Diet for teens

The problem of overweight is faced not only by adults,
but also teenagers. As you know, the problem of completeness children are experiencing
it is very difficult, as they are subject to collective opinion and often
may run across the mockery of classmates.

For example, fat guys often face ridicule due to
their inactivity, and full girls are ridiculed because
inconsistencies with the modern rules of “adolescent glamor”. One
of the main problems at this age is communication with
opposite sex, due to which a lot is born

Diet for teens

The cause of excess weight in adolescents, most often, become
improper or excessive diet, much less common causes
heredity or hormone imbalance are.

Not so bad! Teens can also use diets and
play sports to lose weight if it is just not the result
any disease (what needs to be learned from the doctor).

The diet for slimming teens should not be as severe as
in adults, but will power will have to show. Take action for
struggle with excess weight is necessary in the case when the child himself is
wants. If he is completely normal in this form, then nothing is needed.
to do, ultimately there are plenty of examples when at age 20 full
adolescents outgrown fullness and had a slim build, without
use of diets and sports.

It is not necessary to force a child to go on a diet when he is not
wishes Если же ребёнок хочет похудеть и решил сесть на
diet, you should not dissuade him and dissemble that all is well and
he is simply “wide bone” if he really has an extra

The child should make the decision about the diet consciously, since the diet
not a simple rejection of snacks, but this is a complex of serious changes in
nutrition and constant monitoring of the diet for a rather long
period of time. If everything is clearly decided and set a goal to lose weight –
take action.

Подростковая диета

Rules of nutrition diets for teens

The first thing is to stop forcing a teenager to eat,
если он этого не wants. Especially this obsessive thought is inherent
grandmothers who, contrary to how much their beloved granddaughters are eating
or granddaughter, believe that a little, and try to persuade to eat more
something, and if they get a refusal, they start a brainstorming.
Such situations should be excluded, first of all, in order not to
traumatize the child.

Diet for teens должна включать в себя все необходимые для
vitamins and foods, since during this period of life
the most important processes in maturation occur.

To the diet does not harm, get advice from a doctor
regarding the diet of the child in the diet. In view of the fact that each
your teenager your schedule and organize meals in the same way
time will be very difficult, we will give the option of power, from which
you can retreat a bit depending on the circumstances.
Diet for slimming teens

Diet for slimming teens

The diet menu for teens will help parents pick up.
Teen diets consist of five meals a day, here
Includes: 2 breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Correct and good
diet for teens will help throw up to 5kg, depending on
degree of completeness.

We offer you a diet diet for teens for

1st day: Breakfast: rice milk porridge and tea; Lunch:
banana and low-fat yogurt; Lunch: vegetable soup and 2 toasts; Tea time:
fruit salad; Dinner: a glass of skimmed milk and sponge cake.

2-ой день: Завтрак: 2 сваренных яйца в
steep, buttered toast and vegetable salad; Lunch: Нежирный
yogurt and apple; Lunch: Lean red borsch, a small piece
boiled meat without fat, a slice of black bread; Tea time: Фруктовая
casserole and a glass of skimmed milk; Dinner: 150g muesli with
dried fruit.

3rd day: Breakfast: 200g spaghetti with cherry tomato, sprinkled with 1ct
spoon of olive oil; Lunch: 1 тост с бутербродным
cheese and a glass of milk; Lunch: Mushroom soup with potatoes and herbs;
Tea time: Запечённая картошка и половинка варёного куриного филе;
Dinner: Fruits.

4-ый день: Завтрак: Омлет из 2х яиц с
tomatoes and herbs; Lunch: 1 банан; Lunch: Fish soup;
Tea time: Творожная запеканка; Dinner: Fish fillet baked in foil with
cucumber and tomato salad.

5th day: Breakfast: 100g chicken and 100g buckwheat porridge; Second
завтрак: fruit salad; Dinner: Chicken broth soup with
noodles; Tea time: 2 яблока; Dinner: Jacket and Fish Potatoes

6th day: Breakfast: Lazy cabbage rolls; Lunch: Яблочный
juice and biscuit; Lunch: Cheese soup; Tea time: Небольшая порция
vinaigrette, baked fish and tomato juice; Dinner: Low-fat

7th day: Breakfast: 100g of oatmeal and 100g of stewed meat; Second
breakfast: 1 banana; Lunch: Vegetable soup; Tea time: Бисквит и 1 стакан
skimmed milk; Dinner: Seasoned Fruit Salad

Meals should be taken at the same time as
uniform intervals between meals. Note that dinner should not be
later than 2 hours before sleep. Drink more during the day
water, preferably only non-carbonated. Most nutritionists
recommend that adolescents alternate diets, so after the proposed
we diet, it is recommended to choose another. Try to pick
diet so that it is different from ours.

Как похудеть подростку

Proper teen diet

Teenagers must refuse sweets,
chocolate, crackers, chips and other products of this segment

Be sure to exclude trips to fast food, such food becomes
the main culprit in adolescent obesity.

With your favorite drinks containing dyes, you’ll also have to
due to the large amount of sugar and calories in their

Хорошая диета для подростков должна содержать больше
carbohydrates, but proteins and fats should be used in half

Like any other diet, teenage require an exception
fried food, and it practically affects the entire everyday
the diet of the child, so you have to cook other dishes, but at the same time
dramatically change the food to which the child is used – you can not, enter
new dishes gradually.

What foods can be included in the diet:

• Vegetables (especially cabbage); • Fruits; • Berries; • Lean fish;
• Chicken meat; • Eggs; • Cereals.

During the diet period, it is recommended to consume more vitamin which
carry fruit. They can make juice, the so-called fresh.
Refuse from store juices, as they contain
a lot of sugar and preservatives, and there are not so many vitamins.

Teenagers can also spend fasting days, about which we
already told on our site. They will be useful after the diet for
retention of the achieved result and for health in general. At all
proper nutrition should go down as a rule if you are prone to

Меню для похудения подростков Restrictions on eating in teens are not
should be reduced to hunger, because they do not have such a strong body,
like an adult. Do not try to lose weight dramatically, and
especially taking diet pills – teens are strictly
is prohibited.

Do not worry, because a teenager is much easier to lose weight than
adult, as the body is able to quickly burn excess
calories. Speaking of other methods of fast weight loss – read

Each diet will be effective with the use of physical
exercise. For teens, this is not so necessary because their
lifestyle includes exercise, but in any case
physical exercises will not be superfluous, we will tell you about it in
our next article.

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