Diet for slimming the abdomen and sides for men -menu for the week

  • 1 Diet men for slimming the abdomen and sides
    • 1.1 Principles of nutrition
    • 1.2 Permitted Products
    • 1.3 Menu for the week

Men need to lose belly and sides
balanced low-calorie diet. Diet options on kefir
or any other mono-diets are not suitable for men, since the lack of
animal proteins in the diet can negatively affect the level
testosterone, lead to a decrease in libido, as well as a decrease in non
fat deposits, and muscle mass. Effective slimming belly and
Laterals in men is achieved by proper diet and regular
physical exertion.

Diet men slimming belly and sides

Before you begin to follow a diet to lose weight belly and
laterally, it is necessary to deal with the causes of overweight in

  • Disorders of the endocrine system, genetic predisposition
    to completeness. To solve these problems you need
    consult with a doctor;
  • Diseases provoking weight gain (diabetes,
  • Bad habits: smoking, regular drinking
    drinks, overeating, systematic food in fast foods;
  • Sedentary lifestyle, minimum physical activity;
  • Not the right diet. Eating fat, fried, smoked,
    sweet food, food at night;
  • Violations of the gastrointestinal tract, frequent constipation,
    leading to the accumulation of harmful toxins and toxins in the body.

Having dealt with the main reasons that contribute to the recruitment
overweight, mainly in the abdomen and sides of men,
You can develop a plan for further action. If the reason for dialing
overweight lies in genetics, the endocrine system or in connection with
Chronic illnesses should immediately refer to
to the doctor.

If the cause of weight gain in the abdomen and sides
lies in the wrong lifestyle of a man, should be drastically
change it for weight loss. First of all, you must refuse
from smoking and drinking alcohol, from fatty, fried,
smoked, sweet and other junk food. It is recommended to eat
often 4-5 times a day, but in reduced portions. Will be sufficient
reduce the amount of usually eaten portions by only one third.

For weight loss of legs, abdomen and sides with health benefits,
men need regular exercise. You can regularly
perform a set of exercises at home (planks,
push-ups, dumbbell press, squats), train in a fitness center
under the guidance of a professional instructor, to run,
abandon the elevator. Systematic exercise in
combined with a diet help men lose weight in the abdomen and

Principles of nutrition

Nutrition for slimming the abdomen and sides for men includes
following principles:

  • For effective weight loss of the abdomen and sides, men should
    reduce your daily calorie intake by
  • Balanced and varied diet. For effective
    weight loss in the menu should be dominated by proteins,
    contained in lean meat, fish, dairy products and complex
    carbohydrates (vegetables, cereals, fruits);
  • It should limit the consumption of animal fat
  • It is necessary to exclude from your diet fried, fatty,
    smoked, marinated and sweet dishes, fast food;
  • Men need to be excluded from their diet for weight loss
    belly and sides alcoholic and carbonated drinks;
  • Eat when you need a diet 4-5 times a day. Last reception
    food should be no later than 4 hours before bedtime;
  • Food should be chewed thoroughly, so that saturation
    will come faster, resulting in a small one
    portion, which would entail a decrease in the volume of the stomach and
    weight loss;
  • It is necessary to drink daily 1.5-2 liters of water without gas.
    Fat cells filled with water are burned many times faster;
  • For slimming the abdomen and sides should be excluded from the diet
    sugar, salt and spice minimization. Sugar
    adds empty calories, salt retains excess moisture in
    body, and spices increase appetite.

Permitted Products

Products for slimming the abdomen and sides for

  • Low-fat meat (beef, veal, rabbit meat);
  • Low-fat poultry meat (turkey, chicken);
  • Offal;
  • Low-fat fish (crucian, zander, bream, pike);
  • Dairy and dairy products of low fat content (milk,
    kefir, cottage cheese, ryazhenka, yogurt, natural yogurt);
  • Non-starchy vegetables (carrots, beets, cucumbers, tomatoes,
    pepper, spinach, broccoli);
  • Greens (dill, parsley, basil);
  • Unsweetened fruits (pears, apples, oranges, kiwi, grapefruits,
  • Cereals and cereals (rice, oatmeal, buckwheat);
  • Legumes (beans, peas, lentils);
  • Wholemeal Bread (rye, wholegrain);
  • Olive, linseed oil;
  • Apple cider vinegar, lemon juice;
  • Natural honey (not more than 2 teaspoons per day);
  • Nuts, seeds;
  • Dried fruits;
  • Natural fruit and vegetable juices;
  • Herbal teas, sugar-free decoctions and additives.

Menu for the week

Menu for slimming the abdomen and sides for men should be
varied. Do not give up on a diet of animal proteins.
to avoid потери не fat deposits, and muscle mass.
Daily caloric intake of a diet for weight loss of the abdomen and sides
calculated individually based on initial weight, height and
age Men need to lose belly and sides
reduce your usual daily ration by 30%.

Diet for slimming the abdomen and sides for men – меню на
week (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner):


  • Omelet from 2 eggs. A tomato;
  • Pea soup. Boiled chicken fillet 120 gr. Cabbage salad
    200 gr;
  • Kefir 1% 1 cup;
  • Steamed fish 120 gr. Vegetable stew 250 gr.


  • Oatmeal with dried fruit and 1 tsp. honey;
  • Ear with fish pieces 200 ml. Салат из моркови 200 gr;
  • 1 soft boiled egg;
  • Shrimp 150 gr. Seaweed Salad 250 gr.


  • 2 hard boiled eggs. Arugula salad with spinach, seasoned
    lemon juice 250 gr;
  • Chicken soup with poultry meat 250 ml. Whole Grain Bread 2
  • Cottage cheese, seasoned with natural yogurt 150 gr;
  • Steamed beef cutlets 200 gr. Beetroot Salad 200


  • Мюсли 150 gr. Ryazhenka 1 glass;
  • Mushroom soup 150 ml. Филе индейки на пару 150 gr. Spinach 100
  • An Apple;
  • Рис 150 gr. Тефтели 150 gr. Салат «Греческий» 200 gr.


  • Milk soup 200 ml;
  • Фаршированный перец с мясом 300 gr;
  • Grapefruit;
  • Тушеный кролик с овощами 200 gr.


  • Нежирный творог с укропом 150 gr. Orange;
  • Крем-суп из овощей 250 gr. Мясные медальоны 150 gr;
  • Tomato juice 1 cup;
  • Винегрет 200 gr. Тушеная куриная печень 150 gr.


  • Рисовая каша с молоком 200 gr;
  • Borsch with beef slices 250 ml. 2 slices of rye bread;
  • 2 Kiwis;
  • Капустные голубцы с говядиной 300 gr.

During the diet, slimming the abdomen and sides should be reduced
the amount of salt consumed, which contributes to the accumulation
excess fluid in the body. Daily men should drink
1.5-2 liters of non-carbonated water to improve metabolism. Water
better to drink in small sips an hour before and after meals.

For effective похудения живота и боков мужчинам, помимо
diet, you need to increase the level of physical activity. The greatest
performance for men have strength training and
exercises with weights.

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