Diet “Ladder”

There is one very popular and interesting diet for 5 days, of which
we are simply obliged to share. We are talking about the diet “ladder”.
It consists of 5 monodiets, which are lined up in a special
consistency, for maximum weight loss. So let’s
let’s get acquainted with the diet and its features in more detail. Диета «Лесенка»


  • Features of the diet
  • Diet menu
  • Out of the diet

Features of the diet

�“Ladder” is a diverse combination of mono-diet. Every diet
the day has its own ration and its specific improvement function
figures and health.

Diet “Ladder” combines five monodiets at once. there is
almost everything is allowed, but for each type of product there is a day
or step. �The “ladder” consists of five steps, to which you
will need to “climb”. In the process, your body will reset
all unnecessary, gain energy and beauty, and also destroy unnecessary
fat deposits.

With this diet, you will lose at least 1 kilogram per day.


It is not known who developed such a diet, but it is becoming
more popular as a means of rapid weight loss. �”Ladders”
it is very easy to adhere, there is no strong hunger and
discomfort. Every day is a peculiar step which
leads to the dream – the perfect body. Some girls sometimes paint
ladder and mark on it the success of each diet
of the day

The duration of the diet is five days. Its features include
daily use of its range of products. Diet by its
Essentially very inexpensive. As for the results of the diet, it is lost
from three to six kilograms of excess weight. It is worth noting one important
the moment that such a diet is allowed no more than once
throughout the year.

It is best during the diet to engage in fitness or other type
sport Since the daily diet is not very saturated, the load and
high activity may not be very easily tolerated. Recommended in
these five days of rest and not overload yourself, even work,
so it’s better to take a vacation.

You can start climbing the “ladder” on Monday, so you
do all the most important things on weekdays, and on weekends you can
relax. But the main thing is not to overeat or compensate.
�“Hungry” week, otherwise all efforts will be in vain. But if
it’s hard for you to start a diet on Monday, then try it
over the weekend, some will be easier this way.


This diet is not suitable for women in the position of nursing moms,
as well as those with stomach problems (ulcers, gastritis), liver,
kidneys and cardiovascular system. Before starting a diet
We strongly recommend to consult a doctor!

Diet menu

План �”Ladders”

  1. We clean your body.
  2. Restoring it.
  3. We replenish energy resources.
  4. We create new “building materials” for the body.
  5. We burn unnecessary fat cells.

Each item is a step, so the day has its own menu,
which can not be broken, that is, add your products. During
five days to drink only clean non-carbonated water. Tea and coffee
need to exclude. Now tell in more detail about the diet plan.
(daily diet).

Remember! there is определенная схема питания в эти пять дней и
no way to break it!

The first day. We clean your body

Before losing a few pounds, you need to prepare
your body. So, you must first be cleansed of all the excess,
this will contribute to the diet of the first day:

As you can see, the diet is quite hard, but effective. To not
feel very strong hunger, divide the food into small
portions. We also recommend to be at home on the first day of the diet.
how frequent use of the toilet is possible.

Apples give a feeling of fullness to the stomach and do not give it
stop, and coal actively removes all slags from the body and
unnecessary items.

Second day. Restore your body

After you cleanse the body of all the excess, you need
think about rehabilitation therapy for the microflora of the stomach, so
as for him it was a little shock. So, the second day’s diet

  • Fat-free curd mass of 600 grams (without any
  • Liter of low-fat kefir;
  • Water without gas (not less than 1 liter).

Most likely, your body will not only recover, but
continue to be cleaned: kefir, water and cottage cheese will be this
contribute. By the way, the result will be visible on the second day. WITH
the body will leave unnecessary water (the kidneys are actively working with abundant
drinking and eating apples and kefir), as well as derived extra

On this day, you supply your body with “live” protein, it is long
time is absorbed, while giving the muscles the necessary protein,
so there is no feeling of hunger. And kefir bacteria contribute
good work of our stomach.

Third day. Fill the body with energy

Now you need to give your body more energy

  • 300 grams of raisins;
  • Two tablespoons of honey;
  • Decoction or compote based on dry fruit (two liters).

Such a sweet “step” will give a lot of energy, but it is also possible
increased hunger sensation as sucrose and fructose quickly
splits and throws insulin into the blood. Therefore, we recommend
use permitted foods gradually to last for a whole
день, разделяйте все на небольшие portions.

Since a decoction of dry fruit can have a laxative
action, better not plan important things and long trips.
Try to spend the third day at home.

Our brain loves glucose and that is what it “charges” with, so the third
day will help you get joy and relief in a psychological
plan. Raisins are good for the liver and cardiovascular system, and
potassium, magnesium, iron and antioxidants from compote will support the entire
an organism.

Day four. Useful “building” for
of the body

As you know, the best building material is protein,
so on this “step” you need to boil yourself a half pound
low-fat turkey or chicken and combine it all with water (no less
than one and a half liters). You can also dilute protein foods with greens and
consume some salt.

В курином мясе много аминокислот, которые легко и quickly
«принимает» наш an organism. The first three days of the diet were enough
limited, so the body needs building material for
muscle So how exactly do they suffer the most?
power supply.

Fifth day. WITHжигаем жировые клетки

Последний день �”Ladders” — это своего рода компенсация организму
for the previous days, so the diet of the fifth day is saturated with fiber.
Eat cereals, fruits and vegetables. Daily menu:

  • Oatmeal (two hundred grams);
  • Vegetables, fruits raw (1 kilogram);
  • Liter of non-carbonated water.

WITH сухой овсянки приготовьте кашу на воде, можно немного добавить
salt. You can distribute the porridge for the whole day, and you can eat right away.
It is allowed to make some kind of salad (vegetable or fruit).
WITHледите, чтобы в рационе не было овощей, содержащих крахмал, а
also bananas.

This is the last “step” – this is a real holiday for
изголодавшегося of the body. Thanks to fiber, a person feels
satiety, but gets very few calories.

Out of the diet

All diets are dangerous because kilograms can return and “Ladder”
there is no exception, since the diet was limited. Therefore need
to go out of the diet correctly and not immediately return to your
old diet and calorie food. Many to the joy of
результата начинают активно есть, и всё утраченное quickly
returns, in addition, the weight may increase even more.

After the diet, eliminate heavy calories from your diet or
Try to minimize sweet, flour, etc. Eat more often
but in smaller portions (best from five times a day). And then
The effect of the diet will last forever.

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