Diet of Elena Malysheva – a detailed description anduseful tips. Reviews about Malysheva’s diet and sample recipes.

Tue, Jan 26, 2016

Elena Malysheva is for many Russians recognized
authority in the field of medicine. Her opinion is trusted to her advice.
are listening. Therefore, the diet proposed by Malysheva is very
quickly became popular. In fact, it can be called not a diet, but
a whole system, a way of life, which, when systematically
following it very quickly leads to the loss of excess

В основе диеты Малышевой лежит минимизация
amounts of consumption of foods that contain fats (especially
animals) and table salt. It is also recommended to exclude from
rations of flour products, potatoes, sweet pastries, pure sugar,
rice, carrots, beets and any alcoholic beverages.

In addition, for successful weight loss using this method, Elena
Malysheva advises to follow some of the principles of nutrition that we
we bring to your attention.

Principles of Malysheva diet

1. To lose weight, you can not starve.

When a person begins to deny his body the necessary
him the amount of food, he in response begins to keep a store of calories at
any possible circumstances. Therefore, many followers
different diets and lovers of fasting days know that losing weight
much easier than not typing it again.

That is, as long as a person goes hungry, the weight will decrease. But
when you exit the diet, the body immediately begins to maintain a store of fat,
taught by the experience of the recent fasting, and all the lost kilos
will return.

2. It is necessary to eat often, but in small portions.

Elena Malysheva offers to eat 5 times a day, from
which 3 are major, and 2 are optional.

Breakfast should be scheduled for eight o’clock in the morning. He must
consist of oatmeal, filled with boiling water, because it is in this
The form of oatmeal provides the removal of cholesterol from the body. Can
Supplement breakfast with yogurt or low-fat yogurt.

The next meal should occur at noon, and this should
be protein foods: chicken, fish or eggs. Need to try
minimize salt intake.

Dinner must be strictly no later than 19 o’clock, and he must
consist of salads with low-fat kefir and boiled egg (according to

Additional meals may include 2 mandarins or
apples, or, if necessary, other fruits.

To provide a variety of diet, it is not forbidden to eat and
other products, but their caloric content should not exceed
established by diet. For ease of menu creation and exclusion
errors, you can use the product composition tables and analyzer

The effect of the diet will be very noticeable, if you follow exactly all
its recommendations including those set forth below.

Additional recommendations diets Malysheva

1. Keep track of calories.

Daily average calorie intake
makes 1 200 kcal. Without neglecting this limitation, you can
довольно быстро избавиться от лишних kilograms. With active
lifestyle calorie intake rate increases. Besides
physical activity, when calculating the required number of calories
You need to take into account your weight, age, gender. Ideally, this count
must do your trainer or dietician. If such an opportunity
No, you can use the daily needs calculator
organism – a special program that, based on the introduced
data will give the best option for your case.

2. Communicate with your body during a meal.

Try to convey to your body that you care about him,
telling him this while eating. This will greatly enhance
digestibility of products, and, therefore, the effectiveness of the diet. We want
this or not, but the psychological factor plays a huge role in
whatever business we do. You probably had to
notice that food cooked with love always has
tastes great even if it is very simple. This also applies to
food consumption. Conscious absorption of food, accompanied
positive attitudes, is undoubtedly a guarantee of good
well-being and energy, and not fat deposits.

3. Take this diet as a way of life.

If you follow the diet of Elena Malysheva from 4 to 8 weeks, you can
normalize your weight. And if you eat this way longer or
make this diet a lifestyle, you can not only lose weight, but also
Significantly improve your well-being. Of course, after losing weight
You can vary the menu a little or go back to your old
diet, returning to the diet if necessary. In this case
again it is necessary to abandon the sweet, animal and vegetable
fats, flour products, rice, potatoes, carrots, beets and alcohol

The disadvantages of the Malysheva diet include the duration (for
lasting effect should be observed for 2-3 months). However without
any doubt its pluses are more significant. Main of
them – it is a mild effect on the body losing weight,
improvement of his health and long-term effect (up to 2 years).

To eat tasty and with this abide by the recommendations
Елены Малышевой, существует огромное количество recipes. Here is
some of them.

Examples of recipes for the Malysheva diet

Tomato soup


1. meat broth – 1 l., 2. olive oil – 80 gr., 3. buckwheat
croup – 150 gr., 4. tomatoes – 5-6 pieces, 5. 1 sweet pepper, 6. bow
bulb – 1 pc., 7. greens 8. sour cream.

Cooking method:

1. Обжариваем мелко порезанный bow на половине оливкового
oils. We bake tomatoes in the oven and, removing them from the skin,
разминаем мякоть и отправляем ее к рису с bowом. 4. Add to them
broth, buckwheat, salt to taste and cook for about 15-20 minutes on weak
fire.5. Peel and chop the pepper and fry it on
the remaining olive oil. Spilling tomato soup on plates
add a spoonful of sour cream, spread roasted peppers and sprinkle

Chicken chops


1. chicken fillet – 500 gr., 2. milk or cream – 100 gr., 3.
long loaf – 50 gr., 4. vegetable oil – 40 gr., 5. black ground
pepper, salt to taste.

Cooking method:

1. White bread or a loaf dipped in warm milk and squeezed.
Wash chicken fillet and scroll it in a meat grinder along with
loaf. 3. In the resulting mince pour milk at a constant
stirring, salt and pepper. 4. We form small hands with wet hands.
bits and fry them in vegetable oil.

Stuffed apples


1. apples – 6 pcs., 2. cottage cheese – 300 gr., 3. Raisin – 100 gr.

Cooking method:

1. Carefully clean out the middle of the apples. Cheese mix with
very little sugar and raisins. Fill this
a mixture of middle apples. Bake apples with stuffing in the oven until
they will not redden.


Svetlana 10/21/2016 Business …… Tatiana 07/16/2016 I’m in shock !!!!!
Malysheva argues that white bread cannot be eaten CATEGORICALLY, but
here in bits of bread ….. well, this is already an obvious FALSE !!!!! Tatyana
07/16/2016 In the first recipe of the diet among the ingredients there is no component
“rice”, and in the method of prints it is indicated “… and send it to rice
с bowом.” нужен рис или нет? если да, то сколько? Спасибо. Кислый
06/20/2016 What kind of a person people have in distrust and doubt
opinion of a learned person with a degree just because he thinks
that nothing happens. Keep your opinion with you until
try diet in action. Maybe you will not lose weight, because neither
I never calculate the number of calories you need per day, but
surely the body thanks say for what began to eat less
harmful food. Oksana 06/14/2016 Concentration of some kind! It is called
you can not starve? !!!!! yes in the nuthouse will be the second week! People then
There are different kinds where Malyshev’s nerves were tending us. We don’t know
I doubt that she herself used this diet. Maybe she has
no tendency to corpulence. All this inetovskie tricks … I do not
I believe.

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