Diet of Dr. Kovalkov

Today we will introduce you to the diet of Dr. Kovalkov, which
one of the five best and most sought-after nutritionists in Russia.
Surely Alexei Kovalkova you have not seen on television, so
as he is a frequent guest of weight loss programs. So what
interesting in his diet?

Стрелки весов If you give up and almost put up with
weight, then Alex believes that this diet is for you. Diet
Kovalkova is aimed at those who have extra weight caused by the wrong
and not a balanced diet.

According to the author of this weight loss system, the main goal of the diet is
establish the right metabolism, through which improve
state of health, but most importantly – you have to go overweight. By
average calculations using the Kovalkov diet, you can lose weight
at 5-9 kilograms per month, which is a good indicator if up to
that all your attempts to lose weight were unsuccessful.

The power supply system of Dr. Kovalkov is divided into 3 stages. The first
the stage is the most difficult since your body is in the neglected
condition: it is contaminated, there is no proper metabolism, and
it also has excess weight. That is why it is necessary
start with tough measures. In the future, each stage of the diet will go to
side easing. The third stage will be easy enough and therefore
you will have something to strive for.

As for the duration of the Kovalkov diet, she
indefinite, that is, the diet can continue indefinitely. But here
It should be noted that the diet can only be called the first 3 stages, so
as the last stage is the power system, due to the fact that it is not
has endings – you choose it, if there is

For those who are accustomed to constantly and in large quantities, and also not
deny yourself any desired food – this diet will be
quite complicated. If you learn to control yourself, and there are
even in such volumes – as indicated in the diet, then consider that
diet for you will not be difficult.

In principle, the diet is designed in such a way that you should not
you will feel hunger, but at first you will feel
full feeling of satiety also will not be if you are used to
consume large portions of high-calorie food.

Now let’s move on to the diet itself and tell about it.
compound stages. Byсле этого мы поделимся с вами рецептами блюд, с
with the help of which you can diversify your diet menu.

Byдготовительный этап диеты Ковалькова

If most diets are recommended to prepare for a diet, then in
Kovalkov’s diet is a mandatory component. Immediately you
let’s warn that the preparatory stage is the most difficult, again it
It does not gradually prepare you for a diet, but immediately takes you to the “everyday life”.
At the same time, starting from the preparatory stage, you will be able to lose
weight. Byдготовительный этап даст отличный эффект в похудении.

The main goal of the preparatory stage is to accustom the body to
restrict nutrition, get rid of bad habits while
eating junk food and start losing weight. Duration
The preparatory stage should be 14-25 days. Concerning
then you will need to divide your diet into 5 parts
thus, feeding 5 times a day. What is very important on
preparatory stage, this is what you will need to learn
control portion sizes.

At the preparatory stage, you should exclude:

  • Baking;
  • Bread (except bran rye and wholegrain);
  • Meat;
  • Roast;
  • Smoked;
  • Fatty;
  • Fish;
  • Maize;
  • Beetroot;
  • Rice;
  • Mankou;
  • Carrot;
  • Honey;
  • Dried fruits;
  • Sweets;
  • Seasonings;
  • Carbonated drinks and ready-made teas;
  • Alcohol.

Include in your diet:

  • Cereals;
  • Legumes;
  • Vegetables;
  • Fruit (all but bananas);
  • Greenery.

You should also make it a rule to drink 10 or more glasses.
still water for the day.

Доктор Ковальков

Stage 1 Kovalkova diet

When the preparatory stage is over – go to the first stage.
diets. The first этап длиться от 10 до 14 дней. This stage of the diet
is aimed at cleansing the body, in particular the gastrointestinal
tract, as well as its main task to teach the body to receive
small portions 5 times a day.

Concerning продуктов разрешённых на данном этапе, то они все
the same as allowed in the preparatory stage.

Now you need to add some physical exercise in the evening,
and in the morning, an hour before breakfast, you need to make a one-hour pedestrian
a walk. Exercise should be in the form of light aerobics.
In no case do not use complex physical loads,
especially with the use of simulators, since the menu of this stage is not
allows you to do this. Light aerobics lasting 20 minutes
will be quite enough.

Stage 2 diet Kovalkova

The second stage follows immediately after the first. The purpose of this stage is
focus diet on losing weight. This phase will be the last jerk
in weight reduction.

At this stage you can include in your diet:

  • Seafood;
  • Fish;
  • Chicken breast;
  • Mushrooms;
  • Nuts;
  • Low-fat yogurt and cottage cheese.

