Diet Kim Protasov

This diet, which has become very popular lately, gives a very
good results. If you strictly adhere to all recommendations,
then in 5 weeks for which it is calculated, you can lose up to 15-20

Diet Kim Protasov

Week 1

On the 1st day, as well as the 2nd, 3rd, and so all week you need to eat only
raw vegetables, as well as cheeses and yogurts 5% fat. (This is not about
sweet yogurt with additives, and on natural yogurt) Yogurt can
replace kefir or clabber. From other products allowed
eat 1 boiled egg per day.

Vegetables and 5% yogurt can be eaten in unlimited quantities and in
any time of day. The meaning of this progressive diet is to
eat as many vegetables as possible and as much as 5% dairy

For example, you can eat cucumbers sprinkling them with 5% cheese, dunk
tomatoes and bell peppers in yogurt, and you can make a salad from
all sorts of vegetables, crumble back a boiled egg and sprinkle everything
cheese. Tea, coffee can be in any quantity (of course, without sugar),
and water is compulsory 2 liters per day. As a bonus for
Protasov’s good behavior also allows you to eat during the day.
3 green apples.

2 week

The second week is no different from the first. Those who decided on
this diet, they say that from the second week desire is something,
except vegetables, yogurts and apples disappears. Many even refuse
from a boiled egg, which is eagerly eaten at the beginning of the diet.

3 week

In the third week, a piece of roast is added to vegetables and yoghurts.
meat (300g), poultry or fish. But the reception of milk at the third
week need to be reduced. Vegetables, yogurts, meat, eggs and apples need
there are 3 more weeks, counting along with this and that’s it.

It is in the last 2 weeks the most intense occurs.
weight loss.

By the way, throughout the entire period the body is so accustomed to
such a diet that already hardly perceives fried
potatoes, dumplings or bread and butter. In order to clean the body
Protasov advises to repeat this cycle once a year to all, even those with
there are no problems with overweight.

Once again, in brief, the essence of the proposed diet:

1st and 2nd weeks.

Raw vegetables. Various dairy products 5% fat. 1 boiled
egg. 3 green apples. Coffee, tea without sugar. At least 2 liters

3rd, 4th, 5th week. All the same plus a piece of meat, poultry or
fish. Consumption of dairy products should be somewhat reduced.

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