Diet for IBD kidney

Recently, kidney stones are not uncommon.
Urinary salts formed due to malnutrition or
other reasons gradually settle in the body in the form of sand and
stones. Diet for kidney stones is not an option.
only suspend the emergence of new formations, but also completely
heal from the affliction.

Weight changes, the birth and feeding of the baby, age-related changes
imprint on the entire female body, not bypassing and such
An attractive area for men, like a chest. So that
to preserve the beauty of the bust, should, without being lazy, perform at home or in
exercise room for breast lift, which will gradually give
required result.

Essence of the diet

The purpose of the diet is to change the reaction of urine in the acidic side, ridding
from salts, restoring acid-base balance. How does it look
the formation of kidney stones is represented in the figure:

Diet for IBD kidney


  • Essence of the diet
  • Diet for urolithiasis in a child
  • Diet for urolithiasis in women
  • Diet for men with urolithiasis
  • Allowed and prohibited products
  • Video: how to get rid of kidney stones?
  • Examples of diets for the week

Fundamental rules:

  1. Limit intake of substances that may cause
    salt formation.
  2. Abundant consumption of drinking – 2-3 liters of water per day. Can drink
    after meal. This will contribute to the removal of sediment salts.
  3. Exclude from the diet foods rich in calcium.
  4. The cooking temperature remains unchanged.
  5. Eat 4-5 times a day, eliminating overeating.
  6. You should consider a number of associated diseases. For example, when
    cardiovascular disease, abundant drinking is not
    recommended. Therefore, initially pass the examination and
    consult a doctor.
  7. Exclude the use of vitamin C.

Diet for urolithiasis in a child

Treatment in children is the same as in adults. Exactly the same
products remain permitted and the same are excluded from
power supply.

The difficulty is that the child is harder to make
abandon sweets and other things that may prohibit diet.

In addition to all the listed rules, it is worth adding that
It will be useful to use vitamins A, B, E6.

Diet for urolithiasis in women

In women, this disease increases with the onset of menopause.
As a rule, diets for women and men are no different. Due to sexual
differences women are more prone to overeating, they are especially worth
pay attention to diet control.

Diet for men with urolithiasis

In men in adolescence, the disease is more common than
among women. But in men, stones are formed precisely in the kidneys, and not
channels. They are recommended to give up alcohol, smoking, acute
food and do not forget to drink more than two liters of fluid per day.

Other popular diets:

Allowed and prohibited products

The list of permitted products depends on the composition of the stone in
the patient’s body. Stones may consist of phosphates, oxalates,

Oxalate Diet:

Разрешено кушать: яблоко, грушу, плоды слив,
grapes, pumpkin, cauliflower. From porridges it is recommended to use
oatmeal, buckwheat. You can also potatoes, eggplants, bananas, peaches,
watermelons, eggs, low-fat fish.

Запрещено: листовой салат, шпинат, щавель,
rhubarb, chocolate, nuts, cocoa, jelly, marmalade, dairy

When the phosphate content:

Разрешено: мясо, птицу, рыбу, бобы, хлеб,
flour production, Brussels sprouts, sour apples, red
currants, green peas, lingonberries, prunes.

Запрещено: копчености, молоко, соль, жирную
food, juices, fruits and vegetables, except for permitted.

Urata diet:

Разрешено: молоко, отварную рыбу и мясо,
fermented milk products, cereals, lemon, grapefruit.

Запрещено: печень, почки, бульоны мясные и
fish, beans, mushrooms, cauliflower.

Video: how to get rid of kidney stones?

Very informative material set out in this story. Narrated by
about each type of stones and given a diet for urolithiasis
kidneys and medical methods for getting rid of

Examples of diets for the week

Oxalate menu

The menu is designed for 4 meals.


  1. Oatmeal. Glass of water.
  2. An Apple.
  3. Braised Pumpkin.
  4. Cauliflower salad, seasoned with sunflower


  1. Two pears.
  2. Eggplant and pumpkin stew.
  3. Bunch of grapes.
  4. Buckwheat.


  1. A pair of baked bananas.
  2. Baked potato.
  3. Two slices of watermelon.
  4. Oatmeal.


  1. Two boiled eggs.
  2. Braised cabbage.
  3. Three plums.
  4. Buckwheat with gravy from pumpkin.


  1. A pair of peaches.
  2. Steamed cod.
  3. An Apple.
  4. Soup from potatoes, cauliflower and carrots.


  1. Baked bananas 2 pcs.
  2. Boiled potatoes, garnished with parsley leaves.
  3. Pollock, steamed.
  4. Pear.


  1. Scrambled eggs from two eggs.
  2. Two peaches.
  3. Baked eggplant and mashed potatoes.
  4. Bunch of grapes.

Phosphate menu


  1. A handful of well-washed prunes.
  2. Calf meat (200 grams) stew with diced
  3. One sour green apple.
  4. Brussels sprouts salad, with the addition of vegetable
    butter and two tablespoons of green peas.


  1. Кусочек ржаного хлеба намазанный сливочным oil
  2. Stewed beans.
  3. A glass of red currants.
  4. Baked rasp.


  1. Sour apple.
  2. Bake chicken breast in the oven, decorate with peas.
  3. A glass of lingonberries.
  4. Steamed fish.


  1. Bun and glass of herbal tea.
  2. Pork goulash with pasta.
  3. A handful of prunes.
  4. Chicken soup with allowed vegetables.


  1. Any flour product not exceeding 200 grams in weight, tea
  2. Fishcakes.
  3. Cowberry kissel.
  4. Bean Soup


  1. Ломтик хлеба со сливочным oil
  2. Pork chops – 2pcs.
  3. Pie with red currants.
  4. Ear out of any lean fish.


  1. A pair of small sour apples.
  2. Mutton goulash
  3. Patties with Brussels sprouts.
  4. Meat soup.

Morning menu


  1. Cottage cheese 150 g
  2. Flounder, steamed, with minimal addition
  3. Grapefruit.
  4. Buckwheat.


  1. A glass of milk, 2 slices of cheese.
  2. Grapefruit.
  3. Boiled meat. Tea with lemon.
  4. Barley porridge.


  1. Semolina porridge with milk.
  2. A glass of kefir.
  3. Boiled rice.
  4. Drinking yoghurt.


  1. A couple of slices of cheese.
  2. Semolina.
  3. Steamed meat.
  4. A glass of ryazhenka.


  1. Омлет из двух яиц и полстакана молока со щепоткой salt.
  2. Grapefruit.
  3. Meat patties.
  4. Cottage cheese (150 grams).


  1. Thick, low-fat yogurt.
  2. Slice of cheese or cheese.
  3. Meat chops.
  4. A glass of milk.


  1. Buckwheat porridge with milk.
  2. A glass of ryazhenka.
  3. Veal in cheese sauce.
  4. Meat salad.

Combine all diets with heavy drinking, try to take
more pure water instead of tea.

Healthy kidneys without debilitating pain is a dream that can
become a reality with proper nutrition. Develop your own
diet or use our of the three according to
от типа stones. Such nutrition can be used as
treatment of urolithiasis, as well as for prevention.

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