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Participant of the famous comedy show “Comedy Woman” on
TNT channel Ekaterina Skulkina loved by many since the
participation in KVN for the ability to laugh even the most strict judge.
The star has always been distinguished by its magnificent forms, which gave
zest to its memorable and bright image.

Recently, however, Skulkina surprised fans with a new way: she
noticeably thinner, and managed to remain winged and
happy After another holiday in Turkey and Latvia, actress
decided to lose weight, and, keeping his word,
похудела на 20 кг, при росте 180 см.

Losing weight ей помогла правильно подобранная
. As a result, Catherine Skulkina prettier to
unrecognizability. What is the secret of such a magical transformation?
Special diet, special measures?

How Catherine Skulkina lost weight?

The actress managed to lose weight thanks to the diet menu and
regular physical exertion to effectively deal with
overweight. Diet for Catherine Skulkina picked up positively
a reputable dietician.

The principle of Catherine Skulkina’s diet is based on healthy
balanced diet, and on the prohibition of the use of fast
carbohydrate – that is, the basic rules of healthy

This diet is absolutely safe. It is noteworthy that
slimming regimen aims to get rid of big
количества ненужных килограммов за длительный срок

two to three months and longer. At the same time, weight loss is absolutely
safely. The fact is that the program of nutrition of Ekaterina Skulkina
тщательно разработана с прицелом на долгий процесс losing weight

The second effective means of losing weight, along with a diet,
является физическая нагрузка. Ekaterina Skulkina
engaged in one of the sports complexes of the capital under the guidance of
personal trainer. Classes for more effective weight loss were
regular: three times a week.

Change for the better, from the words of close stars, helped her
pep, willpower and optimism.

Меры, благодаря которым Ekaterina Skulkina достигла серьезных
results of losing weight, make up the whole complex: diet, active
physical training, and, of course, pep.


The diet on the diet of Catherine Skulkina of Comedy Vumen is similar to those
which provides for most balanced diets. Losing weight
the actress helped the observance of certain rules of diet.
One of them is to count calories.

Диета Екатерины Скулкиной допускает употребление лишь 30
г жиров 
в сутки. This is a very strict limitation.
often the minimum daily fat should be
correspond to the following formula: 0.5 g of fat per 1 kg of weight
losing weight In order not to violate this rule, you need to know what
продуктах лучше забыть на время losing weight

What should be excluded from the diet for

  • Fat meat;
  • Smoked products: cheese, fish, sausages, lard;
  • Potatoes;
  • Pasta;
  • Sweets;
  • Flour products;
  • Alcohol;
  • Grapes;
  • Juice from the package;
  • Coffee;
  • Soda.

Grapes and sweet juices sold in packs also came under
hard ban, because of the high sugar content. Harmful
drinks at the time of losing weight should be replaced with plain water.

What should be emphasized in the choice of products for
slimming menu:

Рыбу и мясо есть разрешается, но выбирать стоит
only dietary types. Completely abandon the fish
поскольку она содержит полезные омега-кислоты,
regulatory metabolic processes that directly affect the ability
организма расщеплять жир и на скорость losing weight

Хлеб предлагается заменить на цельнозерновые злаковые

Diet strictly regulates the required amount
потребляемой жидкости в сутки
: не менее 3 литров. Water
helps to cleanse the body’s cells, moreover, often
man confuses hunger with thirst.

Диета, соблюдая которую добилась похудения Ekaterina Skulkina,
предполагает обилие зелени и свежих овощей. Exactly
they are rich in fiber, helping to lose weight.

The diet allows for the use of rich in calcium.
низкокалорийного творога и другие нежирные молочные

In addition, the Skulkina diet allows you to eat
sugar substitute. 

Occasionally, a small amount is allowed during the diet.
amounts of red dry wine. Cardiologists claim that it will go
losing weight for good, because in reasonable quantities red wine
normalizes blood pressure.

Exactly эти ограничения и правила и помогли актрисе Екатерине
Skulkina lose weight by 20 pounds.

Menu for the week

What did the star’s diet include when losing weight? Menu on
Ekaterina Skulkina’s week consists of five daily meals:
healthy breakfast, light snack, hearty lunch, diet snack
and a modest dinner. Important: Dinner consisting solely of
low-calorie foods, should take place no later than three
hours before bedtime.

Serious diets can be not only healthy, but also tasty. BUT
главное, что нужно понимать во время slimming: питание — this
большая часть успеха losing weight Proven diet
Ekaterina Skulkina.

Sample menu for the week on Catherine’s diet

Понедельник Завтрак
boiled chicken, vegetable salad, herbal tea without sugar;
Перекус – томат; Обед – рыбный суп, отварной рис
and chicken; Полдник – fresh apple; Ужин – вареное
egg, a glass of ryazhenka.


  • buckwheat porridge, fresh carrot juice;
  • fresh apple;
  • chicken broth, boiled fish;
  • boiled egg;
  • a glass of kefir.


  • vegetable salad, bread, green tea;
  • a glass of ryazhenka;
  • fish broth, steamed vegetables;
  • boiled egg;
  • стакан кефира, loaves of bread


  • buckwheat porridge, bread;
  • green apple;
  • chicken broth, boiled beef;
  • boiled egg, loaves;
  • fresh carrot juice.


  • vegetable salad, boiled chicken;
  • banana;
  • mushroom broth, boiled beef;
  • a glass of kefir, bread;
  • a glass of ryazhenka.


  • buckwheat porridge, bread;
  • fresh apple;
  • chicken broth, boiled fish;
  • fresh carrot juice, bread;
  • a glass of ryazhenka, a boiled egg.


  • vegetable salad, herbal tea;
  • a glass of kefir, bread;
  • meat broth, boiled chicken;
  • fresh apple, herbal tea;
  • стакан ряженки, loaves of bread

Photo before and after

Знаменитая участница Камеди Вумен Ekaterina Skulkina
proved to herself and her fans that she possesses not only excellent
sense of humor, but also great willpower. BUTктриса продолжает
admire the audience, but in a new way.

Ekaterina Skulkina похудела — фото до и после:

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