Diet for blood group 3 (type B)

dieta-po-gruppe-krovi-3American Dr. Peter D’Adamo,
the author of the book “Diet by blood type,” claims that people can
successfully fight overweight, gain vital energy and
improve overall health by just making up your
daily diet depending on the type of blood.

His theory is based on the fact that different blood types appeared
on an evolutionary scale at different times and have certain
genetic differences among themselves.

Our blood cells contain specific antigens (or proteins),
which mark type A, B or AB. Blood without these antigens
attributed to the type of O. D’Adamo believes that various products can
differently affect the body’s susceptibility to certain
diseases, gastric acidity and hormone levels.

The emergence of the third blood group:

Proponents of the diet claim that it first appeared when
people moved from East Africa to the Himalayan mountains, so in
our days among the population of China, Korea, India, Germany and Austria
there is the highest density of people with 3 groups.

Later, it continued to spread when people began to
lead a nomadic lifestyle by eating a variety of foods including
vegetables, cereals, dairy products and meat.

This type of blood characterizes, as a rule, strong and energetic
personalities able to resist various cardiovascular and
oncological diseases, providing for themselves a long and healthy
a life. Compared to the others, nutrition in group 3 in its
The diet includes a large number of different types of foods.


Features diet for blood type 3 (B)

Meat, Poultry and Seafood

Meats such as lamb, venison, beef and veal are good.
enhances the immune system function of the body. The best choice from
The fish assortment is cod, salmon, flounder and halibut.

Chicken, poultry and pork should be avoided, as they
contain large amounts of protein that may contribute
increase blood clotting and the risk of stroke.
Shellfish such as shrimp, lobster, crabs, oysters and mussels are also
must be excluded because they may cause problems with

Cereals, beans and nuts

Cereal consumption is not recommended because most
grains contain lectins – substances that can cause
fatigue, slower metabolism, circulatory diseases and
fluid retention in the body.

Corn, wheat, buckwheat are the main causes
weight gain for this type of food. Beans and nuts – lentils,
beans, peanuts, sesame, cashews and walnuts – should also
avoid as they can interfere with the normal development

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Fruits and vegetables

Most fruits and vegetables are acceptable for this type of food.
Pineapples are especially helpful since they contribute to the proper
digestion. Include in your diet bananas, grapes, plums and

Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, chard, lettuce and
cabbage high in magnesium helps to protect against
viruses and diseases of the immune system, and highly recommended.
Tomatoes, corn and olives should not be consumed, as they
contain components that may enter into undesirable reactions
with blood type B.

Expert Opinion: Nutritionist Juliette Kellow from the UK
notes that such a diet can lead to long-term problems
with health because it limits the intake
certain types of products.

Instead of following such unproven methods,
talk to your doctor about eating habits to identify
ways you can lose weight and
adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

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