Diet for 10 days 10 kg

Girls often complain that the diets they use are not
bring the desired result. The reasons for this may be

• Improper use of the diet; • Making changes to
established diet diet; • Incorrect diet; •
Excessive requirements for results, etc.

Diet for 10 days 10 kg

This time we will choose for you a diet with which you
You can lose weight in 10 days at 10kg. Immediately make a reservation that
Not everyone will be able to lose 10 kilograms, because diet
pretty harsh and requires a lot of patience and strength from you.
Also it will not be possible to lose weight to those who have their excess weight does not exceed
standard weight rate. Those are if your constant weight
is 70 kilograms, and at the moment it is, for example
75, then 10 kilograms you, with all your desire, do not throw off, maximum
5kg, so evaluate the capabilities of your body really. But
this does not mean that this diet is only suitable for obese people
it is effective also for those who sin on easy fullness, 10
kilogram you do not throw off, but the maximum possible result,
which is within your power, you will achieve.

Эффективная диета на 10 дней

Using this diet, you should abandon any other
foods that are absent in the diet diet, namely fat,
high-calorie and junk food.

During the day, drink mineral water, green tea without sugar.
Very useful both for the body and for the effectiveness of the diet.
there will be a dog rose infusion that acts as a diuretic
funds and help remove excess fluid from the body. In a day
drink at least 2 liters of mineral water.

The following ration contains a complex of diets, such as
protein diet, fruit and 2 fasting days: on kefir and

1st day:

Breakfast: A glass of carrot juice, scrambled eggs and 100g of oatmeal; Second
breakfast: Grapefruit; Lunch: A small portion of vegetable soup (recipe
овощного Боннского супа и другие рецепты смотрите тут);
Lunch: Medium-sized green apple (can be cut) and
low fat yogurt; Dinner: Buckwheat cutlets (recipe below).

2nd day:

Breakfast: A glass of milk pour 100g of muesli, adding there
sliced ​​fruit pieces; Second завтрак: 100г творога с
peach; Lunch: Chicken soup, on “light” broth and with 2 pieces
cereal breads; Lunch: Low Fat Cheesecake Dessert; Dinner: 150g
boiled fish and tomato;

3rd day:

Fasting day on kefir Breakfast: 2 coarse toast
grinding and a glass of kefir; Second завтрак: Стаканчик виноградного сока
and 2 apples; Lunch: Vinaigrette, seasoned with 1 spoon of olive
oils; Lunch: A glass of kefir; Dinner: Carrot Casserole and Slice
whole grain bread.

4th day:

Breakfast: Pour 100g of oatmeal porridge with a glass of milk and
add there sliced ​​banana; Second завтрак: 70г риса и
peach; Lunch: 100g of baked beef and vegetable mix (carrots,
corn, peas, etc.); Snack: Baked Potatoes and Vegetable
salad; Dinner: Chum salmon steamed (recipe below).

5th day:

Breakfast: 200g of buckwheat porridge and apple; Second завтрак:
Sandwich from toast, cheese and tomato; Lunch: Portion of soup in the lean
broth; Snack: Fruit salad (sliced ​​kiwi, bananas,
apples, peaches and nuts – fill with yogurt); Dinner: Chicken Breast
grill and salad of tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, onion and

6th day:

Breakfast: Oatmeal on milk with pieces of dried fruit;
Second завтрак: В 150г творога добавьте мелкопорезанный персик и
mix it all up; Dinner: Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce
baked fish fillet; Snack: Rice with raisins, nuts and fresh juice
cherries; Dinner: Dietary chicken meatballs (recipe below).

7th day:

Fasting day for apples Breakfast: Salad (grated apple,
a glass of low-fat yogurt and 1 tablespoon of oatmeal);
Second завтрак: 1 зелёное яблоко; Lunch: Nuts and apples salad
(recipe below); Safe,: 1 apple; Dinner: Applesauce from 3

8th day:

Breakfast: Omelet with tomatoes and herbs; Second завтрак:
Low-fat cottage cheese dessert with fruit pieces; Lunch: Big
a portion of vegetable salad; Safe,: A glass of kefir and an apple; Dinner:
Grilled fish fillet with baked vegetables.

Day 9:

Breakfast: Hard-boiled 2 eggs, 2 toasts and salad from
white cabbage, carrots and greens; Second завтрак: Банан;
Lunch: 2 stuffed peppers; Lunch: Casserole with cottage cheese and
raisins, fresh orange; Dinner: Салат из креветок и овощей.

10th day:

Breakfast: Green tea and toast with honey; Second завтрак: Салат из
fruits; Lunch: Cheese soup; Lunch: Yoghurt and sponge cake; Dinner:
Potatoes with eggs (recipe below).

Now let’s touch the recipes of dishes that we mentioned in the diet.

Меню диеты на 10 дней

Buckwheat cutlets

For the preparation of 3 servings we need:

• buckwheat – 500g; • Greenery; • Salt; • Ground pepper.

To make cutlets, boil the buckwheat, then cool it with
using a blender, grind all the ingredients of a dish until homogeneous
masses. After that from the resulting mince sculpt patties, lay out
send them to the silicone mold in the oven, previously
heated to 180 degrees on 20 minutes.

Chum salmon

For 2 servings we need:

• Keta – 300g; • Greenery; • Salt; • Ground pepper.

Cooking is fairly simple and does not take much
of time. To do this, we need to cut the ketu into slices, then
salt and pepper, based on your taste preferences. To the bottom
steam boiler pour water and add a little green there, for
giving flavor. Next, lay the ketu on the steam insert.
It will be enough to turn the pieces on the other side once, for
all the cooking time.

Dietary chicken meatballs

To cook 2 servings we need to have:

• Chicken fillet – 500g; • Greenery; • Salt; • Ground pepper.

First of all, in order to prepare the meatballs, we need
twist in a meat grinder chicken fillet. Add to the resulting mince
salt and pepper to taste and mix it all thoroughly. Then
the resulting substance is divided into parts, from which we twist the balls –
meatballs. After that, boil them in water or steaming them – where you
more convenient. Cooked meatballs about 20 minutes, depending on their

Walnut and Apple Salad

For 2 servings we need to have:

• Apples – 4pcs: • Walnuts – 5pcs; • Low fat yogurt; •
Apple vinegar; • Greenery; • Leaf salad.

We chop nuts and finely chop the apples – mix them in one
dishes and add leaf salad. Next, prepare the mixture for
dressing: add 1 teaspoon of apple into a glass of yogurt
vinegar with olive oil and 1 tsp. table water. Then добавляем
dressing in a dish and sprinkle with herbs.

Potatoes with eggs

Ingredients for cooking 4 servings:

• Egg whites (slightly whipped) – 1.5 cups; • Sliced
potato slices – 2 cups; • Onions – 100g; • Olive
butter; • Salt and pepper.

Add half teaspoons of olive oil to the heated pan
oils. Then выкладываем на сковороду нарезанный лук и картофель и
leave them on medium heat for 5-8 minutes. Fill the ingredients in
pan with beaten egg whites and add pepper and salt over
to your taste. Mix everything in the cooking process.
content. After 5 minutes, the dish will be ready.

Рацион диеты на 10 дней

Consider that for maximum effect you
need to move more. If you do not like physical
exercise, then at least try to walk more:
to work with her and make small evening walks in order
burn excess fat.

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