Diet number 3 – with intestinal diseases

Wed, Jan 27, 2016

Diet number 3 is therapeutic and is used for chronic
bowel disease, accompanied by constipation, in periods outside
exacerbations or unsharp or fading exacerbations. She is
characterized by a daily ration, which is contained in normal
the amount of protein (from 100 to 120 grams), fats (from 100 to 120 grams),
carbohydrates (from 400 to 450 gr.), table salt (15 gr.) and free
liquid (1.5 l). The energy value of the diet ranges from 3000
up to 3500 kcal per day. Diet provides 4-6-fold food intake.
in a day.

Меню диеты №3 составляется с использованием
products and dishes that are able to enhance motor function
intestine. This should exclude food that causes
fermentation and decay and adversely affect the work of other organs
digestion. Thus, this diet is aimed at normalizing
bowel functions and metabolic processes in the body.

Пища, которая потребляется при диете №3, должна
not crushed, ideally – steamed, or by
boiling or baking. Vegetables and fruits should be consumed raw
the form. The temperature of cold dishes should not be below 15 ° C,
the temperature of hot dishes should not exceed 62 ° C.

Foods that can be eaten with diet number 3,
Presents: – wheat bread from wholemeal flour, occasionally –
pies from lean dough (with meat, apple and other
filling); – soups on a loose broth, meat or fish, or
vegetable broths, borscht, beetroot soup, fruit soups; –
lean meats (beef, veal), poultry (chicken,
turkey) and fish (pike perch, bream, cod, pike, hake, carp) in
boiled or baked; doctoral sausage, low-fat
ham; – beets, carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, pumpkin in
salads, side dishes, casseroles; also boiled cauliflower and
white cabbage, green peas, boiled pods
beans; – crumbly buckwheat and millet porridges,
cooked in water (with the addition of milk); – eggs
soft boiled, steam omelet, protein omelet; – acidophilus, kefir,
ryazhenka, yogurt, fresh curd (including puddings and
cheesecakes), non-sharp cheese, milk (in dishes), non-acid sour cream (in
dishes); – ripe fruit and berries that can be consumed in
large quantities, both raw and in dishes and juices);
dried fruits and berries (prunes, dried apricots, dried apricots, raisins)
in various forms; jam, jam, jam, sugar, honey;
parsley, dill, celery, cloves, bay leaf in
small amount; white sauce, fruit sauce; – tea,
decoction of rose hips; – Butter cream (in dishes); with good
tolerance allowed vegetable fats; – salads from raw
vegetables and vinaigrettes with vegetable oil, vegetable caviar,
fruit salads, non-sharp cheese, herring, meat and fish
; – tea, coffee from substitutes; decoction of wild rose and
wheat bran, fruit and vegetable juices (plum,
apricot, carrot, tomato, etc.).

При диете №3 нельзя дополнять свой рацион:

– bread and flour products from flour of the highest grades, rich
dough, grated porridges, jelly, cocoa, chocolate, strong tea
and coffee, mushrooms, onions, garlic, radish, radish, turnip,
cooking fats, lamb, beef and pork fat; – fat and
spicy dishes, smoked meats; – honey, jam, marmalade,
marshmallow, milk caramel; – spicy and fatty sauces, horseradish,
mustard, pepper.

For example, the daily diet of diet number 3 may be presented
this menu:

For the first breakfast, vegetable salad is eaten, seasoned
vegetable oil, steam omelet and a cup of tea.

The second breakfast consists of a fresh apple.

As a dinner you can cook vegetarian soup with
sour cream, boiled meat with stewed beets and compote
dried fruits.

The dinner consists of vegetable stuffed cabbage, buckwheat krupenika with
cottage cheese and tea.

At night, you can drink a glass of kefir.

Here are some recipes to help you create a diet menu.
No. 3 and make it tasty and varied.

Green borsch


1. vegetable broth – 300 ml, 2. beets – 1 pc., 3. carrots – 1
pcs. 4. white roots – 20 g., 5. tomato-paste – 2 tsp, 6. onion
onions – 1 pc., 7. butter – 2 tsp., 8. potatoes – 1 pc., 9.
sorrel – 40 g., 10. spinach – 40 g., 11. wheat flour – 1 h.
l., 12. egg – 1 pc, 13. sour cream – 3 tsp.

Cooking method:

1. Shred straw beets, carrots and white roots, then
pripuskaem with the addition of a small amount of broth. 2. Enter into
vegetables browned onions and tomato paste. 3. In boiling broth we lower
cut potatoes into small pieces, then steamed vegetables,
shredded sorrel and spinach. 4. Bringing everything to a boil, refuel
flour heated with butter and diluted broth, salt to taste.
Before serving to the table in a plate put half boiled
eggs, sour cream and greens.

Steam meat roll


1. lean minced meat – 60 gr., 2. milk – 1 tbsp. l., 3. egg
proteins – 3 pcs., 4. carrots – 1 pcs., 5. butter – 1 tsp.

Cooking method:

1. Mix ground beef with milk, egg whites, salt and
knead well. 2. Putting the resulting mass in a thin layer on
moistened cloth, put carrots in the middle and
roll the roll, then gently shift to the baking sheet and
steamed. Before serving, pour the oil or
the sauce.

Currant Jelly


1. currant – 30 gr., 2. sugar – 15 gr., 3. gelatin – 3 gr., 4.
water – 100 ml.

Cooking method:

1. Having touched and washed the berries, knead them in a dish that is not
oxidized, then pour in some boiled water and squeeze the juice,
put it in the fridge.2. Fill gelatin cold boiled
water and leave to swell for 30-40 minutes, then drain the water.
Pour the pulp with hot water, boil for about 7 minutes, then filter
and bring the broth to a boil. 4. Add sugar, remove the foam,
we enter the prepared gelatin and stir to gelatin
dissolved. 5. Pour in squeezed juice, stir, pour into forms
and leave for 1-2 hours to set.


Olya 03/22/2016 So I started having health problems … Now
I choose my optimal diet. Of course, then I will discuss it with my doctor.
doctor After all, it is completely wrong to self-medicate!
How much they say about it, but people still try on their own
cure. Thing 22.03.2016 My mother is on this diet. Her
in general, she really likes. Constantly preparing something there … The main thing
Of course, that mom’s health problems are clearly diminished. At all,
as if younger, lightness in the body, the body was cleansed (according to its
words). And, of course, it’s all noticeable from the outside. So, diet
really good Tamara 03/22/2016 It is a decent diet,
far from a hunger strike. And helps get rid of their sores. I
periodically I sit on it, very pleased. As soon as i feel that
It’s time to go on a diet. It’s very simple, believe me. And no
Ingredients. Irinka 03/22/2016 Eh, like and a lot of things
you can eat, but everything that I love is excluded. Yes, probably more
I won’t find a loyal diet anyway … So, I will learn
eat right Raise willpower and all that. The main thing,
I will be healthy. Diana 03/22/2016 Wonderful diet. I с ее помощью,
just come to life. The intestines have always bothered me, and lately
just some kind of disaster was. And I found this diet for myself, through
for a short time, all my torment disappeared. Keep it right
food and now.

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