Stage 3 diet Kovalkova

And finally, the third stage of the Kovalkov diet, which will be
permanent, that is, not having a time frame. Main purpose
this stage is to consolidate results achieved in
losing weight, and sticking to weight control, while
gently treats its digestive system, not
overloading her. Use the third stage of the diet, the author recommends the whole
life, but hardly anyone can stand it, so hold out for
as long as possible so that your achieved weight will return to normal and
become familiar to your body.

In the third stage, you should include in your diet:


  • Top grade flour;
  • Peeled rice;
  • Sugar;
  • Reception of complex carbohydrates after 18:00;
  • Do not mix complex carbohydrates with fats.

As you already understood, each stage performs its function.
Byдготовительная стадия начинает подготавливать пищеварительную
system to the new diet.

The first этап – полностью направлен на очищение пищеварительной
system, and thanks to a strict diet begins to leave extra

The second stage helps to get rid of excess weight, also
establishing a strict and balanced diet.

Well, the third stage – designed in such a way that you save
the results achieved and continued to feed properly.

All stages must be strictly observed, no deviations from
diet and recommendations data in the diet should not be. Every stage
must last no less than the minimum specified number of days.
You also can not skip one of the stages, they should all go to
strict sequence.

Diet menu of Dr. Kovalkov

  • Menu preparatory stage of the diet Kovalkova

Завтрак: Тушёные овощи с зеленью и фасолью (200 г),
green tea with lemon; Second завтрак: Сок из свежевыжатых
vegetables; Обед: Суп пюре с фасолью, а также гречневая каша с
toasted onions, herbs and olive oil; Byлдник: 3
green apples; Ужин: Салат из болгарского перца, огурцов,
tomatoes, seasoned with a small amount of olive oil.

  • Menu stage 1 diet Kovalkova

Завтрак: 1 ст. Spoon powdered bran, 1 tbsp. spoon
pine nuts, 200 ml of non-fat kefir; Second
: 1 красное яблоко; Обед: ½ грейпфрута;
Second обед: ½ грейпфрута; Byлдник: 1 яблоко;
Ужин: 300 г салата из овощей, заправленного
oil and lemon dressing. Before bed, you can eat 2
whites eggs or drink a glass of milk.

  • Menu 2 stages of the Kovalkov diet

Завтрак: Йогурт с орехами; Second завтрак:
A glass of fresh fruit; Обед: Тушёное куриное филе или филе
fish, 200 g low-fat cottage cheese; Byлдник: 300 г фруктов;
Ужин: Салат с овощами и зеленью (заправленный растительным
butter) or fruit salad (seasoned with yogurt), 2 egg
squirrel. Before bedtime you can drink a glass of kefir.

Recipes recommended dishes

On the basis of the rules established in the diet, one can show imagination and
cook quite tasty and interesting dishes. A couple of examples
we will tell you about such dishes further.

Голодная девушка

Green soup

As a rule, each dinner should include a first course. On
based on the allowed food group, you can make
interesting soup for 4 persons.

The composition of the soup includes:

  • Vegetable broth – 800 ml .;
  • Green peas – 400 g;
  • Lemon – 1 pc .;
  • Cress – 200 g .;
  • Onтуральный йогурт – 4 ст. spoons;
  • Salt and pepper – in small quantities;
  • Pieces of ice.

Cooking soup should start with washing watercress, after which
it needs to be dried and torn by hands. Then watercress and green
peas grind in a blender. Byсле чего из лимона выжимаем сок и
add it along with the broth to the ingredients in the blender
and mix again. Next, the soup is poured into plates, in it
salt and pepper are added – it’s all mixed up. Final
the cooking stage will be the addition of yoghurt and

Fruit pepper

This dish is a pepper stuffed with fruits,
baked in the oven.

To cook 4 peppers you will need:

  • Sweet pepper – 4 pcs .;
  • Apple – 1 pc .;
  • Pear – 1 pc .;
  • Grapes (always seedless) – 200 g .;
  • Plums – 300 g .;
  • Mint – 4 sprigs;
  • Brown sugar – 100g.

The cooking process begins with slicing apples and pears.
into 4 parts. Then remove the stones from the plums, and remove the grapes from
brushes. Byсле этого все фрукты необходимо нарезать мелкими дольками
and mix well, but only gently, so as not to squeeze out
them juice. Next, mix the fruit mixture by peppercorns and
We spread them on the form. The next thing we go to is sugar
syrup, heat the sugar, add crushed peppermint to it when
sugar reaches the state of liquid – remove it from the fire and pour it
them pepper. Pepper must be baked in the oven at a temperature of 200
degrees, about 20 minutes.

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