Diet geisha on rice and green tea

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Japanese geisha is an example of how a real one should look
woman: young, fresh, energetic and fit.

No wonder they say that the Japanese are the longest living people. They
provided with a wide range of recipes and diets, one
of which is a diet on rice and green tea.

What is the secret of longevity of Japanese geishas and how
effective diet, consider in the next article.


Diet geisha for weight loss

The appearance of Japanese women is not always beautiful by nature. Their
hair, skin and weight are kept perfect through the diet
nutrition and recipes from fresh healthy foods.

Especially dieting a geisha for losing weight was never invented, she
was created on the basis of folk remedies for weight loss.

Давайте рассмотрим подробнее особенности
each ingredient of the above food restrictions:


  • It goes well with any product;
  • has a low calorie content;
  • contains vitamins of group B, potassium and phosphorus;
  • does not contain fat;
  • carbohydrates are dominant in its composition;
  • well absorbs water;
  • does not contain gluten, provoking allergic reactions;
  • small amount of proteins;
  • strengthens the nervous system;
  • improves hair and nails;
  • increases brain activity;
  • restores the bowels;
  • cleanses the body of harmful substances in the form of toxins and
  • lowers the temperature;
  • increases appetite.

In addition to all the above facts, there are several varieties
rice, differing in taste, color and nutrition

Green tea

  • it contains the following beneficial substances: calcium,
    magnesium, fluorine, phosphorus, proteins and fats;
  • adds vitality;
  • increases physical and mental activity;
  • contains trace elements necessary for functioning
    human organs;
  • boosts the immune system;
  • helps to improve the condition of nails and hair;
  • useful in cardiovascular disease and
    oncological diseases.
  • �”Shakes” the nervous system;
  • �”Provokes” insomnia;
  • contraindicated during pregnancy, in the postpartum period and
    during breastfeeding;
  • it is not recommended to drink during menstruation;
  • lowers pressure;
  • increases acidity;
  • useful for poisoning;
  • removes slags from the body.

Despite the disadvantages, green tea is a source of vitamins.
for any ailment, provided that you do not drink them
pills and eliminate alcohol from the diet.

Also, green tea leaves are good for headaches,
eliminating brain spasms.

The basic principles of nutrition

Japanese geisha diet on rice and green tea implies
five-day menu observance and gradual reduction of each
ingredient with each successive day.

При диете гейши для похудения, необходимо питаться 3
раза в день
. Snacks are excluded, but

  • salt, sugar;
  • hot sauces;
  • spices;
  • alcohol products;
  • sweets;
  • fatty food.

You can drink unlimited water by adding it to
each recipe. Also prevail in the menu of Japanese geishas
seafood, fish, mushrooms, vegetables, fruits, soy and cabbage. But their
addition to the main products of the diet is undesirable.

The most preferred rice for weight loss diets
— бурый нешлифованный
, так как он лучше всех остальных
cleans the gastrointestinal tract and is great for everyone

Tea is usually drunk in combination with milk to increase the level
calcium and getting rid of hunger. Black tea is not prohibited,
but in moderation.

With successful compliance, you can lose weight by 5-7

Japanese geisha diet for weight loss on green tea and rice
категорически противопоказана людям с хроническими
diseases of the digestive system.

Menu for 5 days

With all the scarcity of the main ingredients, a menu with recipes for a diet
Geisha for 5 days to lose weight is quite easy to sustain. Will consider
more of its rules. Итак, диета гейши — меню на каждый

First day

  • Breakfast: a cup of green tea with milk;
  • Lunch: boiled rice;
  • Dinner: green hot drink with honey.


  • water and cabbage salad;
  • rice soup on a low-fat broth;
  • green tea with milk, rice.


  • milk, a cup of weak black tea;
  • milk rice porridge;
  • boiled rice, green drink.


  • 100 grams of low-fat cottage cheese and green tea;
  • rice and cabbage salad;
  • a glass of warm milk.


  • hot green drink with milk;
  • rice soup with vegetables;
  • milk, cottage cheese and rice.

When there is a feeling of hunger in a restrictive geisha diet,
Replace snacks on a cup of freshly prepared green leaf

When getting the desired results, this menu should
return no earlier than two months.

How to go out?

Although the menu of a geisha’s diet for 5 days to lose weight and has
quite a limited diet, when leaving it do not rush
pounce on forbidden high-calorie fatty

Первое время по возвращению к привычному
питанию, ограничивайтесь рыбой, овощами и
fruits. Return your other favorite products to your life.
gradually, after 1-2 weeks after completing the geisha’s diet.

Green tea рекомендуется оставить в привычном
, употребляя не менее 4 чашек в день. remember, that
it should be without sugar and other flavorings, since only
its “natural” look helps to improve the condition


Will consider специальные рецепты диеты гейши для
, полезные свойства которых обеспечат вас
satiety and useful substances for the whole period of time,
dedicated to the above dietary restrictions:

Rice noodle salad

Rice noodle salad

Ингредиенты: одна морковка, корень имбиря, один лук, один
garlic, 100 g rice noodles, 150 g peas, a tablespoon
soy sauce and oil and the same amount of vinegar.

  • finely chop the carrot, onion and ginger;
  • fry them in soybean oil;
  • then add garlic, pepper and peas and stew for 5
  • boil noodles;
  • mix and season with soy sauce and vinegar.

Pic с овощами

Pic с овощами

Ингредиенты: 400 г риса, один лук, по 200 г перца и

  • cook rice;
  • cut vegetables;
  • mix.

Seafood soup

Picовый суп с морепродуктам

Ингредиенты: щепотка базилика, по 150 г помидоров и огурцов, по
tablespoon of vinegar and olive oil, 250 g of shrimp, one onion
and one garlic.

  • chop tomatoes, basil in a blender, adding vinegar to them and
    olive oil;
  • cook shrimp;
  • chop the onion, cucumber and garlic;
  • put into shape;
  • cook in a slow cooker for 5 minutes.

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