Diet from Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is one of the brightest representatives
Hollywood This actress is a benchmark of femininity and beauty that
confirm various ratings. But to always look good
and stay slim, the actress has a lot of work to do,
and a part of this work is a special diet, which was named in
star honor – Angelina Jolie’s diet.

Diet from Angelina Jolie


  • The principle of the diet of Angelina Jolie
  • What foods to exclude and include in the diet?
  • Food menu on the diet from Adzhelina Jolie
  • Super cocktail against excess weight from Jolie
  • Tips losing weight from the actress
  • Benefits of the Jolie Diet
  • Video: Diet and diet of Angelina Jolie


The principle of the diet of Angelina Jolie

The fundamental principle of the diet of a Hollywood star – reduce
eating simple carbohydrates to a minimum. Ideally, simple
carbohydrates are completely excluded from the diet. But along with
this rule should be noted that the amount of protein consumed and
fat is not limited.

Стройная фигура Джоли

If you follow this principle of Angelina Jolie’s diet, then in
the body will lack the main source of energy (carbohydrates).
As a result, the body will begin to scoop it through the process
lipolysis, which implies the breakdown of deferred fat, and how
The consequence of this process is a decrease in body weight.

Starting a diet from Jolie, you should prepare for the fact that the first
the time will be a little hard, because of the mode changeover
nutritional stress will be inevitable. First days on a diet from hollywood
stars a person may feel a little malaise,
dizziness, lack of energy. This period is necessary just
to endure, as soon as the body will adapt to the new
rules and will be full of energy again.

What foods to exclude and include in the diet?

Based on the principle of diet, from the diet should be immediately
exclude the following food:

  • fatty and spicy foods;
  • canned food;
  • the most carbohydrate foods that are represented by buns,
    cakes, pastries and other confectionery.

Since no food system allows for lack of protein
in the daily diet, it can be scooped from lean meats,
fish and poultry, as well as from the category of dairy products. Those who do not
eats meat, it is recommended to eat avocado pulp, as it has
a lot of protein, and the exotic fruit itself is considered dietary,
despite its calorie content.

Диета Джоли

Follow Angelina Jolie’s diet is impossible if not to enrich
Your menu with the following products:

  • fresh vegetables;
  • fruits;
  • fresh juices;
  • natural yoghurts (homemade);
  • nuts;
  • ginger tea;
  • seafood;
  • germinated grains;
  • custard grits (alternative to cereals) without sugar. As
    sweetener you can use a spoonful of honey.

It should drink a day from 2 liters of pure water, while others
consumed liquids (tea, coffee, juices) do not count.
Hollywood star does not hide the fact that she resorted to
emergency measures of weight loss using a drinking diet, but soon
she returned to the rules of nutrition of her diet, which helps her
to maintain his figure in the norm without harm to health.

In the daily ration of the stars are included only those products that
do not harm the figure and at the same time are a full source
all the necessary vitamins, nutrients and

Food menu on the diet from Adzhelina Jolie

Contrary to popular belief about three meals a day, on a diet
Angelina Jolie should be eaten at least 5 times a day. Is not
will affect the daily dose of calories consumed, as the diet
enriched with low-calorie foods.


Fruit salad (you can use different fruits, except
grapes and banana), seasoned with Greek yogurt. In the salad
You can add a handful of nuts, or eat them separately. Concerning
drinks, it is best to drink a cup of ginger tea, but if
it’s hard to wake up in the morning without coffee, then you can drink an espresso without
cream and sugar.

Меню диеты


Under the second breakfast is meant an ordinary snack.
Snack consists of fruits, for example, an apple and an orange.


For lunch, be sure to eat a portion of fresh vegetable salad,
You can add a little sesame and salad salad with a spoon of olive
oils. You also need to eat either cottage cheese or a piece of lean meat,
steamed. From drinks or ginger tea, or
fresh juice.

Afternoon tea

Greek yogurt and half fruit. If fruit is selected, y
which small fruits, for example, apricot, you can eat it


For dinner, you can eat vegetable soup, an excellent option here.
will be Bonn slimming soup, as well as a slice of cheese and from 30 to
50 grams of nuts.

Меню диеты Джоли

This daily menu is repeated every day for
of the week. Ingredients in the composition of dishes can be changed, for example, in one
the day to make a salad of cabbage and carrots, and in another
day – from peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes. A week later, having determined
portion sizes for your body, you can start experimenting
with dishes, avoiding those products that are not allowed during
diets from Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie’s diet does not impose on the daily menu hard

Super cocktail against excess weight from Jolie

The star itself in an interview acknowledges that she does not always
It turns out to strictly follow the principles of their diet, that
due to the tight schedule. But for such cases, Jolie has
magic wand in the form of a super cocktail that helps the star
don’t lose all the results she has already achieved on the way
to perfect forms.

A super-smoothie looks like a smoothie, but it includes
completely different ingredients, namely:

  • 1.5 liters of mineral water without gas;
  • Juice of seven fresh lemons;
  • 20 grams of natural honey;
  • 1 teaspoon red chili pepper.

All of these ingredients are mixed, and the cocktail is divided into
3 servings you can drink during the day to get a charge
energy and dull the feeling of hunger. This cocktail can be replaced
snacks, but can not be abused, so as not to cause harm
your stomach.

Cocktail is best used only in emergency cases.
when the day is scheduled with a tight schedule.

Tips losing weight from the actress

Some practical tips from Angelina Jolie to the process
losing weight was not a joy, but a joy:

  • During the diet it is necessary to accelerate the metabolism. In this case
    helps a large amount of fluid consumed – this is ginger
    tea, and herbal infusions, and fresh juices.
  • The result will be much more visual, if not to forget about
    physical exercise. Star recommends playing sports at least
    3 times a week.
  • Since during the diet the amount of carbohydrates consumed
    reduced to a minimum, you need to take care of a sufficient amount
    consumed animal protein, which will become a new source
    energy. You can draw protein from dairy products, yogurt, and
    also poultry and fish, only cook them best on
    a couple.
  • Instead of custard cereals for breakfast, you can safely eat muesli,
    which contain fiber, which will have a positive impact not only
    on the figure, but also on the condition of the skin. Muesli can be made and
    independently – mix oatmeal with dried fruits and peeled
  • The star of the red carpet insists on using it
    cold vegetable soup, which has no calories, but there are vitamins
    and nutrients.

Анджелина Джоли

You can not in the first days of the diet too much to reduce calories
your menu because the body needs to slowly enter
diet, so that it does not affect the health.

Benefits of the Jolie Diet

К самым главным преимуществам diets from Анджелины Джоли можно

  • Gradual weight loss without putting the body into stress
  • There are no contraindications for the diet, as its diet
  • Losing weight does not experience the feeling of hunger that is caused
    frequent meals;
  • Thanks to this power system improves and accelerates
  • After losing weight, extra pounds are not returned, and weight
    manages to keep at a stable mark.

Фигура, как у Анджелины Джоли

Результат diets from Анджелины Джоли действительно порадует и
surprise if you fulfill all the conditions of the diet – for a month you can lose
from 5 kilogram and more.

You can also explore the Hollywood diet resorted to.
many stars of the West for weight loss.

Video: Diet and diet of Angelina Jolie

In a special video you can get acquainted with one of the recipes.
dishes based on the principles of Angelina Jolie’s diet, and
just learn a few more nuances about what exactly is eating

His appearance Angelina Jolie motivates many girls
follow your figure and beauty. Of course, this is very important.
eat right, which greatly contributes to a diet from
stars, which will lose 5 pounds or more in total
per month.

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