfast – 12.00; –
lunch – 14.00; – afternoon snack – 16.00; – dinner – 18.00.

The number of products specified in the menu is uniform.
to distribute.

Diet of Larisa Dolina (third option)

1 day: a liter of mineral water, 0.5 liters of kefir and 0.3 kg of dried fruit. 2
day: a liter of mineral water, 0.5 liters of kefir and 10 potatoes, boiled in
uniform.3 day: a liter of mineral water, 0.5 liters of yogurt and ten apples.4 day:
liter of mineral water, 0.5 liters of kefir and one kilogram of boiled chicken
fillet (without skin) .5 day: a liter of mineral water, 0.5 l of kefir and one
a kilogram of cottage cheese (low fat) .6 day: a liter of mineral water, 0.5 l
kefir and 1 l of sour cream (degreased) .7 day: liter of mineral water, 0.5 l
Kefir. 8 day: about 2 liters of mineral water.

Daily rate divided by the whole day. After 18.00 – do not eat.
За 14 дней сбрасывается до 9-ти кг лишнего weight.

Diet of Larisa Dolina (the fourth option)

It lasts 7-8 days. The first two days you need to comply with the monodiet,
i.e., over their length, drink one and a half liters of kefir
(fat-free), which is divided into five receptions.

Breakfast: filled with kefir muesli (without honey and raisins). Lunch:
boiled tender veal, beef, chicken fillet, steam fish,
raw or boiled vegetables (120 g). Tea: one apple or
kefir. Dinner: the remains of vegetables or meat, tea without sugar.

You can skip breakfast or drink fruit juices instead.
(fresh) with two tablespoons of rye or oat bran. With such
diet can not eat bread and season vegetable salads

Diet Larisa Dolina (fifth version)

Do not follow this diet for more than three days, and
You can repeat it no more than once a month. Kilograms melt according to
the individual characteristics of each organism. For breakfast: salad with
sauerkraut, omelet and coffee with milk or semolina,
egg and tea with honey. For second breakfast: 250 g of kefir or one apple
or a slice of hard cheese. For lunch: chicken soup, vinaigrette without butter
and stewed carrots or – mushroom soup and meat with cabbage (stewed
on water without oil). At noon: kefir cocktail (250 g) or
baked apples. For dinner: steamed fish, baked potatoes and tea, or
casserole (carrot with prunes) and tea with honey. Before bed: 250 g

Diet Larisa Dolina – useful tips and

Olga, 36 years old: “When I sat down on one of these kefir diets, then
at first she felt a strong discomfort in her stomach. No, not pain, but
rather rumbling. All the time I wanted to eat something “forbidden” –
sweet or sour, because salt is strictly prohibited. Were
gusts just pour a little salt on my tongue – barely resist.
After all the troubles, I still managed to reset in five days
five kilograms, which I am very happy about. ”

Maria, 28 years old: “I was rescued by pears and apples. I tried them
load up “from the belly” so that there is no despair from the hunger spells. I
I lost 4 kg in 5 days, and my girlfriend – 3. Weight in half a year
did not return. The diet is, indeed, effective. “


Olesya 03/29/2016 super diet! weight really does not return, well
if you don’t opt ​​for patery pulses, the skin is better
becoming, waist volume every day and everything else
also, the normal breast has not left hanging! I advise! well, also sports
need at least at home, I still twisted hula-hoop! Лида 24.03.2016 I
I am afraid in advance that I will not be able to observe all the details.
Especially worries strictly certain time for meals. Can
and I can do this for three days, but throughout the whole diet – no.
First of all, my work schedule will not allow me to eat like this, and in the morning,
я вообще есть не хочу… Катерина 24.03.2016 I думаю, что это
normal kefir diet, and I want to use it. Probably more
suit the third option. There the quantities of products are quite
enough to not feel hungry all day. All by
kilograms. Accurately we are)) And, of course, I will definitely lose weight,
the right mood is very important?!))) Svetik-seven-color flower 03/24/2016
I also had impulses to pour salt on the tongue))) I really wanted to
at least something salty. Suffer from the last forces, now
enjoy the result. Dropped 6 kilograms in 8 days! Of course,
before the summer is still far away, and most likely you will have to repeat the diet, but
nothing wrong. Larisabel 03/24/2016 I, as a namesake, just had
it would not be forgivable to use any other diet)))
Yes, and the success of the Valley is amazing. After all, she was always such a lady in
body, and here … just as slim as a cypress))) So, we will lose weight with
Larisa Dolina!

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