Diet “Fifteen” – the menu for the week

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The proposed methodology is conceptually new, since it
aimed not so much at strict regulation of what
man eats how much for how much food he will have
in the diet, and what goals he pursues, “going” on a diet.


Oleg Tern’s Fifteen Diet

Comparing the list of products for weight loss, their number,
the frequency of meals and the purpose of the whole nutrition program
go to the menu that will achieve the desired result in
short time. To develop the necessary version of the diet for each
person individually. But the fact that the diet “Fifteen”
even children can eat.

The diet “Fifteen” was invented by a famous supporter
healthy lifestyle Oleg Tern.

Oleg Tern’s diet “Fifteen” is gaining more and more every day
popularity. This is mainly due to the fact that it does not
requires human titanic volitional efforts that
provide all other weight loss programs.

On the “Fifteen” you do not lose a week to 10 kg of weight. But for
Achievement of results by this method is necessary to deal with
its main rules.

Permitted Products

Imagine conventionally the entire ration in the form of a conditional scheme – a square,
divided into 4 lines and 4 columns. Columns are allowed
products, and the lines – meals, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and

That is, the entire power schedule is based on these criteria –
It looks like what food to eat and what food to eat. Most
the main point because of which the diet got the name “Fifteen”
– the amount of each serving of one product should not exceed
fist man. It is necessary to provide balanced nutrition in
necessary proportions for proper and effective
losing weight

The list of permitted products for weight loss on a diet

  • Breakfast is allowed to eat chicken, vegetables,
    fruit, tea, coffee;
  • For lunch it is recommended to leave beef or rabbit meat,
    pasta or porridge (rice, buckwheat), vegetables, fruits, juice or
  • At lunch – dairy or dairy products
    (fat free);
  • For dinner – eggs, vegetables, fruits, dairy products with a low
    fat content.

Для похудения ничего сложного в плане запретов здесь нет.
Sweet, fatty and fried under the ban, but it is also to eat without diets
not worth it. А похудеть на диете �”Fifteen”  можно следуя этим

Menu for the week

Меню по диете �”Fifteen” на неделю (завтрак, обед,
afternoon snack, dinner):


  • chicken (boiled), potatoes, apples and tea;
  • rabbit meat, buckwheat, and orange juice;
  • 200 ml of kefir;
  • 1 egg, apple and 100 g of cottage cheese.


  • fish (boiled), vegetable salad, apple and tea;
  • chicken meat, rice groats and orange juice;
  • 200 ml of kefir;
  • 1 egg, fruit and 200 ml of kefir.


  • chicken (boiled), asparagus salad, apple and tea;
  • fish, rice groats and orange juice;
  • 200 ml of kefir;
  • 1 egg, apple and 100 g of cottage cheese.


  • chicken fillet (boiled), broccoli salad, calyx
  • any dietary meat, but boiled, pearl barley, fruit
    the juice;
  • 200 ml of ryazhenka;
  • 2 boiled eggs and nonfat kefir.


  •  boiled fish, herbs, tea;
  • мясо кролика, гречка, не сладкий compote;
  • Snack and dinner – these meals should be limited only
    kefir – 0.5 liters.


  • boiled chicken, salad from green vegetables with greens, tea;
  • рыба или филе, рис, не сладкий compote;
  • 200 ml of ryazhenka;
  • 150 grams of cottage cheese, apple.

Воскресенье по системе �”Fifteen” —
maximum unloading day. It would be desirable to hold it at all.
without meat, replacing these dairy products.

According to the square scheme and from the list of allowed products you can
form your menu, the main thing is that it conforms to the rules and
рациону диеты �”Fifteen”.

Запомните: порция одного продукта по диете
�”Fifteen” — fist man.

Examples of the menu in the photo:


По методике �”Fifteen” все блюда, даже диетические, можно
cook tasty and original.

Slimming Recipe – Milk Cocktail

Коктейль из молочной продукции

Взять 200 г творога, 200 мл кефира или йогурта, 1 банан. All this
Mix in a blender – a wonderful dinner is ready.

The recipe for weight loss – “wonderful”

«Замечательный» salad

Мелко нарезать 200 г отварного куриного мяса, 100 г огурцов и
tomatoes, some greens. Add sunflower oil and salt
to taste.

Slimming Recipe – Afternoon Tea

Put in a blender 200 g of natural yogurt, 50 g of melon and
raspberries. Mix everything thoroughly and enjoy the delicious

Slimming Recipe – Meat with Apples

Курица с яблоками

Мясо курицы, запеченное в духовке с яблоками готовиться
as follows – take (per serving) 300 g of chicken fillet,
bounces off, then rubbed on it finely grated
apples It turns out something like a meatloaf. After that all
wrapped in foil and baked for 30 minutes.

Slimming Recipe – Baked Walnut Apples

Baked apples with walnuts nuts

Готовятся следующим образом — из яблока вырезается та часть, где
there is a tail, nuts are placed there. Можно добавить
cinnamon After the bull’s-eye it is necessary to wrap in foil and bake for
half an hour, but at the same time periodically checking readiness, since,
if you take overripe apples, they can be ready
earlier. For diet food for weight loss by the method
�”Fifteen” лучше брать кислые сорта.

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