Diet Jennifer Aniston

Judging by how young actress Jennifer looks in her years
Aniston, she knows some secret that she would never
wishes to disclose.

As for her figure, there are no more secrets. The other day
American nutritionist Carrie Viat, founder of the delivery service
здоровой еды Diet Desings, призналась  в том, что Дженифер
uses the services of her company.

Like other customers, Jennifer Aniston’s food is delivered home to
cooler bag. A set of dietary meals for a week costs about
300 dollars.

For Jennifer, the nutritionist says, we made the menu,
which is dominated by protein foods and low in carbohydrates. At the same time, dishes
contain a lot of vegetables and fruits. Dairy products are allowed and
wine. And, of course, no semi-finished products.

In Russia, the company offers ready-made dietary meals.
restaurateur Arkady Novikov. His firm Just for you
delivery of healthy food to home and offices in Moscow and Moscow region.

The kitchen offers several programs to choose from – for intensive
weight loss, for a balanced diet, vegetarian menu and
others. Gorgeous. True, there are services Arkady Novikov prohibitive,
even more expensive than in America. For example, a 10-day meal plan.
costs about 1000 euros. Jennifer Aniston would be very surprised.

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